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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Charlton 0 Millwall 0 Championship 22/11/14 19,189 (we take over 3000)

If only Jermaine Easter's shot and gone in late on we would have been celebrating all three points and Charlton's misery would have been greater than it is now if that was possible.The 'is now" part of Charlton's misery is that they haven't beat us since 1996 and this draw makes sure that their unhappy run continues. After Jermaine Easters shot Charlton could have still won the game in stoppage time when Charlton's George Tucudean lobbed David Forde but the chance failed as Bryon Webster done the magic stuff and Alan Dunne conceded  a corner and that was that.
Yet another draw come our way which doesn't help much when it comes to climbing the table but it keeps us off the bottom. Seven draw means seven points and without them we would be just above Blackpool and languishing in the mire.
The travelling 3000 rubbed it in as the game approached the final whistle by singing " you will never beat Millwall" I reckon that may be true.