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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Millwall and the Bogey Man. Bring on Burnley

Oh no! not Sean Dyche next. Do I fancy our chances? A while ago I would have said no but now I think, it's time, it's time to beat him and his team. He hasn't lost any of the twelve games he's played us while in the role of the oppositions manager, in fact he's won eleven of them games but even so he's not our Bogey Man, more like our Bogey Nan.

The Bogey Man don't scare me

3/11/13 League Game Millwall 2 Burnley 2

The Bogey Man-Sean Dyche's good fortune continues as Burnley come back from being 2-0 down and take a point. We have never beat him yet in his role as football manager but that day will come, not sure when, but it will come. For a full seasons overview please see the 2013/14 page within this Blogspot. Link in right-hand sidebar >>

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Millwall 2 QPR 2 League Game 12 19/10/13

Scott McDonald hits in our first goal after good work by Trotter.

To see the goal click: .

For my contribution for the whole of this season and much more please visit this seasons complete page there is a link in the right hand sidebar>>

Zampa entertains

Friday, 11 October 2013

A English boys dream

Arsenal's Jack Wilshire is reported as saying that only English players should play for England and for stating the obvious he gets called a racist. I shall repeat Jack's words,


Sunday, 6 October 2013

Millwall, winning in style

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Where do I start?  

There's been a lot going on

Apart from winning the last three games in style there has been a few other things since last season finished. Long serving manager Kenny Jackett resigns and John Berylson's goes for his pick of the bunch Steve Lomas who takes over the managers hot seat and before the last three wins this hot seat was getting hotter. There was a few of us who questioned this signing while others such as myself were willing to wait and see. It did not look good for awhile when Millwall could not buy a win but with the last thee games we have now played nine and have a total of eleven points.

Last 3 Games   Millwall 3 Blackpool 1,       Charlton 0 Millwall 1,          Millwall 2 Leeds Utd 0 

Lomas in the hot seat

Our owner JB has been prepared to continue with his ownership and give it another go and has put yet more money into the club and with Steve Lomas fetching in a raft of quality new players that didn't start that well but after recent success on the pitch are now looking like a tight, solid, skilful team who now I believe can beat on their day anybody within this division. I am not to sure how long JB is going to finance the club but I know crowds of 15-16k will help him to stay longer. I am beginning to feel that the players are now realising what is needed as a Millwall player. I do not mean just the new players but also players that have been with the club for awhile but overtime seemed to forget what playing for the Lions is all about. Steve Lomas is aware of what's needed playing for Millwall and you cannot say that Lomas is not trying and is not to far away from a finished product that just might surprise a few and JB just might get a return on his investment.

We mustn't return to this 

Goal mouth pressure from the Lions but a home defeat to Huddersfield

A run of home defeats that have been going on for about a year. If Millwall get beat away it's hard to take, but if they lose at the Den it hurts and then it hurts again.
The 5-1 defeat at home to Derby County was the turning point and after the jeers and misery that followed this game a rise of 100% was needed by the team and a rise of 100% was needed by the supporters to beat Blackpool at home three days later.
We beat Blackpool and we did it in style.From time to time Millwall serve up a home dismal display such as the Derby County game and hopefully it's a one off. I cannot see the players letting it happen again and hopefully the bulk of the Lions support don't go down the misery road again. It was just a short time ago that we were bottom of the league and being there was embarrassing and it was lousy. I feel as though we are a established Championship side and should be wise and experienced to deal with this league.

Birmingham away tomorrow night.

Did I say earlier that we were looking like a tight, solid, skilful team? I was wrong we got done 4-0.
Back to the drawing board.

League Game 11 Bournemouth 5 Millwall 2 It's all gone Pete Tong.