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Monday, 20 January 2014

Millwall 1 Ipswich 0 att: 12,125 Championship Game 26

A first win for a while and the team up their game

Saturday evening was a enjoyment as I enjoyed a glass or two

With more of a Millwall like tempo the Lions deservedly claim all the points. Our old manager Mick McCarthy was reported as saying 'the den is not intimidating as it used to be. I thought he would know better as he's words come back to haunt him. His side was harassed and made to work hard just to get a period of play never mind a goal and the Den atmosphere was back to a decent level as we roared the Lions on.

Click on link and hear a few minutes worth >>. More like this please

Friday, 17 January 2014

Ian Holloway has been busy all week

11/1/14 League Game 25 Huddersfield 1 Millwall 0 att: 12,651

Ian Holloway's first game in charge and it is same as, yet another defeat. We nearly done it, so close to a point and not the usual heavy defeat but it wasn't to be. Huddersfield new signing Nahki Wells who cost them 1.3 million managed to be in the right place at the right time to pick up a ball which was a wayward header from Jack Smith and beat David Forde from close range with just a few seconds on the clock, it had to be, it was written.

17-1-14 Friday night

Ian Holloway as been busy in the week following this game, the squad was formed into two teams of 11 a-side so they could be assessed. A lack of fitness was hi-lighted amongst other things and John Berylson is paying for a trip to Portugal for a mid season mini break and a stamina work out. This is excellent in my opinion and a chance of getting together while working and probably chilling in the evening. I wonder if JB will fly in.

He has now got his back room staff in, people he knows and have worked with. Marc Bircham from QPR and Des Bulpin who was also at QPR. He can now delegate duties to people he knows and can trust.
I am feeling, change that to, '"I am buzzing"' about the future and tomorrows game. Millwall supporters as I know are never that optimistic because in my case, always in the background that feeling of "something is bound to go wrong" haunts us and I don't like to tempt fate but something is brewing down at the Den. We talk about the fact that we have a good team on paper but not on the pitch and Ian Holloway knows this and he will sort it, I'm sure.

Ian Holloway joins the Lions after we stumble at Southend and lose 4-1

After all the recent defeats and the dross that was served up which resulted in a 4-1 defeat against a league 2 club I really couldn't be bothered to write anything regarding this Southend FA Cup game but pulled myself off the sofa and gave it ago especially after Ian Holloday signed as manager a couple of days later. You will find my contribution within this seasons page which the link can be found in the right hand sidebar>>

There was gloom in my house and even the dog was hiding, With the Southend game following on from league defeats at home and away and only a single point gained at Doncaster there wasn't much enthusiasm from me to even turn the laptop on and when Wet and Windy Monday arrived it was going to be a long week. Then I got wind of the fact that Ian Holloway was about to sign and the dark turned to light and roll on the Huddersfield game. A bit over the top some might say, but I make no excuses because after the recent defeats and the shoddy display served up in the 4-1 defeat and the gloom that followed, this is a top-notch moment in the history of me supporting Millwall FC.

John Berylson shows the way--let's hope we get our bite back