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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Millwall 0 Birmingham 6 14-1-12

14/1/2012 Game 26 Millwall 0 Birmingham 6 att.10.537 (958)
You are supposed to play this game with eleven men and although the Lions battled right to the end, nine men were just not enough. We roared on the Lions right to the end which seems a weird thing to say after a 6-0 beating, we sung KJ's name and clapped them off the pitch and it seems that the old "Millwall way" might be back.

No one likes us
Birminghams favourite officials. The man in the middle Mr Moss dishes out two very debatable red cards. With just nine men Millwall never give up but tire as the game goes into the last fifteen minutes and they eventually concede six. Well done Mr Moss and his flag waving chums.

Taken from the this seasons page, found within this blog site.