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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Millwall 2 Morecambe 0

Not to many for this Tuesday night 2nd round Carling Cup clash, just 3,443.  It was very comfy I could stretch out with my legs over the seat in front.

The West Stand, looking a bit sparse

The away end, even sparser.

The away end was just that, away, most of the Morecambe fans stayed away. 68 turned up

A bit of extra news was the icing on the cake, West Ham lost at home to the same level of opposition in the same cup the next night.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Millwall and Eltham

A Millwall 1-0 win in the Carling Cup down in Plymouth did not distract Lions Supporters from doing the right thing, which is protecting local manors around South London from the rabble that is trying to destroy London. With a severe lack of Police on the ground, which is coupled with weak Government the situation needed some good old South London justice and that's what happened as a mob of  looters were driven out of Eltham High Street and along the road to Woolwich. Also Lions supporters who was gathered at the Bermondsey Blue for a drink was on hand to deter any looters who fancied their chances, I believe that none of the looting low-life turned up but went to rob a Tesco elsewhere, they must have got wind of the situation.
I have read written reports from Millwall people that were in Eltham and Bermondsey that both events are fact. Also heard that Charlton fans were with Millwall at Eltham and a few West Ham fans at Bermondsey.
Me I am sorry to say that I was like a politician   I was on holiday

Up the Wall....
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