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Thursday, 26 December 2013

26/12/13, League Game 22, Watford 4 Millwall 0, shortly afterwards Steve Lomas sacked

Embarrassing or what?

Following on from our crap display at home this Saturday gone where we lost 2-0 to Middlesboro we now go to Vicarage Road. .
Watford have not won at home since September so they must have thought in was Christmas as we struggled after we went down to ten men and gave the game to them. Danny Shittu was sent off after eight minutes after he had just got back in to the starting eleven and it all went pear shape after that.
No plan B

A short while later, Steve Lomas sacked.

He had his chance but blew it, Hopefully the misery and doom will ease, after all it cannot get any worse. Can it?