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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

As I see it so far---- season 2010-11

27/10/10  13 GAMES GONE

A good early start of winning games meant that the points we had gained resulted in a cushion that would help us stave off languishing at the bottom of the table when things did not go so well.
Sitting in ninth spot is amazing as we have not been at a best for a while and it has been reflected in the results. A few draws and a occasional win resulted in enough points to keep us clear of the bottom pack.  The excellent win at home against Derby compensated for the dismal display against Portsmouth and goes to prove that on their day the team can beat anybody and with some style. The excellent signing of Danny Shittu looks like to be a big PLUS. Check out my 2010-11 season page on this Blogspot. Link Below
Millwall FC in the Championship 2010-2011
QPR top with 29 points
Millwall 9th with 19 points
Bristol City bottom with 10 points

That makes it 10 to the top and 9 to the bottom