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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Championship Game 24 Millwall 0 Bournemouth 2 28/12/14


League leaders come to town

I have hooked up with Peter who writes the very good football blog Cherry Chimes and answered a few of his questions. Please click on link below

That's the third defeat on the spin and yet more changes.  Losing at home to Bolton 1-0 and the 6-1 thrashing at Norwich and now this defeat at the hands of Bournemouth have left us tottering on the edge of the League 1 abyss. I did here a muted chant of  'Holloway out' coming from the Dockers stand and I am sure I heard a chant aimed at Scott Malone 'your not fit to wear the shirt'. If my hearing was correct this could be start of terrace unrest and a more vocal campaign may follow. On the game itself, we were yet again poor in all departments and although we tried to give it ago we were just not good enough as per usual. We need some new blood in the team and I don't just mean support for Lee Gregory, we need at least four new signings in the January window and there is hope that something will happen on that front but who's available and if there was anybody available would they want to join a sinking ship.


Millwall concede the first goal after a penalty was given to Bournemouth after Lee Martin fouled Bournemouth's Charlie Daniels outside the box. "Yes" that is correct, "outside the box" I was ideally placed to spot that the foul was outside the box but apparently the referee wasn't.

Penalty' no way ref, your having a a laugh


Making his full league debut Millwall supporter Sid Nelson shows the so called senior pro's how to play a football match, He played all out from start to finish and could have scored with a little more luck. Hopefully he does not get contaminated by "the couldn't care attitude around him" and lets hope he doesn't get his brain scrambled trying to work out Holloway's tactics.  Perhaps we need to play a few more young un's in our next game especially after Scott Malone has trouble not falling over his own feet.

ps....Shaun Williams gets a red card. He must channel the frustration and show more passion with the ball then he will be playing the Millwall way.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

12/12/14 Championship Game 21 Brighton 0 Millwall 1 att: 24,085 we take about 800

A Friday night live on Sky game. It was good to get the win

This game was not exactly a sizzler but we started well, we looked sharper, passed it about a bit had decent movement and scored a goal in the 15th minute. Then for some reason we played the rest of the game frightened to do anything similar again. It seemed like that after the 5-1 drubbing at  home against Middlesbrough the taking of this precious lead against Brighton was something they were keeping. That type of attitude tells me that it shows a lack of confidence, we have got to shake this attitude off . Hopefully if the team watched the game back they will see that up to when they scored that goal they were much the better team. We could have continued the game and scored again, Brighton were there for the taking and although we "mugged" them at their place we could have done it with a bit more confidence. This proves to me we are struggling in the division due to a mentality and not skill or quality.

They done the job so on that score the players cannot be faulted. Millwall's goal come about after some good play and a couple bits of luck when Lee Gregory picked the ball up on the edge of the area and run in and smacked the thing home beating the Brighton keeper on his far side of the goal.

That's 23 points from 21 games and if we keep that up for the rest of the season that may not be enough to keep us up.

Millwall: Forde, Wilkinson, Shittu, Beevers, Malone, Angel(Dunne 88), Williams, Gueye(Abdou 80), McDonald, Woolford, Gegory(Fuller 82),
subs not used, King, Briggs, Easter, Upson

Goal: Gregory 15m

Brighton: Stockdale, Bruno, Dunk, Halford, Chickson, Forster-Caskey, Gardner, Teixeira, March(Colunga 65), Bent, E.Bennett(McCourt 72),
subs not used, Walton, Ince, Hughes, Holla, Calderon

Monday, 8 December 2014

6/12/14, Championship League Game 20, Millwall 1 Middlesbrough 5 att:10,328

The only thing big about this game was the list of the goals against at the end of this game. We were not big anywhere on the pitch and If I didn't know better it seemed like we we playing our first Championship game and didn't know what to do with ourselves and what to do with the ball. We we hopeless and Middlesbrough made us look like mugs, sorry that's wrong, Middlesbrough didn't make us look like mugs we made ourselves look like mugs.

A moment of joy as McDonald scores, Boro scores within a minute and it finishes 1-5

After the game and reading the papers etc. Alan Dunne blamed it on a new formation that they had only practised for two games, Ian Hollway told us to blame him because it was all his fault. Marc Bircham blamed it on the players. Me ? I blame the whole sorry bunch, we were weak on the pitch and quiet in the stands.

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