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Friday, 17 January 2014

Ian Holloway joins the Lions after we stumble at Southend and lose 4-1

After all the recent defeats and the dross that was served up which resulted in a 4-1 defeat against a league 2 club I really couldn't be bothered to write anything regarding this Southend FA Cup game but pulled myself off the sofa and gave it ago especially after Ian Holloday signed as manager a couple of days later. You will find my contribution within this seasons page which the link can be found in the right hand sidebar>>

There was gloom in my house and even the dog was hiding, With the Southend game following on from league defeats at home and away and only a single point gained at Doncaster there wasn't much enthusiasm from me to even turn the laptop on and when Wet and Windy Monday arrived it was going to be a long week. Then I got wind of the fact that Ian Holloway was about to sign and the dark turned to light and roll on the Huddersfield game. A bit over the top some might say, but I make no excuses because after the recent defeats and the shoddy display served up in the 4-1 defeat and the gloom that followed, this is a top-notch moment in the history of me supporting Millwall FC.

John Berylson shows the way--let's hope we get our bite back