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Friday, 17 February 2012

Millwall v Bolton Wanderers FA Cup 5th round 18/2/2012

From a kid I have always enjoyed the FA Cup competition so it's a good job I follow a team that from time to time does all right in it. This may be surprising for some that I think this, surely I must be a supporter of some trophy encrusted team from the Premiership and not support a "little" side from South London.
I suppose my thoughts about this is, you don't have to win it to be successful in it and from time to time the Lions produce a gem of a game or a good run that makes us puff out our chests and feel so proud to be following Millwall FC.

Bring on Bolton

18/2/12 The game

Millwall 0 Bolton nine year old grandson blames KJ for playing with just one up front.
We had loads of possession but more or less nothing in front of goal, so I tend to agree with him. A cheer went up when Steve Mildenhall replaced David Forde in goal and in my opinion "I saw no improvement".
Skipper and centre half Robbo shows the way

Oh well, back to the league.