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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Millwall 1 Portsmouth 0 26/12/11

Well done to the team for grinding out this Boxing day win. Some might say that this was a poor game and I would tend to agree. With the best chance in the first half coming from Millwall in the added minute of extra time, things didn't look well.

The first 45.....with the away support looking on, Millwall attempt a raid on the Pompey goal

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Millwall 0 Cardiff 0 10-12-11

Championship Game 21
The Cardiff's fans stayed in their seats for this one.

Trying to recall this game and and also trying to sum it up, I wrote on my 2011-2012 Championship page within this Blogspot  "a bit of a dour affair with the Millwall defence defending OK, but with clearances, tackles and interceptions going astray the Lions looked tatty ".
We could have won this game against much fancied Cardiff with our two good chances, but lady luck went away.

Down the far end Cardiff fans boycott the seats near the "dodgy bit" at the top of the away stand