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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Millwall 1 Birmingham 3 30/9/14 Championship League Game 10 att,9,086

I really was expecting us to win this game

I don't understand this side. They all speak about happiness and they all speak about how great it is working for Ian Holloway but they don't produce in a constant manner form that is good enough to beat teams that we should be beating and beating them especially at home. I can understand the misery and the gripes which effected performances last year and players not on their game but I am confused. Is it because we are just not good enough and what you see is what you get? I know that we are "not one of the big boys"  and we cannot spend dosh like the big boys but that as always been case and what the Lions lacked in "superstars" they more than made up with a lion like performance with plenty of  grit and determination. We hardly lost at home and now it's a common occurrence, perhaps it's us the supporters and we need to go to another level or just maybe it is what it is and with our funds we will always struggle in this division.

Dockers Stand looking sparse with ten minutes to go

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