1885---130th Anniversary year---2015 'We fear No Foe

Understood by those that matter

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Brentford 2 Millwall 2, Championship Game 39, 21/3/15, att:10,179 (we fetch close to 2000)


Spearheading our attack Lee Gregory and Aiden O'Brien score a goal each and it looks like we are on our way of getting our Millwall back. Neil Harris in his third game at the helm nearly pulled off a glorious win at promotion chasing Brentford. We took a good few "Wall" down the river to see this game and apart from Brentford pulling it back to 2-2 they must have enjoyed their day out. There is no more chopping and changing the team unless its for injury of fine adjustments and the players now know what they are supposed to be doing and they appear to be more happy and secure playing within the team and being part of the squad. Is it the honeymoon period still? will Neil Harris get a rude awakening when it reverts back to the dross that has gone before?  I don't think so, we are playing the way Millwall should play and the way that has carried as through various divisions for 130 years and Neil Harris knows this and he is applying it well, We will get some bad performances that's inevitable but it won't be for nigh on every game as it's been for the last couple of seasons I am sure. It's pleasing as well to feel and see better vibes around the Den and on the message boards and forums.


Do we want to stay up? of course we do and with our players from our academy in and around the first team and some doing well out on loan there is a school of thought that relegation and League 1 would not be a bad thing as as we could re-build with our youngsters and then make our bid for promotion. My view on this is no, we need to stay in the Championship and I think it has been proved that our academy players such as Jack Powell, Sid Nelson, and Aiden O'Brien can cut it in the Championship. Jamie Philpot has made it on to the bench and Jake Goodman, John Marquis and Fred Onyedinma are doing well on loan and what ever division we are in next season these young players will be a good basis to take us on to our next adventure. John Marquis may move on as he has enjoyed his time at Gillingham and is scoring goals but Neil Harris maybe be able to change his mind.


That's Neil Harris's 3rd game in charge and our all time record goal scorer is creating a team with desire and belief and this has also spread to the stands. That's one loss and two draws in his three games in hot seat and a win against Charlton in our next home game will be something that will take us one step nearer to Championship survival and also one step closer for Neil Harris to make his mark in football management. His mark maybe only with Millwall FC because after all you need to know the subject and Neil Harris certainly knows the subject and the subject is Millwall FC and it'supporters. While I am talking about "knowing" Sid Nelson our young centre back certainly knows:

Now here's a young man who after completed his first eight games for the Lions comes across as a wise and experienced player.

I read this in the Southwark News ( 40p on a Thursday )

The fans want to see the Millwall way, a Millwall side playing proper football. This does not mean playing out from the back, over playing and passing into stupid areas. The fans want to see 100% passion, commitment and hard work. If you do these things the rest will follow.

Now there's a bloke who's bang on the money and coming from a Millwall family I am going to enjoy watching him become a Den favourite for years to come.

Last six: Reading 44 pts, Fulham 43 pts, Rotherham 40 pts, Wigan 35 pts, Millwall 33 pts, Blackpool 23 pts

Millwall: Forde, Cummings, Harding, Abdou, Nelson, Hooiveld, Williams, Woolford, O'Brien (Taylor-Fletcher 76), Gregory, Upson,
subs not used, Archer, Beevers, Gueye, Philpot, Maierhofer, Fabbrini

Goals: Gregory 38, O'Brien 64

Brentford: Button, Bidwell, Dean(Smith 71), Douglas, Odubajo, Dallas(Judge 60), Gray, DiaGouraga(Toral 71), Pritchard, Jota, Tarkowski
subs not used, Bonham, Craig, McCormack, Long

Goals: Pritchard 85 pen, Odubajo 90+1

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Millwall 0 Brighton 0 Championship Game 38 17/3/15 att: 9,105


All that was missing was a little bit of luck in front of the oppositions goal

Game 2 of Neil Harris's spell in charge and apart from not scoring a goal that was a better performance by the Lions. With Alan Dunne out due to a two game ban for accumulating yellow cards and Sid Nelson took to the field along with Martyn Woolford who starts instead of Ed Upson. These were the only changes from the team that started against Bolton. We started brightly and Aiden O'Brien on another day may have a goal or some goals under his belt after he left two defenders for dead and drove a shot that was saved by the Brighton Keeper. There was plenty of action in and around the Brighton box but we lacked the final ball be it the ball into the box or what the players done when they got it. The side put it plenty of effort and left the field at half time with clapping in their ears. The second half saw Brighton start brightly but we contained them well apart from the time when the visitors free kick smacked David Forde's crossbar. Lee Gregory was a nuisance for most of the game but once again he did not score after half chances in and around their box. Overall we are revitalised and I believe that we have it in us to beat sides with the improved performance, we just need a little bit of luck to go with it.

Tuesday night and under the lights

Last six: Brighton 42 pts,  Fulham 40 pts,  Rotherham 40 pts,  Wigan 34 pts,  Millwall, 32 pts, 
              Blackpool 22 pts

Millwall: Forde, Cummings, Harding, Abdou, Hooiveld, Nelson, Williams, Woolford(Fabbrini 81), Gregory, Taylor-Fletcher(Maiefofer 73), O'Brien(Gueye 73),
subs not used, Archer, Beevers, Fuller, Upson

Brighton: Stockdale, Saltor, Greer, Calderson, Kayal(Lualua 46), Stephens, Halford, Best(O'Grady 75), MacKail-Smith(Teixeira 75), Bennett, Holla
subs not used, Walton, Hughes, Ledesna, Ince

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Bolton 2 Millwall 0, Championship Game 37, att: 14,719 (355)

Neil Harris and his first game in charge and he wants us with them. I think he will get that.

This getting beat lark is not good for the soul, it's got to stop. With Neil Harris in the hot seat this defeat at Bolton is painful but there some hope. Was it just a normal 2-0 loss on the road or was it just another defeat in a long line of defeats to our disjointed and not very good side. I think the Brighton game at the Den coming up this Tuesday will tell me the answer. I do believe there is a spark there and hopefully a few more sparks Tuesday. I hate to put all the pressure on Lee Gregory but I believe that his scoring is the key. He has got to start putting away a decent percentage of his chances. A big ask from him I know but that is what he gets paid for and I am sure he will enjoy doing just that. A lot on his shoulders but what a chance to show the doubters wrong and feel the full force of the Lions roar and become a legend down in SE16. He is a goal scorer and I think its well within him to start putting then away he just needs to dig it out. Of course every other member of the team needs to raise their game and Lee Gregory's strikemanship might just do that. Sorry Lee but its all down to you.

Bolton "stars" Liam Trotter nearly had Millwall Flue but he managed to come on in the 87th minute and Liam Feeney played the whole game,

Bolton: Amos, Vela, Mills, McCarthy, Ream, Walker, Danns9Coke 46), Bannan(Trotter 87), Feeney, Gudjohnson(Davies 72), Le Fondre
subs not used, Hall, Heskey, Lonergan, Twardzik

Goals: Le Fondre 11, 45

Millwall: Forde, Cummings, Dunne, Hooiveld, Harding, Abdou, Williams, Upson(Cowan-Hall 66), O'Brien(Gueye 81), Gregory, Taylor-Fletcher(Fuller 59),
Subs not used, Archer, Beevers, Powell, Maierhofor

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Neil Harris is called upon yet again


Early this morning just as the sun was rising, well not quiet that early but early enough "Ollie" was shown the door and Neil Harris stepped across into the hot seat. I think it can be said that Bomber Harris does not shirk a challenge. Is he on a hiding to nothing?  I don't think so, as long as the team can up their game and show us all that they want to stay up and by doing that show us more grit and guile I think that would make as enjoy going to the Den again. Neil Harris has made no promises but like the rest of us he wants the team to produce excitement and play with pride and deliver Millwall style performances.  I want the team to play for the fans said Bomber, and I say if  by any chance we escape total humiliation or escape relegation by just one point SE16 and thousands of Millwall homes will be happier places come the summer. Any improvement in my book is a positive over the dross we have had to endure. If he fails and the last ten games are total misery we won't hold it against him and he will just go back to his day job, after all he's a goal scoring legend down here.

Ian Holloway's record of outcomes since he has been with the Lions speaks for it self.

From January 2014 to March 10th 2015---Played 62, lost 29, drawn 19, won 14 

In the end his relationship with us was strained and I detected digs against us the supporters. I just think our patience run out, he had a huge amount of time to turn it around but he failed on all counts. I want to quickly forget him.


Sunday, 8 March 2015

Millwall 1 Norwich City 4, Championship game 36, 7/3/15, att:11, 116 (away 2,508)


I HAVE HAD ENOUGH   We couldn't win a game if our lives depended on it. That's ten goals Norwich have put passed us in the two games we have played them this season. In the last six games in the league we have lost five and drawn one and of course the games before that wasn't much better and some respect were worse, the humiliation against Bradford comes to mind.

Just been informed about this >> Ian Holloway 2008


The ninth annual Dockers Day is greeted with not the normal celebration as the dark cloud that hangs over Millwall just got darker. We really are a weak and watery side and totally  lack the fight to hold  our own against a average looking Norwich side. We danced with them for the first 30-40 minutes and then fell apart as Norwich scored a brace either side of half time (ish). The Canaries second goal was down to Alan Dunne who gave away a needless penalty as he bought down a Norwich player as he was running towards the corner flag. I think we know about Alan Dunne's contribution in the local paper and how the players must raise their performances as Ian Holloway is doing as much as he can.
For this game Ian Holloway spent most of the game tucked at the back of the dug out and supporters near the dug out were blocked off by stewards from getting to close to him. There wasn't really much overall chanting towards Holloway but apparently they were vocally loud towards him behind him in the West Stand. I didn't hear much apart from individuals or small groups groaning, I think that Ian Holloway got off light and considering our plight I wouldn't have been surprised if  a noose was slung over a stand truss. It's looks like he won't walk and to push him out its going to cost and cost a lot. Our chairman knows what he is doing, doesn't he.

That's no wins at the Den for 12 games. No matter what is said regarding this terrible state of affairs it is unacceptable that any Millwall team can ruin a 100 year old legacy of Millwall winning at home. Winning at home has been a major factor that has helped this club to survive, the opposition feared the Den and many teams left with their tails between their legs. Lions of the south wasn't a myth it was a reality. We must get this back and I think it's time for a new manager and maybe a new team.

Nearly forgot, Lee Gregory scored a goal after we were awarded a soft penalty when Deigo Fabbrini went over in the box.

82nd Minute and we score from the spot, Norwich could have scored more but like Ian Holloway we got off light. In the background the hi-vis jackets of the stewards surround the home dug out. Normally it's the away dug out that gets this attention.

Millwall: Forde. Dunne, Harding, Bailey(Tonge 46), Hooiveld, Nelson, Williams, Woolford(Gregory 61), Taylor-Fletcher, Fuller(O'Brien 65), Fabbrini,, 
subs not used, King, Beevers, Gueye, Abdou
Goal: Gregory 82 pen

Norwich: Ruddy, Whittaker, Cuellar, Martin, Howson, Olsson, Hoolahan(Andreu 83), Dorrans(O'Neil 78), Hooper(Redmond 68), Jerome, Johnson,
subs not used, Rudd, Turner, Morris, Odjidja-Ofoe
Goals: Howson 38, 60, Hooper 45 pen, Hoolahan 57

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Middlesboro 3 Millwall 0 att: 16,078 (we take162)

3/3/15 Championship Game 35 and yet another poxy defeat. How long can we take this?

Gregory misses chance and 162 amazing souls made the journey

Lee Gregory, a decent non-league striker who has proved that he isn't good enough for this league. His Game stats back that up. It would be great to be proved wrong and he starts banging them in against Norwich this Saturday. We play a unchanged side for the third game in a row but after calling out for stability in the team thinking that this was the reason why we were not doing well, stability has achieved nothing. Where's the Hof?

Millwall: Forde, Abdou, Dunne, Hooiveld, Harding, Tonge(O'Brien 80), Willams(Upson 65), Woolford, Fabbrini, Taylor Fletcher, Gregory(Fuller 65), 
subs not used, King, Nelson, Beevers, Angel

Boro: Konstantopoulos, Friend, Fredericks, Gibson, Leadbetter(Foreshaw 82), Clayton, Kike, Tomlin(Vossen 73), Bamford(Wildschut 83), Kalas, Adomah

Goals: Bamford 26, Kike 30, Vossen 78

Norwich at home Saturday and I don't fancy our chances. Ian Holloway can talk a good game but he cannot produce it. We really have been duped, sorry, should not have said 'we, there was a few wise ones that knew all along.

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Rotherham 2 Millwall 1 Championship Game 34 att:10,329 (away 1300)

Yet another defeat and Ian Holloway's popularity within the travelling support and the rest of us is on the floor. After taking the lead in this game by a Martyn Woolford goal we conceded within the first two minutes in the second half and went on to lose the game and we are now are six points adrift of Rotherham and a non-relegation spot.
1300 Millwall went to this game and were roaring the Lions on from the very start and were rewarded with yet again a defeat. It did get a bit lively at Rotherham and looking at the pictures in the papers the Yorkshire police were really keen to wave their batons around. There was no arrests.

Last five.....Brighton 37 pts, Rotherham 37 pts, Millwall 31 pts, Wigan 28, Blackpool 33 pts

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Beware  it's not good reading

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

24/2/15 Millwall 1 Sheffield Wednesday 3 Championship Game 33, att:8,568 (1001)

The worst home record since we have been in the football league

One day it may be jolly to go down the Den again but as for now it's soul destroying. Dare I say it "I want my Millwall back"

Do I really need to go through the memories of this game and recall the pathetic way we gave up the game and gave it to the leagues lowest scorers Sheffield Wednesday on a plate. If  I am bothering to write a Millwall blog you have to take the rough with the smooth and at the moment its all rough so I will still have to, so here goes.

Last 10 league games L L L D W L W L D L

We try but just not good enough to win at home

We dominated much of the first half and could have been at 3-0 up as Lee Gregory had a decent effort and Gary Taylor-Fletcher our recent loan signing on another day could have scored a couple but in this game and for most of this season no one seems to be able to put the ball away. Sheffield Wednesday scored in the 53rd minute against the run of play and from that point disaster struck. Ian Holloway changed formation with three at the back and it all went down hill from there. Ian Holloway has done this three at the back bollocks before and it don't suit us,  it hardly worked then and it didn't work now.

Half time smoke. After a decent first half I was looking forward to going back in

Holloway apologises after the game for the failure of this tactic but apologises do not give us the three points. We were doing alright apart from conceded the first goal and could have pulled the game back playing as we had been in the first half,  but as I said earlier he made changes that he knew had failed in the past and yes it was dismal then and it was dismal now. The players looked flummoxed  in as much as they didn't know where they were playing on the pitch and the lowest goal scoring team in the Championship put three goals past us and that was that. A low Lions crowd had turned out for this game which was 7,567 if you knock a 1000 off the total for the good size mid-week away support. When the final whistle blew there was a lot less in the Den as most of the Wall had already gone home. Ian Holloway got of light with the abuse.

Deigo Fabbrini's late goal was well taken and one like that at Rotherham Saturday may help keep us in this division

Millwall: Forde, Abdou(Gueye 74), Harding, Dunne, Hooiveld, Williams, Tonge, Woolford(O'Brien 50), Fabbrini, Taylor-Fletcher, Gregory(Fuller 63),
subs not used, King, Upson, Beevers, Nelson

Goal: Fabbrini 90

Sheffield Wednesday: Kirkland, Palmer, Lees, Zayatte, Maghoma(Helan 90), Lee, Dielna, Semoda, McGuyan(Hutchinson 74), Keane(May 80), Nuhia

Goals: McGugan 52, Nuhiu 72, May 83

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Millwall 0 Fulham 0 Championship Game 32 21/2/15 att:12,707

London Derby

I said after the Leeds game that I fancied us for this one. I would have been right if we had somebody who could stick the ball in the net. There's no other word for it "hopeless" because that's what we are, there must be a foggy haze around the oppositions goal and we can't penetrate it.  We are keeping clean sheets or losing to the odd goal so we have sorted out the defence but although we came very close and on two occasions Lee Gregory messed up a couple of chances to bury the ball with his feet and with head. Because of the way we play we do not get too many chances and when we do somebody's got a bury them or at the very least direct them towards goal.

As I said, we were lacking quality up front to get something from this game, Gregory missed when he should have scored and a cracking shot from Michael Tonge whistled past the post after it was somewhat deflected by a Fulham defender. It was so close it took the paint off the post.
Fulham did not produce much their-selves and for a ex Premiership club with Premiership players and Premiership money we restricted them to very little and I cannot remember Forde having to do much apart from a save that looked a bit flappy from behind the goal but seeing it on the telly hi-lights it was a good save.

Ricardo Fuller done something I have never seen before at the Den he managed to get the ball over the roof of the Cold Blow Lane Stand while attempting a shot or something. He managed this when the ball come to him from such a height it had snow on it. If you study the picture below you can see Fuller who is on the  left as you look at the picture and the ball is way up high before he whacked it over the roof

With the ball coming back from Mars Ricardo Fuller sets himself  up for a moon shot

That's 31 points and we are still third from bottom and a three point gap between us and Brighton who won their game 4-3

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Leeds 1 Millwall 0, Championship Game 31, 14/2/15, att: 24,000, (voucher restricted away 180)

The West Yorkshire Police discriminate against us once again and only 180 Wall supporters can be bothered with the hag of going to this game 

A lucky deflection secures a 1-0 win for Leeds and I presume they went home happy 

We finished strong in this game and we was unlucky not to come away with a point as our second half performance should have got us something. We had little to offer in the first half and really didn't produce much and I suppose if Leeds were a good side they would have scored more. At least we could improve and take it up a gear but Leeds may be lacking on that front.
Martyn Woolford who was going to join Leeds but the move was blocked by the clubs owner because he had never heard of him played the full 90 minutes and is back in the team putting in good performances. He would have scored in this game but a divot came to Leeds rescue as Woolford's shot cleared the bar after some good work from Lee Gregory. With a couple of minutes to go Ricardo Fuller crafted a opening that just went by the outside of the post after some good work dribbling around three challenges in the penalty box, on another day he may well have scored. That's still 30 points and not much damage done to our place within the bottom three.

Millwall: Forde, Cummings, Dunne, Hooiveld, Harding, Angel, Williams, Woolford, Fabbrini (Fuller 60), Martinez (Upson 60), Maierhofer (Gregory 45), 

subs not used, Archer, Beevers, Abdou, O'Brien

Leeds: Silvestri, Wootten, Bamba, Bellusci, C.Taylor. Bryam, Austin (Antenucci 70), Murphy, Cook, Mowatt, Morison.

subs not used, Taylor, Berardi, Sloth, Adryan, Sharp, Cani

Goal: Mowatt 39

Our next game is at home to Fulham and another chance to stop this dismal run of not winning at home. This is our home record since we beat Cardiff at home on the 25th of October,
D 2-2,  L 2-3,  L 1-5,  L 0-1,  L 0-2,  L 1-3,  D 0-0,  L 1-3 that's dismal, we must improve.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Birmingham 0 Millwall 1 10/2/15 Tuesday night att: 14,186

Oh' The Wonder Of Following Millwall FC

The player that some supporters love to hate scored the winning goal, Alan Dunne

There was such disappointment after losing at home to Huddersfield considering we had won away at Nottingham Forest the game before but this fine win goes some way to bring back the joy of supporting the Wall and especially to win away at a place where we have not won since 1968, a time when Hey Jude by the Beatles was number one on Top Of The Pops and I was pulling birds working on the fairgrounds, happy days.

Happy days then and happy days now and I will live off this win for at least to next Saturday. when it's Leeds away. It would be mind blowing joy if we pulled off a win there as well. I must not get carried away, must I. Excuse me, I'm just blowing the froth of a few.

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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Millwall 1 Huddersfield 3, 7/2/15, Championship Game 29, att:10,281 (AWAY 586)

   They lift you up(occasionally) and drop you down with a massive thump (frequently)

A decent ten man display against Reading secured us a point and then the win against Forest set us up nicely for this game. I fancied us for this one and I was sure that the team would perform today and give us a home win which is something that we have not had since the 25th of October last year. This sad home record is not Millwall and it looks like the players or some of the players are not free in their play. Perhaps it's us, perhaps they can sense the pressure. I would like to be able to say it's not us but the way we succumb to Huddersfield's mediocre attacking display at times was a comedy of errors and it was like the players were "flapping" especially when Huddersfield scored their second.

Going in, I felt as I was walking in around the Den that it just wasn't me that thought that this could well be the win that we had been waiting for.

Anyway how wrong we were, we lost this game due to errors but not just errors. We all make mistakes but playing against ten men for the last 40 minutes and not really threatening Huddersfield's goal was way off what is required of a Millwall side especially when playing at home. Pitiful really.

The Hof scored and played his normal game, occasionally winning a header and making his presence known in and around the oppositions box. Huddersfield finished us off scoring from the spot with ten minutes to go and the Den emptied, as I was the last one out I turned off the lights and kicked the clubs feral cat on the way out.

A brief moment of joy as Stefan Maierhofer scores from close in

It's Birmingham away Tuesday night and I'm saying nothing apart from "you never know, less pressure away"

Millwall: Forde, Cummings, Dunne, Hooiveld, Beevers, Abdou, Williams, Upson(Gregory), Fabbrini, Gueye(Woolford), Maierhofer(Fuller),
subs not used, Archer, Tonge, Webster, Harding,

Goal: Maierhofer 28

Huddersfield: Smithies, Edgar, Hudson, Wallace, Robinson, Scannell, Coady, Butterfield, Bunn(Cobern), Wells, Vaughan(Miller)
subs not used, Lolley, Allinson, Wilkinson, Majewski, Wright

Goals: Scannell 17, Butterfield 74 Vaughan 86(pen)

Monday, 2 February 2015

The January Sales

The January Window

Ian Holloway,  we need more options and we need these options quickly

Millwall sign Paris Hall-Cowan from Wycombe Wanderers on a two and a half year deal. He's quick and can score regular.

Paul Robinson who is on loan at Portsmouth has his contract terminated and is free to negotiate a deal elsewhere. I am sorry to see him go, a proper Millwall player that always gave all in is quiet and controlled manner. He also scored a few goals and some were "big" goals, promotion etc.  I think that I would have liked to see him stay. I know he lost a bit after is long term injury but I don't think he was any worse than we have.

>Scott Malone looks like he will be leaving and signing for Cardiff. Perhaps he will do well there.
Scott Malone signs for Cardiff  8/1/15

>Josh Wright goes to Leyton Orient on a free

<31 year old Dan Harding who plays as a defender signs on loan from Nottingham Forest to the end of the season.

<Stefan Maierhofer returns to the end of the season and comes on a sub in the 1-0 defeat at Blackpool

>Jermaine Easter goes to Bristol Rovers

<12/1/15 Shaun Cummings joins from reading and signs a two and a half year deal

>Stephen Bywater is let go

<Right back Shaun Cummings joins the Lions from reading on a two-and-a-half contract

<We secure Watford's forward player Diego Fabbrini on loan to the end of the season

On loan Wilkinson goes back to Stoke

24/1/15 Scott McDonald has his contract terminated

26/1/15 We sign on loan Southampton central defender Jos Hooiveld. If he's decent hopefully he can  be our king-pin and hold this back four together

We sign Leeds Midfielder Michael Tonge on loan to the end of the season. I am trying to think why we would need another midfielder

Goalkeeper Jordan Archer joins on loan from Spurs to the end of the season. That's our lot for the January Window. No Tim Cahill but some good prospects for us to finish the season safe.

This list may not be exactly in date order

On paper we have signed a few "proper footballers" so far.

That's the transfer window closed and no last minute signing of a striker. Overall 'we got some decent players but a good few of them are on loan. Paris Cowan-Hall seems to be a *star buy* but it looks like he is out for the rest of the season due to a ligament injury he picked up in the Reading game.

Jos Hooiveld looks well useful and looked a good educating partner for young Sid Nelson, it's a shame that Sid got sent off. The 6'8'' Stefan Maierhofer is back and what can I say? He gets slaughtered on the Message boards and a lot of supporters think putting it kindly "that he has no skill" I think the same but he does add a factor to the team that can be used for our advantage. I am not sure what this factor is apart from, it must be he's presence. I will put money on it that he will score but not sure when.
I have not my mind up yet regarding Shaun Cummings but as he is on loan. I will not get to attached anyway.
Diego Fabbrini who is also on loan and I doubt if we could afford him sets the place alight. With five minutes of him on the pitch he was a Wall favourite, yes it was that quick.
These new players have already helped us secure four points, so lets carry on. I have not seen Michael Tonge play yet so 'no comment. I read in the Southwark News that West Ham are not on his Christmas list. Something to do with the Carlos Tevez and regulations.

Home to Huddersfield Saturday and it must be a win, lets keep that memento going 

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Nottingham Forest 0 Millwall 1, Championship Game 28, att: 23,018 (we take 682)

That's our first win in nine games and our 6th win of the season

After months of football misery, misery that ruined my weekends my football mood barometer has started to swing the other way. With the improvement against Ipswich and the 10 man performance that won us a point against Reading we came into this game with the whereabouts and desire to improve on the improvement and perhaps come away with a win.
  • I had that feeling before the game and after viewing the Millwall message boards and forums the night before there was others apart from me that thought that it was possible. Up the Wall.

  • The last eight
  • 17th Huddersfield 34 points
  • 18th Charlton 33 pointS
  • 19th Leeds 32 points
  • 20th Rotherham 30 points
  • 21st Brighton 29 points
  • 22nd Millwall 27 points
  • 23rd Wigan 22 points
  • 24th Blackpool 20 points

Ricardo fuller come come on as a 83rd minute sub pounced on some poor defending and "bang" we took the three points. With out doubt we are much a better side since our recent signings and I don't think that Stuart Pearce had done his homework. He's "after game ramble" included "Millwall were a team waiting to be beaten" If this is true it appears that he thought we were going to be as crap as we were against Bradford City and was going to be a easy three points. I wonder if he sent a scout to out Tuesday night game against Reading? I guess he did not.
Once again glowing reports regarding Diego Fabbrini. This was the 3rd game where he has played for us and straight away you could see that he is a quality midfielder who grafts hard and his wizardry with the ball is something that we haven't seen in a Millwall shirt for a long, long time. Hopefully after he's loan period is up we will not be disappointed but I guess a footballer of this quality is got to be on a higher pay grade that we could offer. It could be another "Chris Wood" moment.
There was a sloppy back pass by Shaun Cummings that could have done us but it didn't and hopefully he will learn and won't do it again. Mark Beever's who seemed to be a different player and a cracking header from him was going in but the Forest keeper DeVries pulled off a top drawer save.

Feeling chirpy myself and I may even do the washing up

We are a improved side and I said after the Reading game that new signing Jos Hooiveld is the "king pin" and in such a short time the performance level and commitment has rose two fold and the old and new players are putting in a shift, even David Forde is saving well and Beevers in this game done well. The Hof needs to raise his game if possible which would be my only criticism after this game. All in all a cracking win and well worth the three points, it's been a long wait and considering what we have had to put up with Ian Holloway is still here while others around him fall. Stuart Pearce as just been sacked and another manager bites the dust after we beat him. The next game can't come quick enough.

Nottingham Forest: DeVries, Kane, Hobbs, Wilson, McLaughlin, C Burke(Fryatt), Lansbury, Osborn, Antonio, Teche(Peterson), Assombalonga
subs not used, Darlow, Lichal, Fox, Veldwijk, Lascelles,

Millwall: Forde, Cummings, Hooiveld, Beevers, Dunne, Williams, Abdou, Gueye(Fuller) Fabbrini, Martin(Upson), Maierhofer(Gregory),
subs not used, Webster, O'Brien, Powell, King

Goal: Fuller 83

NEWS FLASH.....Stuart Pearce sacked the next day. Another manager bites the dust after we beat his team. It seems to be a habit of ours.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Millwall 0 Reading 0 Championship 27/1/15 att: 8,317 (away 539)


The Lions are back with more bite and a bit more passion

It may have been just a point but they are there to be earn't and we certainly grafted for this one. With the January signings of Dan Harding, Stefan Maierhofer, Shaun Cummings , Diego Fabbrini and last minute central defender Jos Hooiveld starting and Paris Cowan-Hall on the bench we were a new look side that from the start looked more solid at the back and I was watching the way that Jos Hooiveld and Sid Nelson were working closely together in the centre of the defence with lots of chat between them. These two will develop in a fine pairing if given the chance and I was gutted when Sid Nelson's 45 minute slightly missed timed tackle resulted in a red card which was issued with great zest from referee Alan Medley.  Sid Nelson trudged off the pitch probably a lot more gutted than me.


For the second half Hooiveld teamed up with Shaun Williams and that worked well. Paris Cowan-Hall took the place of Magaye Gueye, and he looks a exciting prospect. Alan Dunne come on and Stefan Maierhofer went off and we finished the game with a purpose and created chances that maybe on another day would see us gain a win and the three points. All in all a good result considering we played the 2nd half with ten men, or did we?. The Den was back to it's noisy self and we being the 12th man dropped into the 11th man spot and roared the Lions on.  I think this game was a pointer to things to come and as I said earlier it maybe just a point but after the improvement against Ipswich which we still lost to earn this draw is the next step. It's Nottingham Forest Saturday and last year we beat them and we beat others and went on to survive the drop.

Millwall: Forde, Cummings, Harding, Nelson(sent off 45m), Hooiveld, Williams, Abdou, Gueye(Dunne46), Gregory, Maierhofer(Cowan-Hall 46), Fabbrini(Martin 77)

subs not used, King, Beevers, Upson, Fuller

Reading: Fedric, Kelly, Obita, Pearce, Hector, Norwood, Williams, Chalobah(McCleary 58), Robson-Kanu,(Mackie 76), Blackman(Cox 58), Pogrebnyak

subs not used, Anderson, Tauner, Cooper, Karacan

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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Millwall 1 Ipswich 3, Championship Game 26, 17/1/15, att: 11.063

Our old boss Mick McCarthy comes to town

He had some of the new signings starting this game but score wise they didn't make a difference as we lost again. There was improvement but only in the "want it" attitude from the team. There was a bit more effort which resulted in us having more of the ball but we easly gave it away as we constantly lumped the ball to Lee Gregory and the Stefan Maierhofer in the middle. We hardly played it wide. New Signing Diego Fabbrini looks useful and can certainly play with the ball. He was subbed in the 2nd half by Lee Martin and that seem to make us lose our fizz in midfield. I am not sure I understood this tactic by Ian Holloway and in fact I still don't.Young Sid Nelson was surprised when Ian Holloway mad him captain a short time before the game. He done ok in this new captains role and considering he was only seventeen days past his nineteenth birthday he grew in statue and has a mature attitude that tells me he could be another Millwall legend and join that immortal bunch of Lions hero's.

Pushing for the equaliser but Ipswich's 3rd goal done us

A bit more passion

Overall we did make more effort, we did play better, we didn't roll over but we did try to get something from the game but Ipswich's third goal killed us off. Up to Ipswich scored their third game we wasn't out of the game and we did have efforts by Webster, Powell, Gueye and Abdou but they were all wide of the target apart from Gueye's 43rd minute effort that resulted in a goal. With Ipswich picking up another three points they are now 2nd in the table and sit behind Bournemouth. We are still 3rd from bottom. and I think it's time we kicked on and with the combination of new players and that bit more "fight" we should start to put a few points together.

Recent signings Shaun Cummings, Diego Frabbini, Dan Harding, Stefan Maierhofer start. Paris Cowan-Hall is still injured and is not in the squad.

Millwall: Forde, Cummings(Fuller 80), Nelson, Webster, Harding, Gueye, Abdou, Powell, Fabbrini(Martin 63), Gregory, Maierhofer
Subs not used, King, Shittu, Wilkinson, Woolford, McDonald

Goal: Gueye 42,

Ipswich: Bialkowski, Chambers, Mings, Berra, Smith, Tabb, Bru, Anderson(Clarke 88), S.Hunt(Parr 63), N.Hunt(Sears 63), Murphy,
subs not used, Crowe,  Ambrose, Stewart

Goals: N.Hunt 5, 14,  Parr 77

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Bradford City 4 Millwall 0, FA Cup 3rd round, 14/1/15, att: 11,859 (away 614)


We take over 600 for this midweek game and John Berylson promises to refund all those that bought a ticket in advance. We were poor and weak and capitulated to a team in League One which was totally unlike Millwall FC. I think we have reached rock bottom.

The FA Cup comes around each season no matter where you are in the football league's and I always look to see if we can put a cup run together. In the past we have done this and over the years we have had some memorable moments. This is one of those times but all for the wrong reasons. The ease that Bradford scored in the 3-3 game in the first leg was a warning of what they would do to us at their place. We didn't yet again turn up and the 4-0 defeat was the best we could ask for. Having the carrot of beating this lot and it's Chelsea in the next round was certainly a carrot for Bradford but for us it wasn't a carrot it was a bowl of unpasteurised stodge, a embarrassment to the badge. We managed to squeak a draw with them at our place but that was a good as we got.

Do I need to comment in detail regarding the game? Not really, I will just list the team.

Forde,  Dunne,  Shittu,  Beevers,  Briggs,  Abdou,  Chaplow,  Upson(Webster 46), Gregory, Fuller(Woolford 22), Martin(Gueye 62)
subs not used, King, Nelson, Powell, McDonald

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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Blackpool 1 Millwall 0 Championship 10/1/15 att:9,994

As Holloway now seen enough?

How bad are we? I reckon we sit between "not very good" and "bloody hopeless" Bottom of the league Blackpool wasn't that much cop their selves but they still managed to beat us. This was a must win game for us and I did believe that we were as bad as them but we were hopeless. Where's the Millwall way gone? There was nothing in the game that come close, I don't know why the players got off the coach. I bet they wish they didn't because the not so friendly criticism from the frustrated travelling support must have made their ears burn. I reckon we have some dead wood in the team and it's a bit more than just one or two pieces. Players out of contract come the summer seem not to want to achieve or impress and there is no way that they will secure a new contract with a display like that. I can only conclude that they don't want one. We have new signings in and others on the way, let's get them in and playing. It may take a few games to gel but as long as they are up the fight and graft for the shirt we could do enough to stay in this league. The next league game is home to Ipswich which will be a tough one as Ipswich are flying this season and with Mick McCarthy in charge. He is making things happen. Would I have him back at the Den? I should coco.

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Monday, 5 January 2015

FA CUP 3rd round, Millwall 3 Bradford 3, att: 5,470 (Bradford bring 1,093)


We could have won it, we could have lost it but in the end I'll take the draw

Bradford are doing well in league one and we are not doing well in the Championship. What's the score going to be, I have no idea. This was my thoughts before the game. This type of game can be hard to call but as per usual I expect Millwall to win and we would have done if we could stop conceding soft goals. We tried all through the game to get something from this game but all the hard work was undone on three occasions as Bradford took the lead, lost it, then took it back and then lost it again.

A chance to cheer but it didn't last 

4th round draw and if we get through the replay at Bradford it's Chelsea at their place

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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Championship Game 24 Millwall 0 Bournemouth 2 28/12/14


League leaders come to town

I have hooked up with Peter who writes the very good football blog Cherry Chimes and answered a few of his questions. Please click on link below

That's the third defeat on the spin and yet more changes.  Losing at home to Bolton 1-0 and the 6-1 thrashing at Norwich and now this defeat at the hands of Bournemouth have left us tottering on the edge of the League 1 abyss. I did here a muted chant of  'Holloway out' coming from the Dockers stand and I am sure I heard a chant aimed at Scott Malone 'your not fit to wear the shirt'. If my hearing was correct this could be start of terrace unrest and a more vocal campaign may follow. On the game itself, we were yet again poor in all departments and although we tried to give it ago we were just not good enough as per usual. We need some new blood in the team and I don't just mean support for Lee Gregory, we need at least four new signings in the January window and there is hope that something will happen on that front but who's available and if there was anybody available would they want to join a sinking ship.


Millwall concede the first goal after a penalty was given to Bournemouth after Lee Martin fouled Bournemouth's Charlie Daniels outside the box. "Yes" that is correct, "outside the box" I was ideally placed to spot that the foul was outside the box but apparently the referee wasn't.

Penalty' no way ref, your having a a laugh


Making his full league debut Millwall supporter Sid Nelson shows the so called senior pro's how to play a football match, He played all out from start to finish and could have scored with a little more luck. Hopefully he does not get contaminated by "the couldn't care attitude around him" and lets hope he doesn't get his brain scrambled trying to work out Holloway's tactics.  Perhaps we need to play a few more young un's in our next game especially after Scott Malone has trouble not falling over his own feet.

ps....Shaun Williams gets a red card. He must channel the frustration and show more passion with the ball then he will be playing the Millwall way.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

12/12/14 Championship Game 21 Brighton 0 Millwall 1 att: 24,085 we take about 800

A Friday night live on Sky game. It was good to get the win

This game was not exactly a sizzler but we started well, we looked sharper, passed it about a bit had decent movement and scored a goal in the 15th minute. Then for some reason we played the rest of the game frightened to do anything similar again. It seemed like that after the 5-1 drubbing at  home against Middlesbrough the taking of this precious lead against Brighton was something they were keeping. That type of attitude tells me that it shows a lack of confidence, we have got to shake this attitude off . Hopefully if the team watched the game back they will see that up to when they scored that goal they were much the better team. We could have continued the game and scored again, Brighton were there for the taking and although we "mugged" them at their place we could have done it with a bit more confidence. This proves to me we are struggling in the division due to a mentality and not skill or quality.

They done the job so on that score the players cannot be faulted. Millwall's goal come about after some good play and a couple bits of luck when Lee Gregory picked the ball up on the edge of the area and run in and smacked the thing home beating the Brighton keeper on his far side of the goal.

That's 23 points from 21 games and if we keep that up for the rest of the season that may not be enough to keep us up.

Millwall: Forde, Wilkinson, Shittu, Beevers, Malone, Angel(Dunne 88), Williams, Gueye(Abdou 80), McDonald, Woolford, Gegory(Fuller 82),
subs not used, King, Briggs, Easter, Upson

Goal: Gregory 15m

Brighton: Stockdale, Bruno, Dunk, Halford, Chickson, Forster-Caskey, Gardner, Teixeira, March(Colunga 65), Bent, E.Bennett(McCourt 72),
subs not used, Walton, Ince, Hughes, Holla, Calderon

Monday, 8 December 2014

6/12/14, Championship League Game 20, Millwall 1 Middlesbrough 5 att:10,328

The only thing big about this game was the list of the goals against at the end of this game. We were not big anywhere on the pitch and If I didn't know better it seemed like we we playing our first Championship game and didn't know what to do with ourselves and what to do with the ball. We we hopeless and Middlesbrough made us look like mugs, sorry that's wrong, Middlesbrough didn't make us look like mugs we made ourselves look like mugs.

A moment of joy as McDonald scores, Boro scores within a minute and it finishes 1-5

After the game and reading the papers etc. Alan Dunne blamed it on a new formation that they had only practised for two games, Ian Hollway told us to blame him because it was all his fault. Marc Bircham blamed it on the players. Me ? I blame the whole sorry bunch, we were weak on the pitch and quiet in the stands.

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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Championship Game 29/11/14 Bournemouth 2 Millwall 2 att:10,016

I think we take about 800 for this one.

I know it's corny but "it's what we do" Normally when it is said "same as" it can mean a fayre of average or below football performance. But the Millwall "same as" is serving up a poor performance and conceded goals first half and then assaulting the opposition in the second half and getting a draw. We do that a lot.

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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Charlton 0 Millwall 0 Championship 22/11/14 19,189 (we take over 3000)

If only Jermaine Easter's shot and gone in late on we would have been celebrating all three points and Charlton's misery would have been greater than it is now if that was possible.The 'is now" part of Charlton's misery is that they haven't beat us since 1996 and this draw makes sure that their unhappy run continues. After Jermaine Easters shot Charlton could have still won the game in stoppage time when Charlton's George Tucudean lobbed David Forde but the chance failed as Bryon Webster done the magic stuff and Alan Dunne conceded  a corner and that was that.
Yet another draw come our way which doesn't help much when it comes to climbing the table but it keeps us off the bottom. Seven draw means seven points and without them we would be just above Blackpool and languishing in the mire.
The travelling 3000 rubbed it in as the game approached the final whistle by singing " you will never beat Millwall" I reckon that may be true.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Millwall 2 Brentford 3, 8/11/14 Championship Game, 17 att: 13, 048

League game 17 of the season and a game to remember for all sorts of reasons

This was the game that we wear our new camouflage kit. This kit should raise 20k For Headley Court which is the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre which is based in Surrey. They do mind blowing work there and there are shining examples of service personnel who with amputated limbs etc can bounce back into lfe with the wearing of all sorts of aids. Incredible people and a few of them were at the Den for this one. They took to the field to a thundering applause and both sets of players formed a guard of honour to salute them on their way.

It was also the game on the Saturday before remembrance Sunday  and also the 100th anniversary of the First World War so we had a good few poppies on display as well as some 2nd world war veterans proudly wearing their medals. I don't usually mention sponsors but shirt sponsors Euroferries gave up their name on the shirt for this one and Headley Court's name took that spot. Fair play to Euroferries.

The special shirts take to the pitch

The game itself. The first half I thought we were well off the mark and lacked any purpose. Brentford took a one goal lead into half time and another defeat loomed close. After we went 2-0 down in the 56th minute Scott McDonald came on as sub in the 57th minute and we scored in the 58th and 59th minute to fetch it back level at 2-2. Another come back was on the cards, that was until Danny Shittu close to his own goal scored a own goal to give Brentford the 3 points. No comeback for us which was a shame on such a special day. We are getting a tad to close to the relegation spots for my liking.

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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Watford 3 Millwall 1 Championship 1/11/14 att:17,000 We take 1797

The Referee Bob Madley should have went the whole hog and put a Watford shirt on.

We had a extra 20% possession but conceded the most fouls. What does that tell you? You've guessed it, another "unconsciously" bias referee, big bad Millwall must be punished. We played some decent football but somehow lost this game 3-1.  We scored from a Martyn Woolford Goal in the 12th minute and held on to the lead to the 36th minute when Watford scored against the run of play. We couldn't take this score into the half time break thanks to the referee. Alan Dunne was fouled and ended up falling to the floor, Troy Deeney fell over him and the referee awarded Deeney the foul. He even booked Dunne. Forgive me if  I am wrong but this referee is the most useless twat that ever took up the art of refereeing, if he's not a twat he must have a agenda. I can't see how the Football League can give him ever another game to referee. Watford still had a free kick to take and once again our defending of dead balls was below par and it was whacked in on 45 minutes. We were all over them for the start of the 2nd half and continued to boss the play to once  again another dubious free kick and once again we didn't defend it and that was that. It's a good job it wasn't a long way home.

Millwall: Forde, Wilkinson, Briggs(Malone 61), Dunne, Webster, Williams, Upson, Martin(O'Brien 83), McDonald, Woolford, Fuller(Gueye 70)
subs mot used King Shittu, Beevers, Chaplow

Goal: Woolford 12

Watford: Gomes, Paredes, Bassong(Hobson 31), Ekstrand, Pudil(Doyley 80), Andrews, Munari, Tozser, Vydra(Dyer 72), Ighalo, Deeney
subs not used, Bond, McGugan, Forestieri, Murray

Goals: Vydra 36, Tozser 45, Munari 64

Monday, 27 October 2014

25/10/14 Championship Game 14 Millwall 1 Cardiff 0 att;10,135

LIVE ON SKY, kick off time 12:15

Millwall 1 Cardiff City 0

The word is belief, not relief ask 'Ollie'

I was in the posh seats for this one

Scraping the bar

We won nothing in the month of September

This game had a few talking points.

We broke our run of games without a win.The run carried on for eight but it wasn't a total whipping in those eight games. We did have some defeats that could be called "worrying" the 3-1 home defeat to Birmingham was I think the lowest point but on the other hand some excellent draws let us know that there was some hope. The Draw away to Derby County was a decent point and so was the point against Wigan. The Wigan point didn't seem much at the time but after this win it seems a bit more valuable

Scott McDonald, he's everywhere and yet again he's having chances that are close and spectacular and the goal posts down the Den are in need of a re-paint because some of his efforts have been so close that he is stripping the paint from them. I am impressed with Lee Gregory our signing from non-league side Halifax. I know that his two goals doesn't seem much but he has chances and he will score more, I am sure about that. It's a huge jump from non-league to the Championship and fair play to him for wanting to give it ago. He must have felt confident that he could cope and play at a standard that made him look good enough and watching him play I think that he does that. 
All the players done well and all of them had moments that could be positively talked about so maybe unfair to single out just a few, but that's football.

What can we say about Danny Shittu?  probably something nice so he didn't clump you. He's first League Game since March and only one cup game this season against Wycombe Wanderers on the 12th of August so not much playing time but he was back with a bang. He's presence on the field is  
immense and it rubs off on you and his team mates. We got stronger and stronger as this game went on and when he went up for a corner in the 54th minute he didn't disappoint as he connected with a Shaun Williams corner and his powerful header crashed into the back of the net and we went bonkers.
We finished the game strong and Cardiff and although a double save from David Forde stopped the Welsh club scoring we were rightly winners.

The big fella walks off to a standing ovation. 

Watford at their place next which will be a test as they are joint top with Derby. Hopefully another win to follow this one will be ours, I suppose it depends on the team Ian Holloway puts out but saying that what is our best team? I don't know.

A positive spin, we sit 15th with 17 points, that's six points off the play off's.

Millwall: Forde, Wilkinson, Shittu, Beevers, Briggs(Webster 72), Upson, Williams, Martin, McDonald, Gregory, Fuller(Woolford 78)
Subs not used, King, O'Brien, Chaplow, Onyedinma, Abdou
Goal: Shittu 54

Cardiff: Marshall, Fabio, S Morrison, Manga, Brayford, Pilkington, Gunnarsson(Ralls 33), Noone, Whittingham, LeFondre(Maynard 61), Macheda(R.Morrison 61)
subs not used, Moore, Connolly, Daehli, Gabbidon

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Wigan 0 Millwall 0 Championship 21/10/14 att 10,201 away 268

Tuesday Night

If Ricardo Fuller hadn't have fallen over we would have won this game and that would have been a fantastic reward for the 268 Wall who made the journey on a crap night (weather wise). Just the one point was ours and only time will tell how valuable that one point is.

The last three games have all been draws and while that may not amount to much in the points tally it's still three games undefeated and it sets us up nicely for our game against Cardiff. I can smell the three points and I reckon we will beat them. I know, that's tempting fate, but I feel I should be bold about it.

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We sit eighteenth in the table:

18  Millwall  14 pts, 19  Wigan  12 pts,  20  Brighton  12 pts,  21  Birmingham  11pts,
22  Fulham  11 pts,  23  Bolton  8 pts,  24  Blackpool  6 pts

Sunday, 19 October 2014

18/10/14 Millwall V Wolverhampton Wanderers, Kenny Jacket returns to the Den

8The night before
I will curious to see the team we put out against Kenny Jackett's Wolves. Will we stick with the same players that earn't a decent 0-0 draw up at Derby, or will Ian Holloway make changes once again?
I must admit I was surprised to see the starting eleven against Derby but not surprised that it wasn't the same side that started against Birmingham. Up to the Derby game I thought I knew our best players but with some of them I was wrong.

18/10/14 Championship League Game 12 Millwall 3 Wolves 3 att:13,428

Wolves were 3-0 up by the 64th minute but they succumb to a late Millwall onslaught
We reminded the 2000 Wolves supporters of this just before the final whistle.
The song went something like this.....3-0 and you fucked it up...3-0 and you..........

Can we kick on from here? I think so

Ricardo lurks

Kenny Jackett returns back at the Den and receives a proper Millwall welcome to one of our own. Once the game started he didn't get sod all else apart from three gifted goals that resulted in the Lions looking dead and buried. That didn't happen and one of the best Millwall come backs in many a year resulted in the Lions earning a point.

Lee Gregory's goal meant something as it stirred the Lions to achieve a classic Millwall comeback. He's goal against Birmingham didn't amount too much for the team or for us as it just ended up being a consolation. I suppose it must have meant a great deal to him as it was his first goal scored in the Championship.I wonder how many times he has watched it.

Ricardo Fuller buried a couple of goals that had quality written all over them and he's two goals and Lee Gregory's one goal stunned Wolves and their supporters and they left the ground shoulders hunched and thoroughly gutted. We play Wigan away Tuesday night and it seems a bit of a trudge for a midweek game and you have to ask, who comes up with the fixture list?

Millwall: Forde, Dunne, Webster, Williams, Briggs, Chaplow(Malone 67), Abdou(Fuller 57), Aiden O'Brien(Martin 56), McDonald, Woolford, Gregory

subs not used, King, Shittu, Upson, Beevers

Goals: Gregory 67, Fuller 82, 87

Wolves: Ikeme, Doherty, Batth, Ebanks-Landell(Stearman 86) , Rowe, McDonald, Van La Parra(Henry 54), Edwards, Sako, Dicko(Sagbo 80),

subs not used, Flatt, Golbourne, Saville, Jacobs

Goals: Batth 23, Ebanks-Landell 62, Sako 64

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Friday, 17 October 2014

Millwall FC and Headley Court Rehab Centre remembers those that have fallen by attempting to raise 20k

We show our support for the military establishment, Headley Court Rehabilitation Centre near Epsom. We will be wearing a camouflage coloured kit for our remembrance weekend when we play Brentford and his is history in the making as no football club ever before has worn army camouflage colours. Headley Court Logo will be on the front of the shirt. The football league has given Millwall the nod to do this and I'm sure the kit won't clash with the referee. This seasons sponsor Euroferries have gave up their shirt logo for this game. The proceeds for selling this shirt will go to Headley Court Rehab Centre and we are looking to raise 20k by selling the shirts. We have made a short video on Youtube which is remembering the fallen of the first world war and the fallen and injured ever since. A very moving dedication and the team and Ian Holloway have done us proud. I have always known I chose the right football club to support but this cements my belief even do us proud. Up the Wall.

Youtube video link  <<

It's getting to be a long list

I had no pre-knowledge of Millwall doing this but it doesn't surprise me. We are known for our community work hosted by the Lions Centre and of course our support in trying to save the A and E at Lewisham Hospital which in the end was successful. We always give generously to the Help For Hero's charity. Last season we gave up our shirt sponsorship revenue and gave the shirt space to the Charity Prostrate Cancer which helped the charity spread the message to us blokes to get ourself checked out, I did.

alternative link Forces TV

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Derby County 0 Millwall 0, Championship League Game 11, 4/10/14, att:27,749

Last six W L D L L D

We matched Derby County throughout this game apart from falling on the floor. This was a good solid display by the Lions and considering the changes made which included , Adein O'Brien, Bryon Webster, Richard Chaplow, and Mathew Briggs making his full league debut we frustrated a Derby side who have been tipped for promotion. Lee Gregory is looking sharper and he's relishing playing. He looks like a player that needs regular starts and he is certainly adjusting to this division and although he didn't score in this game he looks like he will if he's given the chance. He should have had a penalty in this game as he was blatantly pushed in the box.

""FIRST ELEVEN'' have we got one? Has Ian Holloway found the solution to mend our "problem" which has been reported as "our soft underbelly

With the changes within our team and re-positioning of some of the players we held our own against Derby and played a lot tighter than we did against Birmingham. As I mentioned earlier Bryon Webster started and played a blinder and it must have made up for the disappointment of being subbed early against Reading.

Our starting Eleven against Derby

Forde, Briggs, Webster, Williams, Dunne, Chaplow, Abdou, O'Brien, McDonald, Woolford, Gregory

subs, Fuller for Gregory 74mins,,,, Malone for O'Brien 67 mins

subs not used, King, Shittu, Upson, Beevers, Powell

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Millwall 1 Birmingham 3 30/9/14 Championship League Game 10 att,9,086

I really was expecting us to win this game

I don't understand this side. They all speak about happiness and they all speak about how great it is working for Ian Holloway but they don't produce in a constant manner form that is good enough to beat teams that we should be beating and beating them especially at home. I can understand the misery and the gripes which effected performances last year and players not on their game but I am confused. Is it because we are just not good enough and what you see is what you get? I know that we are "not one of the big boys"  and we cannot spend dosh like the big boys but that as always been case and what the Lions lacked in "superstars" they more than made up with a lion like performance with plenty of  grit and determination. We hardly lost at home and now it's a common occurrence, perhaps it's us the supporters and we need to go to another level or just maybe it is what it is and with our funds we will always struggle in this division.

Dockers Stand looking sparse with ten minutes to go

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Sunday, 28 September 2014

27/9/14 League Game 9 Huddersfield 2 Millwall 1 att:11,712, I think we took about 370

That's still eleven points

Huddersfield had not won at home since March so I thought we may get something from this game.,I should have known better. Ed Upson pulled it back to 1-1 but that only lasted 15 minutes. Nicky Bailey challenged Huddersfield's Harry Bunn in the penalty area and Bunn managed to con the ref with a dive that would have scored a 10 in the 2012 London Olympics. There was still 34 minutes to play for  but we didn't achieve much apart from a Beever's shot that was saved well. We gave the ball away to much. Our passing game was below par and we gave the ball away at every opportunity

Millwall: Forde, Abdou, Malone, Dunne, Beevers, Bailey(Renegie 73), Williams, Upson(Hoyte 74), McDonald, Fuller, Woolford(Gueye 74), 
subs not used, King, Webster, Gregory, Chaplow

Goal: Upson 41

Huddersfield: Smithies, Lynch, Peltier(Holt 64), Hudson, Hogg(Scannell 85), Butterfield, Coady, Robinson, Wells(Wallace 89), Smith, Bunn,
subs not used, Murphy, Dixon, Ward, Stead

Goals: Wells, 37, 56 pen

Monday, 22 September 2014

20/9/14 Championship game 8 Millwall 0 Nottingham Forest 0 att:12,034

Jimmy Abdou after five minutes into the game moved from midfield to right back after Carlos Edwards was stretchered with a bad knee injury and Millwall from that point was the only team that was going to win this game. Far fetched wishing some my say but after a scrappy dull first half Millwall kicked on and dominated the scrappy but a bit more exciting second half.  Jimmy Abdou in the right back position nullified the threat of the Forest striker Michail Antonio and I can only remember the striker having one effort on goal.

We did push hard right to the end to get the winning goal but although we did have at least three good chances.  Martyn Woolford, and Mathias Ranegie must be wondering how they missed the chances they had. The table toppers Forest came to Millwall and I presume thinking they would win but we we bossed the game and they didn't really threaten and fell short of out playing us. I know it was just a 0-0 draw but I saw a few positives which tells me we are not far off from being as good as those that are in and around the top spot. That's 11 points and mid-table

Ian Holloway won't settle for mid-table and nor will the team. Me? I'll except anything as long as it's a lot better than last year.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Reading 3 Millwall 2 Championship League Game 16/9/14 att: 15,091 away 871

Like the Ipswich game the stats prove that we didn't roll over.

That's five goals conceded in the last two games and after the 2-0 defeat away to Ipswich Saturday a quick Tuesday night  game away to Reading did not fill me with much confidence but as normal always hopeful that we can get a win. From the start a five minute flurry of good play by the Lions quickly turned to crap and was 2-0 down by the 15th minute but a change of formation and the early substitution of Bryon Webster for Martyn Woolford tightened us up and we begun to threat the Reading goal. We scored just before the break when Ricardo Fuller cracked one in. The second half started and it was not long before we drew level when Mark Beevers headed. As  draw looked on the cards or maybe a Lions win as we pushed on for the winner but Reading won the spoils with six minutes to go as we succumb to a header from a corner. Bloody cruel this football lark.

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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Fulham 0 Millwall 1 16/8/14 and a few other games

16/8/14 League Game 2 Fulham 0 Millwall 1 att: 18,988

That's two wins and six points

I bet that upset them over in West London as South East London comes to town and opened the fault and nicked the three points. We are now unbeaten for eleven games and Martyn Woolford carries on from last season by scoring yet again. He scored in the eleventh minute after receiving the ball from Ricardo Fuller. We took 4000 to this this game and what a fine sight they were.

Fulham  spent thirteen years in the Premiership and I presume they have lots of money and although they were relegated last season they still have supposedly a premiership team. We defended strong and defended well and kept a clean sheet after Fulham did make a game of trying to get a goal but they weren't good enough.

Millwall: Forde, Edwards, Malone, Dunne, Beevers, Williams, Abdou(Gueye 78), Martin, McDonald, Woolford(Bailey 61), Fuller(Easter 72),
subs not used, Gerra, Webster,

19/8/14 League Game 3 Sheffield Wednesday 1 Millwall 1 att: 20,636 (361)

Sheffield Wednesday supporters must have thought they had won this game but the Lions played right to the end and scored 5 minutes into extra time. It felt like a win and I was jumping about like we had won the FA Cup. Footballs great sometimes and nice thoughts to take to bed with you on a Tuesday night. Shame that the wife had a headache.
Both teams ended up with 10 men and both both undefeated.

Millwall: Forde, Edwards, Dunne, Beevers, Malone, Williams, Abdou (Gueye 59mins), Martin (Easter 89mins), McDonald, Martin, Gregory (Fuller 59mins).
Subs not used: Gerrar, Wright, Briggs, Webster.
Scorer: Gueye (95 mins ) phew that was close  

Sheffield Wednesday: Westwood, Mattock, Hutchinson (Coke 66mins), Loovens, Semedo, May, Palmer, Nuhiu (Madine 71mins), Maguire, Lees, Maghoma (Helan 78mins). 
Subs not used: Kirkland, McCabe, Zayatte, Corry.
Scorer: Maguire (56mins) 


23/8/14 League Game 4 Millwall 0 Rotherham United 1 att: 10282 (410)

There goes our unbeaten run

I have heard the performance from Millwall in this game described as Lomasesque as a flat Millwall couldn't beat Championship new boys Rotherham United. I am not sure what happened to the Ian Holloway effect but there was no sprinkling of "Ollies sparkle"
This defeat did surprise me as I didn't see it coming. Perhaps me and others including the team thought we were better that we actually are. I do not think we were wrong to think that because we have had a decent start and of course it was carrying on from last season.

A blessing in disguise? this may turn out to be as it's certainly opened my eyes. Ollies Magic? Fine up to a certain point but at the end of it all it's just about hard work and creating chances and putting a few away.

Millwall: Forde, Edwards, Malone, Dunne, Beevers, Malone; Williams, Wright (Gueye 50mins); Martin (Easter 71mins), McDonald, Woolford; Fuller (Gregory 84mins). 
Subs not used: Gerrar, Briggs, Abdou, Webster. 

Rotherham United: Collin, Broadfoot, Arnasan, Morgan, Skarz (Wood 81mins); Frecklington, Pringle (Brindle 90mins), Wordsworth, Smallwood; Taylor, Revell (Bowery, 87mins). 

Subs not used: Loach, Tidser, Swift, Derbyshire.
Bookings: Skarz (56mins), Taylor (90+3mins)
Scorer: Pringle (49mins) 


26/9/14 Capital One Cup round 2 Millwall 0 Southampton 2 att: 6014 (1011)

The Lions sunk by two second half goals

We changed nine players from the team that lost to Rotherham but still managed to give Southampton a run for their money. We finished the game with five academy players on the pitch and they done all right. A good display by the  Wall and all things considered 'the Capital One Cup, there's always next year.

Millwall: Forde, Hoyte Briggs, Williams, Webster, Powell, Abdou(Thompson 76 mins0, Chaplow (O'Brien 63 mins), Gueve(Onyedinma 63 mins), Easter, Marquis
subs not used, Gerrar, Siafa, Goodman, Gregory

Southampton: Forster, Clyne, Yoshida, Fonte, Long(Ramieez 91mins), Davis, Wanyama (Cork 46mins), Ward-Prowse, Pelle, Isgrove (Tadic 29mins), Targett
subs not used, Davis, Gardos, Taider, Stephens
Scorers, Cork 53mins, Pelle 94mins


Striker Mathias Renegie joins the Lions from Watford on Loan to January. This player has played for Sweden and can score goals. He is a big man 6' 5" I do believe and it could be just what we are looking for.

30/8/14 League Game 5 Millwall 2 Blackpool 1 att: 9877

Back to winning ways

I am sure that Ian Holloway will tell the players that the game lasts for 90 minutes and not 70. We could have blown the 2-0 lead and if this was the same time last season we probably would have.
Blackpool finished the game looking for a equaliser in the last 20 minutes but we kept them out.

We do we keep slagging off players like Lee Hughes, Marlon King and Nile Ranger it nearly always comes back to haunt us and it was written that Nile Ranger would score and he did.  It wasn't all gloom and we won this game because of two well taking goals one from Scott McDonald on 33 minutes and a well crafted goal from Scott McDonald after a assist from Jack Powell  who  delivered well from a free kick.

That's the fifth league game and not bad, 3 wins, 1 draw and one defeat, 10 points

Last season after 5 games, 2 draws and 3 defeats, 2 points

That Jack Powell looks useful. He could and probably will become a star. He was let go by West Ham last year and I must say "their loss".He has a point to prove and he is proving it. He has already "starred" for Millwall this season and I believe that he can go on to be a force to reckoned with.
Millwall: Forde; Edwards, Beevers, Dunne, Malone; Powell (Webster 81mins), Williams; Woolford, McDonald, Martin (Gueye,78mins); Fuller (Ranegie 61mins). 
Subs not used: Gerrar, Wester, Briggs, Easter, Gregor. 

Scorers: McDonald (33mins), Malone (51mins)

Lewis, McMahon, Daniels, Clarke, J Oriol, Perkins, Lundstram (E. Oriol 74mins) Orlandi, Zoko, Delfouneso (Ranger 56mins), Miller (Davies 65mins). 
Subs not used: Parish, Rentmeister, Zenjov, Cywka

Scorer: Ranger (71mins)


We are getting very cosmopolitan as we sign our first Spaniard ex Espanyol and Blackpool midfielder Angel Martinez. I am struggling to remember some of these new players names let alone pronounce them.

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