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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Millwall 4 Huddersfield 0 Championship 27-10-12

It's been awhile since I have been able to scribe a post when we beat the opposition soundly and play solid enough to keep a clean sheet. Huddersfield who are much fancied by some pundits played reasonably till the second Millwall goal was scored but after that for the rest of the game they didn't really threaten and ended up scurrying home with their tails between their legs.

After losing a three goal lead to Birmingham Tuesday night I am not sure if we knew what to expect for this Huddersfield game. but in we go.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Crystal Palace 2 Millwall 2 Championship Game 11 20/10/12

We took 2600 -should have been 5000- but the police wouldn't let us.

Palace player Moxey got sent off and later got Twitter abuse from his own fans

Due to restricted ticket sales for Millwall I missed out on this one. I found a link on the internet. What a link it was, never seen so many adverts and pop ups. Plenty of buffering but that could have been my pc. Good to get the point but all three went begging.,we were unlucky but lucky but we should have beaten ten men. Chris Taylor played his first full debut and had a good game, shame he didn't score.
Played 11....Won 3....Draw 3....Lost 5....Goals For 16... Goals Against 21... Goal Diff -5... Points 12

Four without defeat, lets keep this going.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Marvin Sordell And His Millwall Supporters Twitter Dig

6-10-12 Millwall 2 Bolton 1

Struth, this got some coverage-it must be Millwall

A good atmosphere at the Den as the Lions beat last seasons premiership side Bolton. With Chris Eagles getting plenty of stick for behaving like a wally, Marvin Sordell the Bolton benchwarmer  must have felt left out so he posted something like this on Twitter, I was racially abused and so were my bench warming team mates.

I was in the stand above the benches and heard nothing of that nature.
With Lionheart Danny Shittu having a blinding game and with the Shittu chant ringing around the ground I couldn't here much else apart from as I said Bolton's Chris Eagles being made welcome.

Two facts come to mind with Sordell's twitter rant:
1) The police were nearby, heard it and done nothing.
2) My team mates were also abused.

With the police nearby and allegedly hearing it but doing nothing surely the police are never going to admit this and will of course say that they heard nothing. So if they heard nothing and they were nearby it couldn't have happened.

Where are his team mates? have they backed him? did they really hear it?

Once again lazy journalism by the whole lot of the media bandwagon, reacting to unsubstantiated twitter rants as though it's fact, printing and spouting nonsense and then just fading away without gathering any actual facts but leaving a nasty stain behind them. I thank them all for labelling me and my two sons and grandson a racist, after all we were at that game and we are Millwall supporters so we must be guilty.  That's Twitter, that's the media

No one likes us.....
If Sordell or anybody else feels like they are being discriminated against, they should try being a Millwall supporter. After a while you harden to it and sod em all ....we don't care(ish).

7/11/12 There has been a development with this involving Millwall FC and a 13 year old boy. There is confusion over Millwall's statement and it looks like the media is using the vagueness of this statement to put this young lad in the frame for being a racist when Millwall FC did not actually mention that. I have read a version of events from a family member and it reads somewhat different from what was reported by the press. The family member version is that Sordell abused the young lad by calling him you fat little c*nt after the boy said 'you look like a fish.

This all stinks to me.

13/11/12 This has grown, The Millwall statement is so vague and confusing that it asks more questions than it answers. There has been a banner shown in the Dockers Stand at the Derby County game that accuses Sordell of being a c*nt. This banner is not the thing that I would do myself but I understand why it was done. There are many angry about this sad episode in Millwall's history and if it is not clarified as soon as possible the stain that Millwall's original statement has left will grow huge and on top of that piss off every one of us that follow the Wall.

2nd Statement
After the supporters fierce criticism of Millwall's first statement the club  released a second statement hoping to clear up the confusion,

Just to draw a line under all the publicity surrounding the young lad involved in the Marvin Sordell incident at the Bolton match, representatives of the club, along with the Community Scheme, Millwall for All and myself, met with him and his parents earlier this week.
We agreed as a positive way forward, and with the agreement of his family, that the boy would take part in an educational course. While he has admitted to abusing the Bolton player, and has apologised in writing, he continues to deny that there was any racial element to that abuse. 
There is no concrete evidence to support or contradict that claim, a fact that may not have been clear in a previous statement. 
I would like to think we can all now put some closure to this incident and with the team performing so well at the moment look forward to the visit of Leeds on Sunday.
Millwall FC will continue to maintain contact with the family and all parties have requested that the individual is given the opportunity to undertake the course without further intrusion or speculation and hope that on completion he can return to watching the team.

I am sorry to say....
Still somewhat confusing. If there is no evidence of racial abuse why does the lad still have to go on a course. I doubt if there is a football supporter in the land who hasn't said or shouted something at a football player. Marvin Sordell has never made a official complaint to anyone and all this nonsense has come from his Twitter post. As for the club management telling us that we can now put some closure to this, they seem to forget that because of this unsubstantiated Twitter rant and the vagueness of their original statement the media and certain people within the media and elsewhere rubbished all of us Millwall supporters and apart from calling us all racist we are all animals as well. The club has made no statement regarding this. We will never let this drop but as for now I am going back to the football...bring on Leeds.

18/11/12  Millwall 1 Leeds 0
It just don't stop....after the Leeds game the Mail Online prints rubbish regarding Leeds player getting racial abuse. The Mail Online had to quickly withdraw this allegation as the supposedly abused player El-Hadji Diouf  spoke to Millwall and said that this did not happen. Not one of my favourite players but fair play to him, bothering to put the record straight.
Where did the Mail Online get this crap from, was it Twitter or did they just make it up, probably a bit of both knowing that shower of sh*t. This is another example of biased, lazy and incorrect news reporting. I would not insult the name of journalism as it doesn't even come close, they are scum of the highest order with a crooked agenda.

MSC letter to FA
Dear Sir

As you know, Marvin Sordell recently made a very serious allegation of racist abuse against a Millwall supporter on Twitter. This started a chain of events, including an FA and club investigation, a mass of critical comment regarding our club and ALL its supporters in the national media, and a ban for a 13-year old fan.

No evidence to support the allegation of racist abuse was found in the investigation. Clearly an unpleasant altercation took place between the child and Sordell. The FA seems satisfied with Millwall FC’s actions: to ban the child, offer him an educational programme, and for the child to send an apology to Sordell.

It appears, however, that Sordell has not been required to make any apology for abusing a 13-year old child, nor has he received any censure for, at least, choosing to use social media to make an allegation that he didn’t see fit to report to any of the appropriate authorities at the time of the incident. Players have been charged with bringing the game into disrepute for far less and for causing far less damage.

A player has made an unsubstantiated allegation on a social network, as opposed to the appropriate authority, the FA has acted on it and an investigation has been held, which has resulted in a supporter receiving a ban. This sets a very dangerous precedent. I understand the FA aims to protect players, but surely this should not be at the expense of supporters who turn up and pay good money to see them, when the player is far from blameless.

Is it the FA’s intention to censure this player in any way?

Best regards