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Monday, 21 March 2011

Cardiff supporter falls at the Den

19/3/2011 Millwall 3 Cardiff 3 att 15.039   Championship cracker
After a quiet first half  Cardiff score the opening goal and a Cardiff fan celebrates by being reckless and climbing on top of a safety rail located on the top tier of the away end where he falls onto the empty seats 15 feet below and sustains some nasty injuries. He was not bumped by fellow Cardiff supporters as it has been mentioned but fell due to stupidity. As he was falling he done a somersault and landed on his back across some empty chairs and then hit the concrete floor. He ends up in the back of an ambulance and is taken to Kings College Hospital a few miles away. Both sets of supporters clap as he leaves the ground on a stretcher.

Cardiff fan falls from top of yellow safety rail and is quickly under the care of the Millwall club doctor and paramedics.

A footnote to this is confusing me,  two Cardiff fans are allowed down to see him and one ends up getting stroppy and get's arrested and taken away??? "very odd"

The main bulk of the Cardiff fans decide not to take flying lessons.

UPDATE NEXT DAY...Just heard that he only broke three fingers.
 He should do the lottery because he is lucky, lucky, lucky.

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