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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Ian Holloway with not much to show and now just 7 games to go


29/3/14 league game 39 Millwall 2 Blackburn 2
25/3/14 League Game 38 Millwall 2 Birmingham 3

That's fifteen games under Ian Holloway and his results are not that good. We have only picked up eleven points from these fifteen games and in the last five games of the fifteen we earn just two sad looking points.  We really are poor but at least we are scoring.

29/3/14League Game 39 Millwall 2 Blackburn 2   we can't defend against ten men

I think the players attitudes have improved over this period and they show desire to win but alas they do not show the skills, savvy or nous to win. We have had many injuries and Danny Shittu is one of those injured long term and his presence is missed as there is no commander taking control in our penalty box. Having no presence we concede many a soft goal while at the same time finding it difficult to score.

25/3/14 League Game 38 Millwall 2 Birmingham 3 "Ollies" must win game

With the away end looking on we give it a go, but yet another home defeat