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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

MILLWALL BATTLING ON.....Watford, Middlesbrough and Doncaster

Championship Game 42
12/4/14 Millwall 2 Watford 2 att: 10,851 (1,369)
Following on from the Wigan away win and the three points another win would have been nice but it was only a draw, but it felt like a win. The Tannoy man got carried away and played Rockin all over the World after the game. I don't know what he was thinking of apart from , he must have got so excited after our last minute equaliser that he thought "what the heck, have some of that"

Teeing one up 

That's four without defeat and the ninth game of "Ollies 13 cup finals" and only four to go.
Championship Game 43
19/4/14 Middlesbrough 1 Millwall 2 att:15,342
Goals: Ledesma 80            Maierhofer 16,30

We carry on winning away and there was a few smiley faces around my neck of the woods. The big fella scored a brace, both with his nut after on both occasions he had time and composure to pick his spot. Last five games=DWWDW=11 points. Now that's not bad, in fact it's very good considering that Holloway said it's do-able to win five of our last seven games. There was same raised elbows to that or comments like "is he sure" We are close to achieving the impossible soo bring on Doncaster Bank Holiday Monday.

Championship Game 44
21/4/14 Millwall 0 Doncaster 0 att:12,026

High expectations for this one

Last six, DWWDWD=12 points, Just two games to go and the bottom looks like this:

Huddersfield played 44 and 50 points
Charlton played 43 and 45 points
Doncaster played 44 and 44 points
Millwall played 44 and 44 points
Birmingham played 43 and 43points
Blackpool played 44 and 43 points
Barnsley played 44 and 39 points
Yeovil played 44 and 37 points

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