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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Barry Kitchener


The 6th annual Dockers Day a few weeks ago, With his hand in his overcoat pocket Kitch always found time for a picture or a handshake.
602 games for Millwall, I am just gutted that I didn't see all of them.

I am very sad to hear of the passing of Millwall legend Barry Kitchener. I can remember watching Millwall with "Kitch" in the team in the 1970's and as a defender he was indestructible as he stopped the opposing teams attackers in their tracks. As a supporter, there was nothing quiet like Kitch to warm you up on a freezing cold night in January with a raw gutsy solid display that had the opposition wimpering home with their tails between their legs. RIP big fella


7/4/12.....back at the Den and following a Memorial for Kitch it's a 2-0 win for the Wall against Hull City

Letting everybody know

Before the game, laying reefs behind the Cold Blow Lane goal