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Sunday, 9 November 2014

Millwall 2 Brentford 3, 8/11/14 Championship Game, 17 att: 13, 048

League game 17 of the season and a game to remember for all sorts of reasons

This was the game that we wear our new camouflage kit. This kit should raise 20k For Headley Court which is the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre which is based in Surrey. They do mind blowing work there and there are shining examples of service personnel who with amputated limbs etc can bounce back into lfe with the wearing of all sorts of aids. Incredible people and a few of them were at the Den for this one. They took to the field to a thundering applause and both sets of players formed a guard of honour to salute them on their way.

It was also the game on the Saturday before remembrance Sunday  and also the 100th anniversary of the First World War so we had a good few poppies on display as well as some 2nd world war veterans proudly wearing their medals. I don't usually mention sponsors but shirt sponsors Euroferries gave up their name on the shirt for this one and Headley Court's name took that spot. Fair play to Euroferries.

The special shirts take to the pitch

The game itself. The first half I thought we were well off the mark and lacked any purpose. Brentford took a one goal lead into half time and another defeat loomed close. After we went 2-0 down in the 56th minute Scott McDonald came on as sub in the 57th minute and we scored in the 58th and 59th minute to fetch it back level at 2-2. Another come back was on the cards, that was until Danny Shittu close to his own goal scored a own goal to give Brentford the 3 points. No comeback for us which was a shame on such a special day. We are getting a tad to close to the relegation spots for my liking.

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