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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Championship Game 24 Millwall 0 Bournemouth 2 28/12/14


League leaders come to town

I have hooked up with Peter who writes the very good football blog Cherry Chimes and answered a few of his questions. Please click on link below

That's the third defeat on the spin and yet more changes.  Losing at home to Bolton 1-0 and the 6-1 thrashing at Norwich and now this defeat at the hands of Bournemouth have left us tottering on the edge of the League 1 abyss. I did here a muted chant of  'Holloway out' coming from the Dockers stand and I am sure I heard a chant aimed at Scott Malone 'your not fit to wear the shirt'. If my hearing was correct this could be start of terrace unrest and a more vocal campaign may follow. On the game itself, we were yet again poor in all departments and although we tried to give it ago we were just not good enough as per usual. We need some new blood in the team and I don't just mean support for Lee Gregory, we need at least four new signings in the January window and there is hope that something will happen on that front but who's available and if there was anybody available would they want to join a sinking ship.


Millwall concede the first goal after a penalty was given to Bournemouth after Lee Martin fouled Bournemouth's Charlie Daniels outside the box. "Yes" that is correct, "outside the box" I was ideally placed to spot that the foul was outside the box but apparently the referee wasn't.

Penalty' no way ref, your having a a laugh


Making his full league debut Millwall supporter Sid Nelson shows the so called senior pro's how to play a football match, He played all out from start to finish and could have scored with a little more luck. Hopefully he does not get contaminated by "the couldn't care attitude around him" and lets hope he doesn't get his brain scrambled trying to work out Holloway's tactics.  Perhaps we need to play a few more young un's in our next game especially after Scott Malone has trouble not falling over his own feet.

ps....Shaun Williams gets a red card. He must channel the frustration and show more passion with the ball then he will be playing the Millwall way.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

12/12/14 Championship Game 21 Brighton 0 Millwall 1 att: 24,085 we take about 800

A Friday night live on Sky game. It was good to get the win

This game was not exactly a sizzler but we started well, we looked sharper, passed it about a bit had decent movement and scored a goal in the 15th minute. Then for some reason we played the rest of the game frightened to do anything similar again. It seemed like that after the 5-1 drubbing at  home against Middlesbrough the taking of this precious lead against Brighton was something they were keeping. That type of attitude tells me that it shows a lack of confidence, we have got to shake this attitude off . Hopefully if the team watched the game back they will see that up to when they scored that goal they were much the better team. We could have continued the game and scored again, Brighton were there for the taking and although we "mugged" them at their place we could have done it with a bit more confidence. This proves to me we are struggling in the division due to a mentality and not skill or quality.

They done the job so on that score the players cannot be faulted. Millwall's goal come about after some good play and a couple bits of luck when Lee Gregory picked the ball up on the edge of the area and run in and smacked the thing home beating the Brighton keeper on his far side of the goal.

That's 23 points from 21 games and if we keep that up for the rest of the season that may not be enough to keep us up.

Millwall: Forde, Wilkinson, Shittu, Beevers, Malone, Angel(Dunne 88), Williams, Gueye(Abdou 80), McDonald, Woolford, Gegory(Fuller 82),
subs not used, King, Briggs, Easter, Upson

Goal: Gregory 15m

Brighton: Stockdale, Bruno, Dunk, Halford, Chickson, Forster-Caskey, Gardner, Teixeira, March(Colunga 65), Bent, E.Bennett(McCourt 72),
subs not used, Walton, Ince, Hughes, Holla, Calderon

Monday, 8 December 2014

6/12/14, Championship League Game 20, Millwall 1 Middlesbrough 5 att:10,328

The only thing big about this game was the list of the goals against at the end of this game. We were not big anywhere on the pitch and If I didn't know better it seemed like we we playing our first Championship game and didn't know what to do with ourselves and what to do with the ball. We we hopeless and Middlesbrough made us look like mugs, sorry that's wrong, Middlesbrough didn't make us look like mugs we made ourselves look like mugs.

A moment of joy as McDonald scores, Boro scores within a minute and it finishes 1-5

After the game and reading the papers etc. Alan Dunne blamed it on a new formation that they had only practised for two games, Ian Hollway told us to blame him because it was all his fault. Marc Bircham blamed it on the players. Me ? I blame the whole sorry bunch, we were weak on the pitch and quiet in the stands.

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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Championship Game 29/11/14 Bournemouth 2 Millwall 2 att:10,016

I think we take about 800 for this one.

I know it's corny but "it's what we do" Normally when it is said "same as" it can mean a fayre of average or below football performance. But the Millwall "same as" is serving up a poor performance and conceded goals first half and then assaulting the opposition in the second half and getting a draw. We do that a lot.

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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Charlton 0 Millwall 0 Championship 22/11/14 19,189 (we take over 3000)

If only Jermaine Easter's shot and gone in late on we would have been celebrating all three points and Charlton's misery would have been greater than it is now if that was possible.The 'is now" part of Charlton's misery is that they haven't beat us since 1996 and this draw makes sure that their unhappy run continues. After Jermaine Easters shot Charlton could have still won the game in stoppage time when Charlton's George Tucudean lobbed David Forde but the chance failed as Bryon Webster done the magic stuff and Alan Dunne conceded  a corner and that was that.
Yet another draw come our way which doesn't help much when it comes to climbing the table but it keeps us off the bottom. Seven draw means seven points and without them we would be just above Blackpool and languishing in the mire.
The travelling 3000 rubbed it in as the game approached the final whistle by singing " you will never beat Millwall" I reckon that may be true.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Millwall 2 Brentford 3, 8/11/14 Championship Game, 17 att: 13, 048

League game 17 of the season and a game to remember for all sorts of reasons

This was the game that we wear our new camouflage kit. This kit should raise 20k For Headley Court which is the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre which is based in Surrey. They do mind blowing work there and there are shining examples of service personnel who with amputated limbs etc can bounce back into lfe with the wearing of all sorts of aids. Incredible people and a few of them were at the Den for this one. They took to the field to a thundering applause and both sets of players formed a guard of honour to salute them on their way.

It was also the game on the Saturday before remembrance Sunday  and also the 100th anniversary of the First World War so we had a good few poppies on display as well as some 2nd world war veterans proudly wearing their medals. I don't usually mention sponsors but shirt sponsors Euroferries gave up their name on the shirt for this one and Headley Court's name took that spot. Fair play to Euroferries.

The special shirts take to the pitch

The game itself. The first half I thought we were well off the mark and lacked any purpose. Brentford took a one goal lead into half time and another defeat loomed close. After we went 2-0 down in the 56th minute Scott McDonald came on as sub in the 57th minute and we scored in the 58th and 59th minute to fetch it back level at 2-2. Another come back was on the cards, that was until Danny Shittu close to his own goal scored a own goal to give Brentford the 3 points. No comeback for us which was a shame on such a special day. We are getting a tad to close to the relegation spots for my liking.

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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Watford 3 Millwall 1 Championship 1/11/14 att:17,000 We take 1797

The Referee Bob Madley should have went the whole hog and put a Watford shirt on.

We had a extra 20% possession but conceded the most fouls. What does that tell you? You've guessed it, another "unconsciously" bias referee, big bad Millwall must be punished. We played some decent football but somehow lost this game 3-1.  We scored from a Martyn Woolford Goal in the 12th minute and held on to the lead to the 36th minute when Watford scored against the run of play. We couldn't take this score into the half time break thanks to the referee. Alan Dunne was fouled and ended up falling to the floor, Troy Deeney fell over him and the referee awarded Deeney the foul. He even booked Dunne. Forgive me if  I am wrong but this referee is the most useless twat that ever took up the art of refereeing, if he's not a twat he must have a agenda. I can't see how the Football League can give him ever another game to referee. Watford still had a free kick to take and once again our defending of dead balls was below par and it was whacked in on 45 minutes. We were all over them for the start of the 2nd half and continued to boss the play to once  again another dubious free kick and once again we didn't defend it and that was that. It's a good job it wasn't a long way home.

Millwall: Forde, Wilkinson, Briggs(Malone 61), Dunne, Webster, Williams, Upson, Martin(O'Brien 83), McDonald, Woolford, Fuller(Gueye 70)
subs mot used King Shittu, Beevers, Chaplow

Goal: Woolford 12

Watford: Gomes, Paredes, Bassong(Hobson 31), Ekstrand, Pudil(Doyley 80), Andrews, Munari, Tozser, Vydra(Dyer 72), Ighalo, Deeney
subs not used, Bond, McGugan, Forestieri, Murray

Goals: Vydra 36, Tozser 45, Munari 64

Monday, 27 October 2014

25/10/14 Championship Game 14 Millwall 1 Cardiff 0 att;10,135

LIVE ON SKY, kick off time 12:15

Millwall 1 Cardiff City 0

The word is belief, not relief ask 'Ollie'

I was in the posh seats for this one

Scraping the bar

We won nothing in the month of September

This game had a few talking points.

We broke our run of games without a win.The run carried on for eight but it wasn't a total whipping in those eight games. We did have some defeats that could be called "worrying" the 3-1 home defeat to Birmingham was I think the lowest point but on the other hand some excellent draws let us know that there was some hope. The Draw away to Derby County was a decent point and so was the point against Wigan. The Wigan point didn't seem much at the time but after this win it seems a bit more valuable

Scott McDonald, he's everywhere and yet again he's having chances that are close and spectacular and the goal posts down the Den are in need of a re-paint because some of his efforts have been so close that he is stripping the paint from them. I am impressed with Lee Gregory our signing from non-league side Halifax. I know that his two goals doesn't seem much but he has chances and he will score more, I am sure about that. It's a huge jump from non-league to the Championship and fair play to him for wanting to give it ago. He must have felt confident that he could cope and play at a standard that made him look good enough and watching him play I think that he does that. 
All the players done well and all of them had moments that could be positively talked about so maybe unfair to single out just a few, but that's football.

What can we say about Danny Shittu?  probably something nice so he didn't clump you. He's first League Game since March and only one cup game this season against Wycombe Wanderers on the 12th of August so not much playing time but he was back with a bang. He's presence on the field is  
immense and it rubs off on you and his team mates. We got stronger and stronger as this game went on and when he went up for a corner in the 54th minute he didn't disappoint as he connected with a Shaun Williams corner and his powerful header crashed into the back of the net and we went bonkers.
We finished the game strong and Cardiff and although a double save from David Forde stopped the Welsh club scoring we were rightly winners.

The big fella walks off to a standing ovation. 

Watford at their place next which will be a test as they are joint top with Derby. Hopefully another win to follow this one will be ours, I suppose it depends on the team Ian Holloway puts out but saying that what is our best team? I don't know.

A positive spin, we sit 15th with 17 points, that's six points off the play off's.

Millwall: Forde, Wilkinson, Shittu, Beevers, Briggs(Webster 72), Upson, Williams, Martin, McDonald, Gregory, Fuller(Woolford 78)
Subs not used, King, O'Brien, Chaplow, Onyedinma, Abdou
Goal: Shittu 54

Cardiff: Marshall, Fabio, S Morrison, Manga, Brayford, Pilkington, Gunnarsson(Ralls 33), Noone, Whittingham, LeFondre(Maynard 61), Macheda(R.Morrison 61)
subs not used, Moore, Connolly, Daehli, Gabbidon

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Wigan 0 Millwall 0 Championship 21/10/14 att 10,201 away 268

Tuesday Night

If Ricardo Fuller hadn't have fallen over we would have won this game and that would have been a fantastic reward for the 268 Wall who made the journey on a crap night (weather wise). Just the one point was ours and only time will tell how valuable that one point is.

The last three games have all been draws and while that may not amount to much in the points tally it's still three games undefeated and it sets us up nicely for our game against Cardiff. I can smell the three points and I reckon we will beat them. I know, that's tempting fate, but I feel I should be bold about it.

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We sit eighteenth in the table:

18  Millwall  14 pts, 19  Wigan  12 pts,  20  Brighton  12 pts,  21  Birmingham  11pts,
22  Fulham  11 pts,  23  Bolton  8 pts,  24  Blackpool  6 pts

Sunday, 19 October 2014

18/10/14 Millwall V Wolverhampton Wanderers, Kenny Jacket returns to the Den

8The night before
I will curious to see the team we put out against Kenny Jackett's Wolves. Will we stick with the same players that earn't a decent 0-0 draw up at Derby, or will Ian Holloway make changes once again?
I must admit I was surprised to see the starting eleven against Derby but not surprised that it wasn't the same side that started against Birmingham. Up to the Derby game I thought I knew our best players but with some of them I was wrong.

18/10/14 Championship League Game 12 Millwall 3 Wolves 3 att:13,428

Wolves were 3-0 up by the 64th minute but they succumb to a late Millwall onslaught
We reminded the 2000 Wolves supporters of this just before the final whistle.
The song went something like this.....3-0 and you fucked it up...3-0 and you..........

Can we kick on from here? I think so

Ricardo lurks

Kenny Jackett returns back at the Den and receives a proper Millwall welcome to one of our own. Once the game started he didn't get sod all else apart from three gifted goals that resulted in the Lions looking dead and buried. That didn't happen and one of the best Millwall come backs in many a year resulted in the Lions earning a point.

Lee Gregory's goal meant something as it stirred the Lions to achieve a classic Millwall comeback. He's goal against Birmingham didn't amount too much for the team or for us as it just ended up being a consolation. I suppose it must have meant a great deal to him as it was his first goal scored in the Championship.I wonder how many times he has watched it.

Ricardo Fuller buried a couple of goals that had quality written all over them and he's two goals and Lee Gregory's one goal stunned Wolves and their supporters and they left the ground shoulders hunched and thoroughly gutted. We play Wigan away Tuesday night and it seems a bit of a trudge for a midweek game and you have to ask, who comes up with the fixture list?

Millwall: Forde, Dunne, Webster, Williams, Briggs, Chaplow(Malone 67), Abdou(Fuller 57), Aiden O'Brien(Martin 56), McDonald, Woolford, Gregory

subs not used, King, Shittu, Upson, Beevers

Goals: Gregory 67, Fuller 82, 87

Wolves: Ikeme, Doherty, Batth, Ebanks-Landell(Stearman 86) , Rowe, McDonald, Van La Parra(Henry 54), Edwards, Sako, Dicko(Sagbo 80),

subs not used, Flatt, Golbourne, Saville, Jacobs

Goals: Batth 23, Ebanks-Landell 62, Sako 64

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Friday, 17 October 2014

Millwall FC and Headley Court Rehab Centre remembers those that have fallen by attempting to raise 20k

We show our support for the military establishment, Headley Court Rehabilitation Centre near Epsom. We will be wearing a camouflage coloured kit for our remembrance weekend when we play Brentford and his is history in the making as no football club ever before has worn army camouflage colours. Headley Court Logo will be on the front of the shirt. The football league has given Millwall the nod to do this and I'm sure the kit won't clash with the referee. This seasons sponsor Euroferries have gave up their shirt logo for this game. The proceeds for selling this shirt will go to Headley Court Rehab Centre and we are looking to raise 20k by selling the shirts. We have made a short video on Youtube which is remembering the fallen of the first world war and the fallen and injured ever since. A very moving dedication and the team and Ian Holloway have done us proud. I have always known I chose the right football club to support but this cements my belief even do us proud. Up the Wall.

Youtube video link  <<

It's getting to be a long list

I had no pre-knowledge of Millwall doing this but it doesn't surprise me. We are known for our community work hosted by the Lions Centre and of course our support in trying to save the A and E at Lewisham Hospital which in the end was successful. We always give generously to the Help For Hero's charity. Last season we gave up our shirt sponsorship revenue and gave the shirt space to the Charity Prostrate Cancer which helped the charity spread the message to us blokes to get ourself checked out, I did.

alternative link Forces TV

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Derby County 0 Millwall 0, Championship League Game 11, 4/10/14, att:27,749

Last six W L D L L D

We matched Derby County throughout this game apart from falling on the floor. This was a good solid display by the Lions and considering the changes made which included , Adein O'Brien, Bryon Webster, Richard Chaplow, and Mathew Briggs making his full league debut we frustrated a Derby side who have been tipped for promotion. Lee Gregory is looking sharper and he's relishing playing. He looks like a player that needs regular starts and he is certainly adjusting to this division and although he didn't score in this game he looks like he will if he's given the chance. He should have had a penalty in this game as he was blatantly pushed in the box.

""FIRST ELEVEN'' have we got one? Has Ian Holloway found the solution to mend our "problem" which has been reported as "our soft underbelly

With the changes within our team and re-positioning of some of the players we held our own against Derby and played a lot tighter than we did against Birmingham. As I mentioned earlier Bryon Webster started and played a blinder and it must have made up for the disappointment of being subbed early against Reading.

Our starting Eleven against Derby

Forde, Briggs, Webster, Williams, Dunne, Chaplow, Abdou, O'Brien, McDonald, Woolford, Gregory

subs, Fuller for Gregory 74mins,,,, Malone for O'Brien 67 mins

subs not used, King, Shittu, Upson, Beevers, Powell

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Millwall 1 Birmingham 3 30/9/14 Championship League Game 10 att,9,086

I really was expecting us to win this game

I don't understand this side. They all speak about happiness and they all speak about how great it is working for Ian Holloway but they don't produce in a constant manner form that is good enough to beat teams that we should be beating and beating them especially at home. I can understand the misery and the gripes which effected performances last year and players not on their game but I am confused. Is it because we are just not good enough and what you see is what you get? I know that we are "not one of the big boys"  and we cannot spend dosh like the big boys but that as always been case and what the Lions lacked in "superstars" they more than made up with a lion like performance with plenty of  grit and determination. We hardly lost at home and now it's a common occurrence, perhaps it's us the supporters and we need to go to another level or just maybe it is what it is and with our funds we will always struggle in this division.

Dockers Stand looking sparse with ten minutes to go

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Sunday, 28 September 2014

27/9/14 League Game 9 Huddersfield 2 Millwall 1 att:11,712, I think we took about 370

That's still eleven points

Huddersfield had not won at home since March so I thought we may get something from this game.,I should have known better. Ed Upson pulled it back to 1-1 but that only lasted 15 minutes. Nicky Bailey challenged Huddersfield's Harry Bunn in the penalty area and Bunn managed to con the ref with a dive that would have scored a 10 in the 2012 London Olympics. There was still 34 minutes to play for  but we didn't achieve much apart from a Beever's shot that was saved well. We gave the ball away to much. Our passing game was below par and we gave the ball away at every opportunity

Millwall: Forde, Abdou, Malone, Dunne, Beevers, Bailey(Renegie 73), Williams, Upson(Hoyte 74), McDonald, Fuller, Woolford(Gueye 74), 
subs not used, King, Webster, Gregory, Chaplow

Goal: Upson 41

Huddersfield: Smithies, Lynch, Peltier(Holt 64), Hudson, Hogg(Scannell 85), Butterfield, Coady, Robinson, Wells(Wallace 89), Smith, Bunn,
subs not used, Murphy, Dixon, Ward, Stead

Goals: Wells, 37, 56 pen

Monday, 22 September 2014

20/9/14 Championship game 8 Millwall 0 Nottingham Forest 0 att:12,034

Jimmy Abdou after five minutes into the game moved from midfield to right back after Carlos Edwards was stretchered with a bad knee injury and Millwall from that point was the only team that was going to win this game. Far fetched wishing some my say but after a scrappy dull first half Millwall kicked on and dominated the scrappy but a bit more exciting second half.  Jimmy Abdou in the right back position nullified the threat of the Forest striker Michail Antonio and I can only remember the striker having one effort on goal.

We did push hard right to the end to get the winning goal but although we did have at least three good chances.  Martyn Woolford, and Mathias Ranegie must be wondering how they missed the chances they had. The table toppers Forest came to Millwall and I presume thinking they would win but we we bossed the game and they didn't really threaten and fell short of out playing us. I know it was just a 0-0 draw but I saw a few positives which tells me we are not far off from being as good as those that are in and around the top spot. That's 11 points and mid-table

Ian Holloway won't settle for mid-table and nor will the team. Me? I'll except anything as long as it's a lot better than last year.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Reading 3 Millwall 2 Championship League Game 16/9/14 att: 15,091 away 871

Like the Ipswich game the stats prove that we didn't roll over.

That's five goals conceded in the last two games and after the 2-0 defeat away to Ipswich Saturday a quick Tuesday night  game away to Reading did not fill me with much confidence but as normal always hopeful that we can get a win. From the start a five minute flurry of good play by the Lions quickly turned to crap and was 2-0 down by the 15th minute but a change of formation and the early substitution of Bryon Webster for Martyn Woolford tightened us up and we begun to threat the Reading goal. We scored just before the break when Ricardo Fuller cracked one in. The second half started and it was not long before we drew level when Mark Beevers headed. As  draw looked on the cards or maybe a Lions win as we pushed on for the winner but Reading won the spoils with six minutes to go as we succumb to a header from a corner. Bloody cruel this football lark.

This seasons full page, click on link  >>Millwall in the Championship 2014-15

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Fulham 0 Millwall 1 16/8/14 and a few other games

16/8/14 League Game 2 Fulham 0 Millwall 1 att: 18,988

That's two wins and six points

I bet that upset them over in West London as South East London comes to town and opened the fault and nicked the three points. We are now unbeaten for eleven games and Martyn Woolford carries on from last season by scoring yet again. He scored in the eleventh minute after receiving the ball from Ricardo Fuller. We took 4000 to this this game and what a fine sight they were.

Fulham  spent thirteen years in the Premiership and I presume they have lots of money and although they were relegated last season they still have supposedly a premiership team. We defended strong and defended well and kept a clean sheet after Fulham did make a game of trying to get a goal but they weren't good enough.

Millwall: Forde, Edwards, Malone, Dunne, Beevers, Williams, Abdou(Gueye 78), Martin, McDonald, Woolford(Bailey 61), Fuller(Easter 72),
subs not used, Gerra, Webster,

19/8/14 League Game 3 Sheffield Wednesday 1 Millwall 1 att: 20,636 (361)

Sheffield Wednesday supporters must have thought they had won this game but the Lions played right to the end and scored 5 minutes into extra time. It felt like a win and I was jumping about like we had won the FA Cup. Footballs great sometimes and nice thoughts to take to bed with you on a Tuesday night. Shame that the wife had a headache.
Both teams ended up with 10 men and both both undefeated.

Millwall: Forde, Edwards, Dunne, Beevers, Malone, Williams, Abdou (Gueye 59mins), Martin (Easter 89mins), McDonald, Martin, Gregory (Fuller 59mins).
Subs not used: Gerrar, Wright, Briggs, Webster.
Scorer: Gueye (95 mins ) phew that was close  

Sheffield Wednesday: Westwood, Mattock, Hutchinson (Coke 66mins), Loovens, Semedo, May, Palmer, Nuhiu (Madine 71mins), Maguire, Lees, Maghoma (Helan 78mins). 
Subs not used: Kirkland, McCabe, Zayatte, Corry.
Scorer: Maguire (56mins) 


23/8/14 League Game 4 Millwall 0 Rotherham United 1 att: 10282 (410)

There goes our unbeaten run

I have heard the performance from Millwall in this game described as Lomasesque as a flat Millwall couldn't beat Championship new boys Rotherham United. I am not sure what happened to the Ian Holloway effect but there was no sprinkling of "Ollies sparkle"
This defeat did surprise me as I didn't see it coming. Perhaps me and others including the team thought we were better that we actually are. I do not think we were wrong to think that because we have had a decent start and of course it was carrying on from last season.

A blessing in disguise? this may turn out to be as it's certainly opened my eyes. Ollies Magic? Fine up to a certain point but at the end of it all it's just about hard work and creating chances and putting a few away.

Millwall: Forde, Edwards, Malone, Dunne, Beevers, Malone; Williams, Wright (Gueye 50mins); Martin (Easter 71mins), McDonald, Woolford; Fuller (Gregory 84mins). 
Subs not used: Gerrar, Briggs, Abdou, Webster. 

Rotherham United: Collin, Broadfoot, Arnasan, Morgan, Skarz (Wood 81mins); Frecklington, Pringle (Brindle 90mins), Wordsworth, Smallwood; Taylor, Revell (Bowery, 87mins). 

Subs not used: Loach, Tidser, Swift, Derbyshire.
Bookings: Skarz (56mins), Taylor (90+3mins)
Scorer: Pringle (49mins) 


26/9/14 Capital One Cup round 2 Millwall 0 Southampton 2 att: 6014 (1011)

The Lions sunk by two second half goals

We changed nine players from the team that lost to Rotherham but still managed to give Southampton a run for their money. We finished the game with five academy players on the pitch and they done all right. A good display by the  Wall and all things considered 'the Capital One Cup, there's always next year.

Millwall: Forde, Hoyte Briggs, Williams, Webster, Powell, Abdou(Thompson 76 mins0, Chaplow (O'Brien 63 mins), Gueve(Onyedinma 63 mins), Easter, Marquis
subs not used, Gerrar, Siafa, Goodman, Gregory

Southampton: Forster, Clyne, Yoshida, Fonte, Long(Ramieez 91mins), Davis, Wanyama (Cork 46mins), Ward-Prowse, Pelle, Isgrove (Tadic 29mins), Targett
subs not used, Davis, Gardos, Taider, Stephens
Scorers, Cork 53mins, Pelle 94mins


Striker Mathias Renegie joins the Lions from Watford on Loan to January. This player has played for Sweden and can score goals. He is a big man 6' 5" I do believe and it could be just what we are looking for.

30/8/14 League Game 5 Millwall 2 Blackpool 1 att: 9877

Back to winning ways

I am sure that Ian Holloway will tell the players that the game lasts for 90 minutes and not 70. We could have blown the 2-0 lead and if this was the same time last season we probably would have.
Blackpool finished the game looking for a equaliser in the last 20 minutes but we kept them out.

We do we keep slagging off players like Lee Hughes, Marlon King and Nile Ranger it nearly always comes back to haunt us and it was written that Nile Ranger would score and he did.  It wasn't all gloom and we won this game because of two well taking goals one from Scott McDonald on 33 minutes and a well crafted goal from Scott McDonald after a assist from Jack Powell  who  delivered well from a free kick.

That's the fifth league game and not bad, 3 wins, 1 draw and one defeat, 10 points

Last season after 5 games, 2 draws and 3 defeats, 2 points

That Jack Powell looks useful. He could and probably will become a star. He was let go by West Ham last year and I must say "their loss".He has a point to prove and he is proving it. He has already "starred" for Millwall this season and I believe that he can go on to be a force to reckoned with.
Millwall: Forde; Edwards, Beevers, Dunne, Malone; Powell (Webster 81mins), Williams; Woolford, McDonald, Martin (Gueye,78mins); Fuller (Ranegie 61mins). 
Subs not used: Gerrar, Wester, Briggs, Easter, Gregor. 

Scorers: McDonald (33mins), Malone (51mins)

Lewis, McMahon, Daniels, Clarke, J Oriol, Perkins, Lundstram (E. Oriol 74mins) Orlandi, Zoko, Delfouneso (Ranger 56mins), Miller (Davies 65mins). 
Subs not used: Parish, Rentmeister, Zenjov, Cywka

Scorer: Ranger (71mins)


We are getting very cosmopolitan as we sign our first Spaniard ex Espanyol and Blackpool midfielder Angel Martinez. I am struggling to remember some of these new players names let alone pronounce them.

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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Millwall 1 Wycombe Wanderers 0 Capital One Cup first round att:3,403

South London Sunset

Another early round cup game we have played at the Den in recent years and another game we won. We didn't play most of the players that beat Leeds Saturday and although Wycombe had chances our changed team with Millwall Academy youngsters making up the bench done the business. Our new signing Matthew Briggs made it he's night by scoring the goal and getting booked twice and getting sent off. One of the bookings was for taking he's shirt off after scoring and I presume Ian Holloway will fine him for that.

Millwall, Forde, Dunne, Shittu, Webster, Briggs, Abdou, Wright, Easter(Siafia 85), McDonald(Powell 63), Gueye(Onyedinma 46), Gregory

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Milwall 2 Leeds United 0 Championship Game 1 att: 16,205

This time last year we lost 1-0 at home to Yeovil, what a downer that was. A lot's been done over the summer and Ian Holloway has been working his "nuts" off trying to get things right. The players have been doing the same thing and although we didn't play as good as I know we can we done enough to easily send Leeds and their supporters back home feeling that they didn't even come close to getting something from this game.

The seasons here and we are going in

Can we play you every week

The promised land is a small step closer

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Friday, 8 August 2014

Millwall In the Championship 2014-15--Ian Holloway starts a full season

It's Leeds Tomorrow

I have been quiet over the summer when it comes to blogging but now is the time to get stuck in and write something.  It's Leeds tomorrow at the Den and even though we are third in the betting to go down I fancy our chances of getting the points. I think this poor showing in the betting stakes proves to me that unless you are  a Millwall supporter you haven't got a clue of the revolution that is taking place at the Den. I'm not moaning regarding the relegation odds let them believe what they want it suits us to be not regarded.

I'll Take You To The Promised Land

There has been much going on with players coming in and a new training regime introduced by Ian Holloway which appears to have got all the players in tip top condition. Ian Holloway  has said a lot in the local papers and on the Millwall FC website and one of the things he said was "it's just the start and staying in the Championship last season means we are just one step away from the promised land" He also said to us " I will take you to the promised land" Do I believe him, yes I do.
The slight worry for me is that I also believed Steve Lomas in the early days but that didn't work out,
did it.
Let Us Believe

I know the players are fit and the players are happy and they are all itching to start the season. I think the signings will work and they have had time together to gel and I presume have had plenty of banter even though they have been training hard.

Bad odds! let it stay like that, don't give us a chance. Let us believe and sod the rest of em.Up the Wall.

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Millwall 1 Bournemouth 0, and we finish the season flying

3/5/14  Championship Game 46  "Ollies 13 cup finals and this was the last one"

Last eight games DWWDWDDW

A while back, seven games to be precise Ian Holloway wanted us to win at least 4 games and perhaps a draw. This would amount to 13 points and he thought that this would be enough to keep us up, we have done just that and collected a few more points on top. That's eight games undefeated and still in the Championship. There was supporters who had already given up at this point, all that I can say regarding them was "O ye, of little faith" Like myself there was a good amount of support that still believed that while it was still mathematically possible we still had a chance, oh! how we was right.

Two and half thousand empty away seats but we we were still old out. Perhaps the away section is a bit to big

This game was sold out and the Den was tingling with anticipation and belief that following on the good fortune from the last seven games we could win this. There was some worry and nerves because we could still go down but we made such a din that nobody ever knew that. The players come out to a ear splitting roar and it continued throughout the game.

Please check out my contribution to the whole season by visiting Millwall in the championship 2013-14. You will find the link in right hand side bar if you scroll down a bit.

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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Millwall v Bournemouth this Saturday and it's gotta be a win

We go into the last game of the season just like last season, we need to win but not critical if our rivals lose. Last season we lost our last game at Derby which was a worry but others lost and we stayed up. I don't really want to go through that again and I am sure nor do others so let's "do' Bournemouth and with eight games undefeated, stay up in style.

Match Preview
I have been chatting to a Bournemouth supporter Peter via email who writes and presents a very good independent Bournemouth blog called Cherry Chimes and I have written some stuff for him. Hopefully if he thinks it's good enough he will use it in his Cherry Chimes blog page Rival Lines. If you fancy a look click on link >>Cherry Chimes-Rival Lines

Millwall report that tickets are selling well and 13,000 tickets sold so far.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Millwall fan on the board 2014 elections

Default FOTB results April 2014

The results of the Fan on The Board Election 2014 are as follows:

Peter Garston: 648 votes received
Paul Turner: 362 votes received

Invalid/spoilt votes: 202

The MSC would like to thank both candidates for standing and wish Peter the best of luck in the forthcoming term.

From me:
Well done Peter and well done Paul.

The spoilt votes were due to expired membership, under age votes and voting twice etc. 

Saturday, 26 April 2014

QPR 1 Millwall 1 Championship Game 45 26/4/2014

We nearly come to close to losing this game and that would have been adjust. We gave high flying Rangers a run for their money and on another day we could have took a 2-0 lead and perhaps nicked all three points.

League Game 45, our unbeaten run continues
That's seven games undefeated

Only one game to go and we are still not safe. Their is a few permutations  regarding the outcome of this relegation battle but we really only have one target and that is to beat Bournemouth this coming Saturday and we are safe. If Doncaster or Birmingham lose we are safe but let's not rely on others and carry on with our unbeaten run, I know we can do it, end of.

QPR knew that had been in a game with us as once again we didn't give up and played the game right up to the final whistle, We had chances from the first whistle and good possession throughout the game and should have scored at least another goal. A penalty that never was gave QPR the lead and after that they were singing that they was sending us down, Bang! a Scott Malone equaliser with minutes to go shut them up and we finished the game with a point but it could have been all three.

For this seasons full page click on link>>Millwall in the Championship 2013-14

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

MILLWALL BATTLING ON.....Watford, Middlesbrough and Doncaster

Championship Game 42
12/4/14 Millwall 2 Watford 2 att: 10,851 (1,369)
Following on from the Wigan away win and the three points another win would have been nice but it was only a draw, but it felt like a win. The Tannoy man got carried away and played Rockin all over the World after the game. I don't know what he was thinking of apart from , he must have got so excited after our last minute equaliser that he thought "what the heck, have some of that"

Teeing one up 

That's four without defeat and the ninth game of "Ollies 13 cup finals" and only four to go.
Championship Game 43
19/4/14 Middlesbrough 1 Millwall 2 att:15,342
Goals: Ledesma 80            Maierhofer 16,30

We carry on winning away and there was a few smiley faces around my neck of the woods. The big fella scored a brace, both with his nut after on both occasions he had time and composure to pick his spot. Last five games=DWWDW=11 points. Now that's not bad, in fact it's very good considering that Holloway said it's do-able to win five of our last seven games. There was same raised elbows to that or comments like "is he sure" We are close to achieving the impossible soo bring on Doncaster Bank Holiday Monday.

Championship Game 44
21/4/14 Millwall 0 Doncaster 0 att:12,026

High expectations for this one

Last six, DWWDWD=12 points, Just two games to go and the bottom looks like this:

Huddersfield played 44 and 50 points
Charlton played 43 and 45 points
Doncaster played 44 and 44 points
Millwall played 44 and 44 points
Birmingham played 43 and 43points
Blackpool played 44 and 43 points
Barnsley played 44 and 39 points
Yeovil played 44 and 37 points

For this seasons full page click on link>>Millwall in the Championship 2013-14

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

8/4/14 Championship Game 41 Wigan 0 Millwall 1

Two away games and six glorious points, who would have thought?

5/4/14 League game 40 Nottingham 1 Millwall 2 att: 20,077 (625)
8/4/14 League game 41 Wigan 0 Millwall 1 att: 14,124 (327)

That's the eighth game of Holloway's thirteen cup finals and these six points are something that we wished for but not fully committed in believing that we would get them.

The Lions battle to avoid relegation and hopefully it's not to late. Watford at home Saturday and dare I say it  "it's a must win"
The last eight, it looks do-able as Blackpool, Doncaster and Birmingham look catchable
Huddersfield P 41 pts 46
Birmingham P 41 pts 43
Doncaster P 41 pts 43
Blackpool P 41 pts 42
Charlton P 39 pts 41
  Millwall P 41  pts 39
Barnsley P 40 pts 36
   Yeovil P 41 pts 35

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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Ian Holloway with not much to show and now just 7 games to go


29/3/14 league game 39 Millwall 2 Blackburn 2
25/3/14 League Game 38 Millwall 2 Birmingham 3

That's fifteen games under Ian Holloway and his results are not that good. We have only picked up eleven points from these fifteen games and in the last five games of the fifteen we earn just two sad looking points.  We really are poor but at least we are scoring.

29/3/14League Game 39 Millwall 2 Blackburn 2   we can't defend against ten men

I think the players attitudes have improved over this period and they show desire to win but alas they do not show the skills, savvy or nous to win. We have had many injuries and Danny Shittu is one of those injured long term and his presence is missed as there is no commander taking control in our penalty box. Having no presence we concede many a soft goal while at the same time finding it difficult to score.

25/3/14 League Game 38 Millwall 2 Birmingham 3 "Ollies" must win game

With the away end looking on we give it a go, but yet another home defeat

Monday, 17 March 2014

Leeds v Millwall 22/3/14 next game coming up


Charlton won last night 1-0, 90th minute
Saturday is now crucial

We lost this game 2-1 and we are now well in the mire. We have got to improve our finishing smartly as we are running out of games.We conceded two soft goals so we also need to tighten up at the back. Sounds simple really, score more goals and concede none, that's the way to do it. Can we do it? Ian Holloway is constantly changing the team and the formation to try to score more and concede less but it's not working. Perhaps we can't see the wood through the trees as some of the formations and the constant changing of formation throughout each game is confusing the players, it's certainly confusing me. Let's go simple, defend like your supposed to and nick a win.

I have this seasons full page on a separate page within this Blogspot. Scroll down and you will find the link in the right-hand sidebar.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Millwall 0 Charlton 0 15/3/2014 Championship

That's a W.L.D. in the last three games. After the Derby win I was really hoping that we would pull it off at Blackpool. It wasn't to be and although we done more than enough to win the game in the first half Blackpool somehow managed to sneak a 1-0 win.

We had a chance today to beat lowly Charlton at our place and with our new 6' 8'' Austrian International striker Stefan Maierhofer "the Hof" in the team. I was hopeful that we could cure the problem of not been able to score that much. Wrong, same old, same old.

Fred Challenges as the Hof looks on

We were not that good in this game apart from young Fred Onyedinma who moved from the youth team and started this game and was my man of the match. He showed the seasoned pro's how to play and that was the only good thing to come out of this game, apart from the point. The Austrian is tall and although he is about the same height of Peter Crouch he seems to have more control of his body parts. He should score some goals at this level and hopefully half a dozen for us.

For this seasons full page please see 2013/14 page link which is a short way down in the right hand sidebar >>>

Saturday, 8 March 2014

8/3/14 Derby County 0 Millwall 1 and our noisy 500 go home happy

A dogged display by the Wall and Derby go home frustrated and not like us **Happy** 

Are we at long last coming together so we can play and give a display of football we thought we should have had months ago. I have said and we have said many times that on paper we have a side that should should be at least challenging for the play-off and doing it in style. We have had nothing for over a year and I have never known such gloom or maybe more accurate it was such a long time ago that I can't remember it. I will enjoy these three points and there's another three to be earn't Tuesday away to Blackpool. It's do-able.

As I said with the Brighton post below, is this the Brink?

Ian Holloway before this game says we have 13 cup finals to go. That's one out of the way and we have won that one.

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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Millwall 0 Brighton 1 Game 33 1/3/14 yet another two bob referee

That's still one point off of the last relegation spot no thanks to a referee who must have had a bet on Brighton to win because that can be the only reason he gave them a penalty that never was. Mind you saying that, he might just spend his weekends down there.

I'm sure that Holloway knows that we are on the brink

We are on the brink. The brink of relegation or the brink of turning this season around. We dominated this game but if only we could score. There is 39 points up for grabs, we could do with them all

Friday, 14 February 2014

Millwall v Bolton tomorrow-- and then Barnsley away

This has got to be won. I sense that things are starting to come together. Millwall have not been playing in a stiff, scared to lose type of way, in fact the opposite, I wouldn't say cavalier but we are finding chances and with a Ian Holloway's tactic of playing four or five strikers, goals I'm sure will flow. We have been lively but we do concede and that is probably the product of leaving our self exposed at the back due to half the team playing up front. This system can work as long as we are disciplined and put the effort in to cover most of the pitch. Individual mistakes will leave us short. There will be a game when we all click and I'm hoping it will start tomorrow.

Centre Half Alan Dunne still wearing his number 2 looks on as we pile it on

As we now know this game finished in 1-1 draw, not a bad game but we should have won it.

For this seasons full page including the poor performance up at Barnsley please visit the page within this Blogspot click on link>> Millwall in the championship 2013-14 which is my contribution to the season so far.

14 games to go and we have got to start being Millwall again.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Yeovil 1 Millwall 1 Championship Game 30 11-2-14

That's one win, two draws, and three defeats in Ian Holloway's first six games which means that the eighteen points that were up for grabs we get five. We can compare with this to Steve Lomas's first six league games in charge and there is a slight improvement.

Ian Holloway L W D L L D =5 POINTS
S. Lomas      L L L D L D =2 POINTS

The single point from this game doesn't seem much but more importantly Yeovil drop two after leading this game and as they are a team below in the table we have got to be happy with that. Holloway once against changed the formation and changed it within the game and he started with four strikers, Steve Morison scored with his head and it might be the start of a bit of a goal flurry from him, I thinks he deserves it. That's three points above Charlton and two points below Bolton, that make it a very big game against Bolton Saturday
416 make the trip

Full this seasons full page including my blog contribution for the 3-1 defeat at Burnley Saturday please click on link to this seasons full page>> link in right hand sidebar

Friday, 7 February 2014

Millwall shafted by Lewisham council, property developer gets the land

Letting property developers anywhere near a football ground’s bound to end in tears.

With a rainbow above Zampa Road and the Den at a recent home game against Reading I was hoping in was a sign of good things to come. It wasn't we lost 3-0 and now we know that Lewisham Council shafted us three days before Christmas  

A dark back room or maybe 'let's do lunch

Why do I feel that there's been a shady deal in some back room down Lewisham Town Hall. That may not be the case but something feels fishy.

Millwall has to be one of the most community based club in the country and has been striving to stay like that by wanting to acquire the land that the Millwall Community Scheme Trust Lions Centre sits on and also other areas around the ground. After years of negotiating with Lewisham Council and spending 3 million pounds in fee's and the like supporting the regeneration project it appears it's money down the drain. Lewisham Council sell the land behinds Millwall's back to a property developer who of course has brought the land for one reason and one reason only, personal wealth. I have read in the local paper the South London Press that John Berylson our club chairman is appalled and bewildered at the councils decision.

John Berylson feels betrayed by Lewisham council and I have support for him. I know that there is a monetary gain for the chairman by purchasing this land from the council but I think we all know him well enough to know that, yes, he can get something back on the 30 million pound he has put into the club but also and very important to him is that the Lions Centre can stay where it is and under control of Millwall FC and also the club can have a revenue stream 365 days year from rent from being involved in the regeneration scheme which will secure the existence of the club for years to come.

I am not sure what's going to happen next apart from that we the supporters are looking to field candidates in the Borough of Lewisham May council elections and the Fan On The Board member Peter Garston has stated that he might be one of them. Below is a statement from Peter which he gave me permission to publish yesterday,


We have two major issues at the moment that need which will need us, the fans, to get behind the club when the time comes as both the issues threaten our club in different ways.

Firstly the regeneration which has been going on for the eight years I have been on the board.

There have been times when it seemed it was dead in the water, and others when it looked like the club it would achieve its goal of getting the finances required to secure our future for many years.

All along, Lewisham Council have been afforded hospitality and support by the club in many council driven issues such as the recent Save Lewisham Hospital campaign. We, as fans, along with the club threw our weight behind the campaign and played a key role in helping keep Lewisham A&E open.

The council publicly and privately led all at Millwall to believe that we would be key in any redevelopment, but in recent months we have noticed the council distancing themselves from us and then the final blow was them indicating their support for Renewal without any explanation or much notice.

So now we are in a position where an external property developer could hold the key to our future, given to them by the council who claims it champions community.

The only positive to come out of this is the fact that once again when we are challenged by external forces the Chairman shows his resolve and commits himself to the future of our club.

I know John Berylson very well and one thing he will not do is shirk a challenge. He will fight our corner to make sure that Millwall Football Club continues to play football at The Den for years to come.

When called upon we will need to do whatever is required to fight for our club. I hope the people of the Save Lewisham Hospital campaign return our support if needed as well.

Once I know what is needed by the club to fight the developers, I will co-ordinate all fans via the MSC, Trust, Websites and Fanzines to ensure we are there to make our voices heard.

We do not roll over easily when it comes to our club.

Well said Peter, I'm with you all the way

Millwall Supporters Club sign our petition, click on link>>

For now and forever

A Wrexham fan wrote this and it is well worth a read

After a period of quiet when not much seemed to be going on JB comes out with both barrels and lays down the gauntlet, we are behind you 100% 

Default FOTB Regen Statement

The pressure of the petition has had the desired effect and meetings have been planned well done to all.

Below is the statment I promised from JB to counter balance Renewals claims



17 February 2014

I am most surprised to find Renewal, a private property developer, issuing a statement apparently on behalf of Lewisham Council about Millwall’s dealings with the Council over the potential sale of land adjoining The Den. In its statement Renewal refers to correspondence and meetings between Millwall and the Council. This seems most irregular.

I have made it clear elsewhere, and I shall make it clear again here, that Millwall has been open and transparent in all its dealings with Lewisham Council. Jordana Malik, a director and spokesperson of Renewal, is quoted as being “perplexed as to why those in charge at the club are claiming they have had no knowledge of the land sale”. I’m perplexed that she should say that. Millwall has never made such a claim. Indeed we have made it clear that we were fully aware of the Council’s plans to sell the land.

That’s why our lawyers wrote to the Council on 25 September 2013 challenging the decision to sell the land to Renewal, and why our property advisers wrote to the Council on 7 November formally confirming the Club’s wish to be permitted to bid for the land. On 13 November the Council responded refusing to provide Millwall with the information we required in order to make our bid. We were told that the Council had secured the best deal for the land even though Renewal was the only permitted bidder. We made one final attempt on 6 December when our lawyers wrote again to the Council asking them to stop the sale. But the Council ignored us again and exchanged contracts with Renewal for the sale of the three parcels of land on 20 December. They informed us three days later.

I read that the Club “failed to provide any meaningful detailed evidence of its proposals”. This is of course nonsense. Millwall commissioned architects to draw up plans for the area around The Den as long ago as 2006 - before any sale of the freeholds materialised and before planning permission for the whole area had been granted. In order to ensure that our plans were fully in keeping with the overall agreed scheme for the Surrey Canal Triangle, we commissioned leading architects Mackay and Partners last year to review our existing plans and refine them into a revised proposal for the development of the three areas of land adjoining the stadium.

Those plans were presented to the Council on 15 August 2013 in as much detail as could reasonably be expected at that stage. It was made clear that the plans fitted with the outline planning permission, that Chestnut Hill Ventures (Millwall's largest shareholder) had more than enough money to carry out the development without recourse to any third party funding and that the Club could offer legally binding guarantees that the development would be completed within an agreed timescale.

What other business case could the Council possibly have wanted at that stage?

If the Council had deigned to consider the Club's plans, the next stage would have been to refine the business case in conjunction with the Council and its advisers but there was no point in doing that – given the considerable further costs involved – if the Council wasn't prepared to play ball.

Renewal said on 5 February that they had never even been shown our plans, yet they seem to be full of opinions about them.

Chestnut Hill Ventures is not a property developer. That’s why, in order to strengthen the Club’s finances, we have engaged top professional advisors who have managed property developments of this size. We are attacked for not submitting planning applications and not acquiring land. We aren’t interested in acquiring land other than the areas adjoining The Den. Once the Council made it clear that those areas were to be sold, we formally asked to be allowed to bid for them. We had no need of planning permission because it had already been granted for the whole area.

We have invested more than £3 million in helping that whole process and in our own plans, as well as in protecting the interests of the Club.

Assurances are being given about our community scheme. But the Council and Renewal don’t seem to understand the nature of its funding and how it operates. Although the Council and Renewal can match our offer of a new home and new sports facilities, only we can guarantee the financial support and access to the Football League funding on which it depends. Furthermore, the viability of the Millwall Community Scheme is not just about its funding. It’s also about its direct links to the Club and our resources – the provision of coaching staff, player involvement, the use of our facilities and tickets for our matches. We are very concerned about its long term future.

Finally, I will reiterate the point that is behind all of this. Chestnut Hill Ventures has supported Millwall for the last seven years since I became Chairman and I have expressed my personal commitment to the Club, and to its home at The Den, many times. I am a huge fan and I have the most expensive season ticket! In the long term, Millwall Football Club needs to be a viable commercial enterprise, and that means that it needs non-football income that is stable and secure.

We always assumed that we would be left to develop the land adjoining our stadium. The Council has said that we are at the heart of the community and core to their strategic plans for the Borough. So in good faith we have played our part, and incurred substantial costs, in supporting the overall plans for this urban regeneration. We haven’t been greedy. We have offered the Council a stake in our proposed developments.

As things stand, we have been excluded from the benefits of the Surrey Canal Triangle development. Our stadium is shown at the core of the plans and we are expected to carry on staging football matches and investing more money in The Den. Meanwhile, the Council does deals with a private property developer and expects us to stand on the touchline and cheer.

That’s not my style. I don’t want a fight with anybody, but I shall stand up and be counted for Millwall Football Club.

John Berylson


The meeting between the club and the Council took place on 
Friday 14 March as planned. Both John Berylson and 
Demos Kouvaris flew to London to be present, such is the 
importance that they attach to this matter. The Council 
wished to focus the meeting on the future status of the 
leases held by Millwall on the two areas of land adjoining 
the Den that the Council wishes to hand over to Renewal.

We made it clear that we did not wish to relinquish these 
leases and that we remained keen to be permitted to develop 
the land ourselves within the overall regeneration plan for 
the Surrey Canal Triangle.

No offer was made by the Council to Millwall Football Club 
regards the leases, but sadly the Council threatened to seek 
compulsory purchase orders to reclaim the land for Renewal if 
it could not reach an agreement with Millwall.

The council and Millwall agreed to have another meeting to 
discuss further, the date to be confirmed

Obviously the above is an overview, I am aware of the clubs 
stance and long term plan, I cannot go public at the moment, 
all I can say at this time is that the club are trying to get 
the best for Millwall which in turn means the long term 
future of the club and that’s what we the fans want.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Millwall's recent in's and out's 2/2/14

There's been a lot going on, January window last few days

DJ Campbell signs on loan from Blackburn
Shaun Williams signs and joins Millwall from MK Dons
Liam Trotter leaves Millwall and joins Bolton on loan.
Andy Keogh leaves Millwall and joins Blackpool on loan.
We sign Simeon Jackson to end of season after he became a free agent from German club Eintracht B.
Ed Upson signs from Yeovil.

I've never known it so busy

Millwall 0 Reading 3 Championship 1/2/14 att: 11,174 Reading fetch about 1200

After the high energy 1-1 draw with Sheffield Wednesday Tuesday night I was hoping or should I say expecting the Lions to carry on and carve out a result against on form reading, I was wrong.
 For my full contribution please visit >>This seasons page click to take you there
This was two big step backwards as goal keeper Stephen Bywater made a dodgy goal keeping error and Ian Holloway  confused me and many others as he put on five strikers and weakened the midfield. After Holloway's tactics we conceded two quick goals and that was that..I am sure he has learnt from that.

Expecting a treat but once again we are served a defeat