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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Steve Lomas joins Millwall as manager and West Ham link upsets a few.


St Johnstone manager resigns and signs for Millwall.  With 12 months left still left on his contract with the Scottish club Steve Lomas signs for the Lions and a new era begins. The signing of this ex West Ham player of eight years and their captain for six of those years has upset a few that follow the Wall but I am prepared to see what this bloke can do. My first thoughts are " he cannot be as loyal as KJ as he has walked out on St Johnstone with a year still left of his contract"
I am wrong to think that? "dunno, don't care" and on reflection he has to prove himself twice over managing Millwall. If he fails he is going to get it right in the neck, he will have no chance. Time will tell.

I suppose if we look at the above in another way, who's more gutted?
Steve Lomas, eight years at West Ham with six years as team captain, he must have been a legend to many West Ham supporters and now he is managing Millwall they must be ripping the posters off the walls and tearing  pictures out of their scrap books, unless he is a secret agent of course.

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