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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Millwall 0 v Westham 0

I didn't really want to do any thing special about this game, because after all it is "just another game"


With Clem from the Football League Show looking for a story, "the time has come".

I think I hate 12.30 kick off's, but I made it there in time. This all ticket game was preluded as expected with the normal media stuff that is said and written about why this clash between the Lions and the Hammers is such a fierce local derby. I think it as simple as "we dislike them and they dislike us"

OK I admit, it was a bit of a lazy statement written above, but as we know it is true for many supporters of both teams. In my book it is no more than a fierce local rivalry between two London football teams supporters who have a bit of a history of dislike for each other which has produced some nasty incidents which has in turn strengthened the dislike between them. These local rivalries in football are common place and some are of similar nature but maybe a bit more "tea and scones". For us, it's taking on the big guy, rubbing their noses in something shitty, kicking them in the nuts and watching them run.
For West Ham it's how dare they? upstarts, lower league shit, I wish they would leave us World Cup Winners alone.

Me......I dislike Palace just a little bit more.

A 16.000 crowd and even Rhino turned up for this one.

The 0-0 draw on reflection seems to be about right even though we could have won the game with some better finishing.

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