1885---131st Anniversary year---2016 'We fear No Foe

Understood by those that matter

Millwall FC, League One 2016/17, and we go again

2016/17 Season and we are getting a new kit with stripes
After finishing last season on a low with the 1-2 defeat against Barnsley at Wembley we start this season as one of the favourites to go go up. Time will tell and with Mark Beevers signing for Bolton Wanderers hopefully we have somebody who can step up to the plate and make that centre half spot their own. We have options Tony Craig, Sid Nelson, Shaun Williams and perhaps others. Byron Webster now has the job of holding the defence together and perhaps taking the captain's armband.The  idea of Webster taking the armband may raise a few eyebrows but it would help him to focus an see more of the game which a striker may not.
Early June
Seven players leave the club. Carlos Edwards, Lee Martin, Jack Powell, Ed Upson, Keaton Wood, Chris Parr and John Marquis.We all have our thoughts on those we have let go and in my book Carlos Edwards is the best player there or was the best player there and I think he will have to drop a division or two if he still wants to play because age may have finally caught up with him.
With John Berylson backing Neil Harris and money available for another promotion push we are looking for players and have had early talks.  These early talk players were out of contract Mark Beevers and loanee Chris Taylor. The talks come to nought as Beevers and Taylor signed for Bolton Wanderers. It's obvious to me that money was the factor with these two because why else would you go to that souless place of a industral estate a mile in distance outside the town.
Near the end of June
We sign defender Shaun Hutchinson from  Fulham on a two year deal which may have a bearing regarding my earlier comments regarding Byron Webster and the vacant Mark Beevers spot.
This should liven things up as we sign left winger Gregg Wylde on a two year deal from Plymouth and David Worrall from Southend United also a winger and as he says himself a very good header of the ball considering he is only 5'7" tall. If we start getting these balls down the wings and into the box we are going to be banging them in left, right and centre.
Early July
We should have been looking at Folkstone Invicta striker Harry Smith (proper Millwall name that) who is 6'6" tall and was banging them in last season more or less a goal a game but he has a injury so will be coming in for a week trail shortly.
We are in a training camp in Portugul

Middle July
Has the agent been at work? Lee Gregory is going to Rotherham is what I thought but it's nonsense. Rotherham United have been sniffing about and put in a couple of cheeky bids but Lee Gregory who has been training in Portugal with the rest of the team is staying put. Hopefully that is all done and dusted as we have a few pre-season friendlies coming up.

16/7/16 Saturday, Hayes Lane, Pre-season Friendly, 1 Bromley 1 Millwall 2, This was a day when you could fry a egg on the bonnet of your car, it was hot. With Millwall wearing their new strip and new signings David Worrell and Shaun Hutchinson starting this was a game that all though the Lions didn't smash them they won the game in a professional manner with Fred Onyedinma (3mins) and Lee Gregory (27mins)scoring the goals.
We made some changes
Forde(Archer 62), Romeo(Brown 62), Nelson(Webster 62), Hutchinson(Ronney 62), Chesmain (Craig 62), Worrell(Twardek 62), Abdou(Williams 62), Thompson(Farrell 62), Onyedinma (Wylde 62), Gregory(O'Brien 62), Morison (Philpot 62)


19/7/16 Tuesday night, att: 1,407. Pre-season friendly against Dartford at their place and we win 3-0
We made changes from the team that started at Bromley and although some of big guns did not play we comfortably won the game 3-0 and young Fred scored again.and set up Aiden O'Brien to score just over 15 minutes later. Once again there was many changes 2nd half and Jamie Philpot finished the non-leaguers off with ten minutes to go.
Archer (King 60), Brown (Romeo 75),Nelson (Rooney 60), Webster (Bray 60), Craig (Chesmain 60), Worrall (Twardek 55), Thompson (Farrell 60), Williams (Donovan 60), Wylde (White 60), Onyedinma (Pavey 60), O'Brien (Philpot 60)


23/7/16, The 3rd friendly and back to a Saturday game and Millwall beat Crawley Town 3-2 at their place, att:1,278 (we took 489)
We played a stronger team and we needed to as Crawley gave us a tougher game and we had to come from being 2-1 down to win the game. With just less that five minutes to go Steve Morison headed in from a Shane Ferguson superb ball into the box. Amazing away crowd for a friendly.
The Lions: Archer (Forde 46), Romeo, Craig, Webster, Hutchinson, Abdou, Williams (Thompson 71m), Wylde (Ferguson 60m), Gregory (Onyedinma 71m), Morison, O'Brien (Worrall 71m),
subs not used, Nelson, Twardek

26/7/16 Dover 2 Millwall 0, our last pre-season game and we send our B-side

Millwall: King, Brown, Nelson (Bray 82m, Rooney, Ferguson (Chesmain 65m), Twardek, Donovan, Farrell, Wylde (McNamara 76m) Philpot (Smith 62m), Onyedinma (Pavey 62m),
sub not used, Sandford

att: 866

6/8/16, Millwall 3 Oldham 0, League One, Game 1, att: 9, 787 (312)

That's a great start to the season as Lee Gregory, Aiden O'Brien and Byron Webster score a goal each as the Lions pose a threat throughout the game. I am hoping we can keep this going and quickly add more points to our tally as due to a bad first part of the season last year we had to play catch up and we didn't quiet make the automatic promotion spots and that cost us. Our new signings Gregg Wylde and David Worrell both played in this match with Worrell starting and Wylde coming on as a 2nd half sub. Both players done ok against a Oldham side who had ten players making their debuts so not surprising that a comfortable win gave us the first points of the season.

Millwall: Jordan Archer, Mahlon Romeo, Tony Craig, Byron Webster, Shane Ferguson, David Worrell, Ben Thompson, Shaun Williams, Aiden O'Brien, Steve Morison, Lee Gregory, (J.Martin 46m) (Onyedinma 71m), (Wylde 82m)
Subs not used, Nelson, Abdou, Phipot, King

Goals: Gregory, 13m pen,  O'Brien 45+2.09m, Webster 46m


Oldham: Ripley, Wilson, Clarke, Burges, Reckford, Green, Banks, Flynn, Fane, Erwin, McKay
(Law 11m), (Klok 68m), (Osei 60m)
subs not used, Kettings, Croft, Cassidy, Edmundson


Harry Smith 9/8/16
We have had a look at the Folkstone Invicta striker Harry Smith who has spent some time with us and we have signed him on a two year deal. Neil Harris likes what he saw and reckons he has the whereabouts to become a decent footballer but is rough around the edges.

9/8/16, EFL Cup 2nd Round, Barnet 0 Millwall 4, att:1,410

Our first visit to Barnet's new ground and a comprehensive win to take us into the next round.
A own goal started the demise of Barnet and Aiden O'Brien and Steve Morrison took the game beyond their reach. According to the Barnet manager Martin Allen the score wasn't a true reflection on the game, "what's he saying? they should have won it"
Anyway a Fred Onyedinma penalty near the end of the game topped the win off and I wonder who we will get in the next round.

Millwall:Archer, Martin (Ferguson 82m), Craig, Thompson, Onyedinma, Wylde, Nelson, Webster, Morison, O'Brien (Worrall 67m), Morison (Philpot 79m), Abdou
Subs not used, Williams, Gregory, Romeo, King

Goals: Akinde og 23m, O'Brien 34m, Morison 74m, Onyedinma penalty 81 m

Barnet: Vickers, Johnson, Dembele, N'Gala, Nelson, Watson, Weston, Akinde (Gash 54m), Togwell, Akpa Akpro (Gambin 58m), Nicholls (Amaluzor 71m)
subs not used, McKenzie-Lyle, Taylor, Muggleton, Champion


13/8/16 MK Dons 2 Millwall 2, League One, Game 2, att:10,232 (2,065)

Over 2000 make the trip

We could have won this game but late on we could have lost it. We blew a two goal lead as it only took MK 6 minutes to score a couple of goals to equalise. With the two goal lead I was buzzing but following the Wall it didn't last long but in the end with more chances from both sides it was a decent game and the point is welcome but it should have been three. Conceded twice quickly after we achieved two goals is a worry and and to give up a decent lead cheaply shouldn't be Millwall. Peterborough Tuesday should be interesting as they put five past us the last time we played them at their place.

Millwall: Archer, Craig, , Williams(Abdou 28m), Worrall(Onyedinma 82m), Thompson, Gregory, Romeo, Webster, Ferguson(Martin 81m), Morison, O'Brien
subs not used King, Wylde, Nelson, Philpot

Goals: Upson og 24m  Worrell 27m

MK Dons: Martin, Baldock, Lewington, Walsh, Upson, Potter, Williams,(Bowditch 61m), Agard (Thompson-Asante 87m), Powell, Downing, Maynard
subs not used, Nicolls, Wootton, Williams, Jackson, Tshimanga


16/8/16 Tuesday Night, Peterborough United 5 Millwall 1, League One, Game 3, att: 5,007 (648)


That confirms it "our defence and midfield is not at where it needs to be. I have no idea where that result came from and was not expecting it even though they scored five last time. The travelling 648 must have suffered watching that and I was struggling to pick up the result on a old radio while on holiday where the chance of getting a signal on the phone was non existent. I couldn't be bothered after we went 4-0 down and  and found out the final score next day. We were 2-0 down after 7 minutes when Jordan Archer was caught wrong footed and for their second they scored again when we defended square and was caught. Peterborough's 3rd came on 20 minutes when they scored when a unmarked player netted with his end. The obligatory consolation goal was scored by Steve Morrison with about 10 minutes to go and that was that.

Neil Harris in his interview after the game said a few choice words about the team and he did not blame some of the travelling Wall from leaving the game early, he reckons he would have left early if he could.
Me' I will quickly forget this one and a win against Sheffield United Saturday will bring us back on track. I'm not panicking' yet

Millwall: Archer, Martin(Wylde 46m), Craig, Thompson, Gegory, Romeo, Webster, Ferguson (Hutchinson 77m), Morison, O'Brien(Onyedinma 65m), Abdou,
subs not used, Worrall, Nelson,  Philpot, King

Goal: Morison 79m)

Peterborough: Alnwick, Smith, Hughes, Bostwick, Baldwin, Edwards(Nabi 75m), Forrester, Taylor(Coulthirst 74m), Maddison, Anderson, Nichols(Gormley 86m),
subs not used, White, Chettle, Tyler, Santos

Goals: Maddison 6m, Taylor 7m, Edwards 20, 52m., Nichols 67m

20/8/16 Millwall 2 Sheffield United 1, League One, Game 4, att: 9.058 (785)

Back to winning ways after the shame at Peterborough

This game finished 1-1 at half time and like many a game at the Den and at our old ground we were better the 2nd half. A good many made it known at the half time whistle that even though the half finished equal and Shaun Williams scored one of his quality strikes, improvement was needed, also it was a chance to sound off about the Peterborough game. 

As per normal once we have had our moan we welcome the Lions back onto the pitch with the normal welcome and they got stuck in from the off with Lee Gregory having chances but his shooting boots was not on target and also the their keeper pulling off a good stop when Gregory was one on one with him. With Shane Ferguson who had replaced Aiden O'Brien slinging in crosses and the midfield winning balls we were more like we should be, but we had to wait to the 89th minute when for some reason the Sheffield defender O'Connell stretched his arm up high and handled the ball. My player of the season so far Steve Morison can sink a penalty and he sunk this one after sending the keeper the wrong way. Another three points and no boo's at full time. 'Come on you Lions

Millwall: Archer, Martin, Craig, Williams, Worrell, Thompson, Gregory (Onyedinma 82m), Romeo, Webster, Morison, O'Brien (Ferguson 70m), 
subs not used, King, Philpot, Wylde, Abdou, Nelson

Goals: Williams 14m,   Morison 89m pen

Sheffield United: Moore, Hussey, O'Connell, Basham, Scougall (Chapman 82m), Sharp (Done 65m), Coutts, Freeman (McNulty 90m), Wilson, Duffy, Clarke
subs not used, Ramsdale, Wright, Wallace, Whiteman

Goal: Scougall 21m


23/8/16, EFL Cup round two, Millwall 1 Nottingham Forest 2, att: 4009 (707)

Tuesday Night Cup Game

The League Cup

After beating Barnet 4-0 in the first round we take on Forest at home

Some of us made the effort to go and watch this game and we were witness to a half-decent game of football. We made seven changes to the side that beat Sheffield United and although I think had a good first half we went in at half-time 1-0 down.We were busy in and around the Forest box with and with Jamie Philpot making his home debut looking lively had having chances we and the seven academy players were holding our own. Young Fred let fly with a cracking drive that the keeper had to react to smartly and save to his left. We had restricted Forest to almost nought but they scored on 34 minutes and although we had chances after to at least go in level at half-time we did not take them.

In the distance a fair few Forest made the game and no that's not Steve Morison with his feet up. 

Steve Morison come on and Aiden O'Brien went off with half an hour to go and or goal threat dropped off as Steve Morison took up defensive duties (that's how it seemed) and spent most of his time in midfield and wide positions. Forest were having chances but a last ditch tackle from Byron Webster and a clearance from Mahlon Romeo kept the away side out. Shaun Willams come on for Ben Thompson and what a contribution from the midfielder, a 50 yard stroke towards goal perfectly weighted and it drifted over the keeper and into the net. With just under 15 minutes to go we had the time to get another and win this game but with just 2 minutes of normal time to go Forest scored and they go into the next round.

Millwall: King, Romeo, Nelson, Webster, O'Brien( 59m), Onyedinma( Worrall 44m), Thompson(Williams 73m), Wylde, Ferguson, Abdou, Philpot
subs not used. Archer, Martin, Craig, Twardek

Goal: Williams 76m

Nottingham Forest: Henderson, Lichaj, Mills, Perquis, Lam(Pereira 67m), Paterson (Cash 89m), Landsbury, Vaughan, Ward, Thome  (Burke 46m), Veldwijk)
subs not used Smith, Mancienne, Grant, Vellios

Goals: Paterson 34m, Veldwijk 88m


25/8/16 Calum Butcher leaves Burton Albion and signs for the Lions

27/8/16 Chesterfield 1 Millwall 3, League One, Game 5, att: 5,689 ( 513 )

Our first win on the road this season and a Steve Morison double helps to make it a happy long journey home for the travelling 500.I always like to see Shane Ferguson playing further up the pitch as I feel that part of his game is missing when he is playing deeper. It didn't take him long to score, 13 minutes to be exact playing on the left wing where he picked up the ball and droved forward to send the ball low into the corner of the net. Chesterfield upped their game for a period but then that Morison double sent the home side down the tunnel at half-time 3-0 down. His first goal was a peach of a shot and the keeper had no chance of getting near it. Three minutes later he scored his 2nd by picking up the ball after a pass from Shaun Williams and superbly lobbing the keeper.

The 2nd half and Chesterfield pull one back. Fred goes off injured after replacing Joe Martin who was injured in the first half and Sid Nelson comes on. We were still a threat for the rest of the game and we see the game out with our new signing Calum Butcher on the pitch as he replaced Shane Ferguson who went off with a injury.
Millwall: Archer, Martin (Onyedinma 39m (Nelson 46m), Craig, Williams, Worrell, Thompson, Romeo, Webster, Ferguson (Butcher 81m), Morison, O'Brien
subs not used, Wylde, Abdou, Philpot, King

Goals: Ferguson 13m, Morison 38m and 41m
Chesterfield: Fulton, McGinn, Hird, Liddle, Evatt, Gardner (Mitchell 52m), Evans, Nolan, Donohue, O'Shea (Dennis 59m), Ariyibi
subs not used, Raglan, Dimaio, Allinson, Simons,Daly

Goal: Hird 65m


30/8/16 Checkatrade Trophy, Millwall 2 West Bromwich Albion U23's 0, att: 2,054 (away 81)

There was a cry before this game about boycotting this tournament as the belief is that it is a back door method for the Premier League to have a 2nd division. The crowds were low everywhere and our 2000 I think was the fifth highest of all the Stage One 29 games. The highest crowd count was at Sheffield United which was 3.632 and the lowest was at Fleetwood which was a massive 392

I went because I wanted to

And so did these few

These trophy competition is group staged and we are in the same group as West Brom, Gillingham and Luton.  Luton won their game at Gillingham 2-1. I have a confession to make, I accidentally went wearing my slippers thinking I had my pumps on, that's a first by me and I can't imagine many have done the same. I only noticed half-time when I was outside having a smoke (fag not pipe), I tried to hide them after that but then thought " what's done is done"  I think I got away with it.

The game was ok and West Brom made a game of it but we were a cut above and our young players looked better than theirs. More first team experience I presume.

Millwall: King, Craig, Williams (Thompson 65m), Wylde, Romeo, Nelson, O'Brien (Morison 65m), Abdou, Twardek (Worrall 65m), Philpot. Chesmain
subs not used Archer, Webster

West Bromwich U23's: Rose, Wilson, McCourt, Donnellan (Elbouzedi 46m), Fitzwater (Piggott 88m),  O'Shea, Sweeney, Smith ( Pritchatt 78m), Harper, Wright, Nabi
subs not used: Palmer, Wilding, Forss, Melbourne


Millwall 1 Bradford 1, League One, Game 6, 3/9/16, att:9,067 (499)


We were lacking a few players for this game and I think the first half showed it. We at times struggled to hold onto the ball and while Bradford had the bulk of the possession we had the most of the shots and chances. Bradford City took the lead on 42 minutes when Byron Webster scored for them after their winger cut in on Jordan Archer's left and the previously injured (only cleared to play close to kick off) Joe Martin backed off and the winger fired in a cross which Archer got a hand to and Webster attempted to clear but it come of his shin and Bradford were happy. We could have pulled it level with just seconds to go when their keeper Doyle saved superbly from a cracking header from Shaun Williams but not to be and a few moans were heard as they walked off down the tunnel at half time..

Jordan Archer earns his corn, again

The 2nd half and we seemed to take it up a gear, it didn't take long for us to equalise and on 49 minutes Shaun Williams sent a free kick which was cleared and picked up by Joe Martin who fetched us level with a cracking shot and it's game on. With the Den buzzing Millwall were pressing but Bradford scored and a 9000 sigh of relief could be heard when it was ruled off-side. Aiden O'Brien and substitute Fred Onyedinma followed with chances and Steve Morison was doing his best to set things up and score himself but there wasn't that understanding as Lee Gregory was missing from the team. A draw it was to be, but a scary moment right at the end and Bradford nearly nicked all three points but Archer pulled off a blinding save after Mahlon Romeo somehow sent the ball high in the sky which dropped sideways into our penalty box which resulted in a chance for Bradford. Well done Jordan Archer and good luck with the new 3 year contract.

The League so far

Played 6, W 3, D 2, L 1

Top Five---Bolton 14 pts,   Bradford City 12 pts, Fleetwood 11 pts, Millwall 11 pts, Scunthorpe 10 pts

Millwall: Archer, Martin, Craig, Williams, Worral, Thompson, Wylde (Onyedinma 65m), Romeo, Webster, Morison, O'Brien
subs not used, Butcher, Nelson, Smith, Philpot, King, Chesmain

Goal: Martin 49m

Bradford City: Doyle, Darby, Meredith, Law, Vincelot, Marshall, Dieng, Clarke, Hiwula (Morais 74m), Knight-Percival, Devine
subs not used, Sattelmaier, Webb-Foster, Kilgallon, Boateng, Hudson

Goal: Webster og 42m

News: Andy Ambler leave the Lions and gets a job with the FA. I am sure we will survive without him

Millwall 1 Coventry City 1, League One, Game 7, 10/9/16, att: 8,755
Sordell scores a goal and could have got a 2nd.

Coventry were down near the bottom with just 3 points before this game and us in a play-off spot could have went top. That didn't happen as we laboured to get anything from this game. Once again we were better 2nd half but nowhere near a performance that may have got us the three points, we may have fluked it if we had a bit more luck but even that was lacking.

Keep plodding away

Coventry got off light and so did their supporters as the ground was as threatening as Dulwich Hamlet. I think I heard a gentle clap from the Cold Blow Lane end and one or two abusing the linesman for his constant off-side flag. I cannot add much more apart from Steve Morison's ball to Aiden O;Brien was spot on and the finish was superb.

I hope this is right I have checked it twice, our last defeat at home in a league game was a 2-0 defeat against Scunthorpe on the 16-2-16 so we must be doing something right and I think I know what it is. "A dogged resolve to keep plodding away and a desire not to be beaten.
Millwall: Archer, Martin, Craig, Williams, Worrall, Thompson (Butcher 76m), Onyedinma (Ferguson 60m), Romeo, Webster, Morison, O'Brien (Philpot 88m)
subs not used, King, Wylde, Nelson, Abdou

Goal: O'Brien 71m

Coventry: Charles-Cook, Willis, Turnbull, Bigirimana, Lameiras (Jones 75m), Reid (Agyei 79m), Gadzhev, Page (Kelly-Evans 64m), Sordell, Ricketts, Sterry
subs not used, Burge, Wright, Harries, Stevenson

Goal: Sordell 23m


Millwall 2 Rochdale 3, League One, Game 9, 24/9/16, att: 8,143 (about 200)


We haven't won a league game since we beat Chesterfield and losing to Southend last week and being beating by bottom side Rochdale 3-2 at the Den this Saturday things means things are not looking good. Our defence is not up to it at the moment and I cannot see with the players we have got how we can improve it. We went 1-0 down to a simple unchallenged goal in the 8th minute and giving anybody that much space to stroke the ball past Jordan Archer is not League 1 defending, come to think of it, it is not even League 2 defending. We had a comeback and took a 2-1 lead in less than 10 minutes when Aiden O'Brien scored one of his specials and Lee Gregory who was back in the side after his injury buried from the spot.

We set one up. Up front we don't have a problem

I was thinking at haf time that we had this game won and a 3rd goal would kill them off. That didn't happen as Rochdale scored from a header after a free kick on 67 minutes and levelled the scores. A few minutes later Ben Thompson got a red card after he received his 2nd yellow for what? "I don't know. If you cannot win a ball with a solid honest challenge I am not sure which way the game is going. A crap decision by a crap referee.It looked like the game was going to end in a draw for the 3rd home game in a row but Rochdale nicked it right at the death after Sid Nelson fouled in the box and they scored from the spot. I don't rate our defence and nowhere near good enough, we need to clear out the deadwood.

Millwall: Archer, Craig, Williams, Nelson, Webster, Thompson, Romeo, Ferguson(Abdou 75m), Morison, Gregory(Onyedinma 87), O'Brien (Worral 26)
subs not used, King, Wylde, Butcher, Chesmain

Goals: O'Brien 11,  Gregory 18 pen

Rochdale: Lillis, Canavan, McGahey (Rafferty 45), Lund, Andrew, Camps, McDermott (Davis 52m), Thompson (Odelusi 61m), Keane, Bunney, Henderson
subs not used, Logan, Rathbone, Noble-Lazarus, Allen


17/9/16, Southend 3 Millwall 1, League One, Game 8, att: 5,829 (1,923)


We were off the boil for this one and the massive travelling support were not rewarded with anything that come close to a proper Millwall display. We had the first chance after a couple off minutes and a few chances afterwards but it went Pete Tong from there as Southend took the lead early through a defected shot.We had chances throughout the rest of the half and equalised on 33 minutes when he scored from one of his specials as he clipped home the equaliser. Jordan Archer saved well right at the end of the half and all equal at the break. It didn't last long as yet again Southend score early and with only 5 second half minutes on the clock (I seem to say this a lot) Southend score.That was that and we conceded a third with two minutes to go on the clock.

Millwall: Archer, Martin (Gregory 39m),Craig, Williams, Worrall, Romeo, Butcher (Thompson 62m), Webster, Ferguson, Morison, O'Brien
subs not used, King, Onyedinma, Wylde, Nelson, Abdou9570)

Goal: O'Brien 33m

Southend: Oxley, White, Coker, Thompson, Barrett, Mooney (Cox 88m), McLaughlin (Oneil 72m), Atkinson, McGlashan (Kyprianou 84m), Leonard, Demetriou
subs not used, Smith, King, Bridge, Inniss

Goals: Mooney 6m, McLaughlin 50m, Oneil 88m

Walsall 2 Millwall, 1, League One, Game 10, 1/10/16, att: 4,474 (570)


Played 10, won 3, drawn 3, lost 4, gd-4, pts 12
We cannot buy a game at the moment and that's our 3rd defeat on the trot. We pounded Walsall in the second half but we had no luck, Shaun Williams and Steve Morison went close and Lee Gregory curled one just over but we could not level the score and a late flurry at the end of the game could still not produce a finish that would have sent the travelling 570 home reasonably happy.We suffered in this game once again by conceded early and we done this twice by conceding in the 17th minute first half and then just four  minutes into the second half we were beaten again. Balls in from wings seem to cause us problems and our marking and our closing down of players we must improve on. Fred scored which is always a pleasure when he powered in a header from close range after a Mahlon Romeo's ball picked him out. We are just outside a relegation spot but only because better goal difference and we better get our defensive act together or else there will be no way back. That worry maybe a bit over the top but if we don't start winning soon "shit happens.

Millwall: Archer, Martin (Wylde 81m), Craig, Williams, Gregory, Onyedinma (Philpot 90m), Romeo, Ferguson, Webster, Morison, Abdou (Thompson 74m),
subs not used, King, Twardek, Butcher

Goal: Onyedinma 22m

Walsall: Etheridge, Laird, O'Connor, McCarthy, Dobson (Kinsella 83m), Chambers, Jackson (Makris 90m), Oztumer, Morris, Toner, Moussa (Kouhyar 73m),
subs not used, MacGillivrary, Ginnelly, Bakayoko

Goals: Jackson 17, Moussa 49