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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Millwall 1 Huddersfield 3, 7/2/15, Championship Game 29, att:10,281 (AWAY 586)

   They lift you up(occasionally) and drop you down with a massive thump (frequently)

A decent ten man display against Reading secured us a point and then the win against Forest set us up nicely for this game. I fancied us for this one and I was sure that the team would perform today and give us a home win which is something that we have not had since the 25th of October last year. This sad home record is not Millwall and it looks like the players or some of the players are not free in their play. Perhaps it's us, perhaps they can sense the pressure. I would like to be able to say it's not us but the way we succumb to Huddersfield's mediocre attacking display at times was a comedy of errors and it was like the players were "flapping" especially when Huddersfield scored their second.

Going in, I felt as I was walking in around the Den that it just wasn't me that thought that this could well be the win that we had been waiting for.

Anyway how wrong we were, we lost this game due to errors but not just errors. We all make mistakes but playing against ten men for the last 40 minutes and not really threatening Huddersfield's goal was way off what is required of a Millwall side especially when playing at home. Pitiful really.

The Hof scored and played his normal game, occasionally winning a header and making his presence known in and around the oppositions box. Huddersfield finished us off scoring from the spot with ten minutes to go and the Den emptied, as I was the last one out I turned off the lights and kicked the clubs feral cat on the way out.

A brief moment of joy as Stefan Maierhofer scores from close in

It's Birmingham away Tuesday night and I'm saying nothing apart from "you never know, less pressure away"

Millwall: Forde, Cummings, Dunne, Hooiveld, Beevers, Abdou, Williams, Upson(Gregory), Fabbrini, Gueye(Woolford), Maierhofer(Fuller),
subs not used, Archer, Tonge, Webster, Harding,

Goal: Maierhofer 28

Huddersfield: Smithies, Edgar, Hudson, Wallace, Robinson, Scannell, Coady, Butterfield, Bunn(Cobern), Wells, Vaughan(Miller)
subs not used, Lolley, Allinson, Wilkinson, Majewski, Wright

Goals: Scannell 17, Butterfield 74 Vaughan 86(pen)