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Monday, 8 December 2014

6/12/14, Championship League Game 20, Millwall 1 Middlesbrough 5 att:10,328

The only thing big about this game was the list of the goals against at the end of this game. We were not big anywhere on the pitch and If I didn't know better it seemed like we we playing our first Championship game and didn't know what to do with ourselves and what to do with the ball. We we hopeless and Middlesbrough made us look like mugs, sorry that's wrong, Middlesbrough didn't make us look like mugs we made ourselves look like mugs.

A moment of joy as McDonald scores, Boro scores within a minute and it finishes 1-5

After the game and reading the papers etc. Alan Dunne blamed it on a new formation that they had only practised for two games, Ian Hollway told us to blame him because it was all his fault. Marc Bircham blamed it on the players. Me ? I blame the whole sorry bunch, we were weak on the pitch and quiet in the stands.

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