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Saturday, 22 October 2011

Darius Henderson nicks the match ball, x3

22/10/11 Leicester City 0 Millwall 3 att. 21.991 (501) Darius "Hulk" Henderson 3,45,67
Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way oh! what fun it is to see, Millwall win away.

22/1/12 'Hulk Henderson scores two more hat tricks, at home to Dagenham and away to Barnsley in consecutive games.  In my life time I have never known a Millwall player do that before.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Millwall and Kenny Jackett 2011-2012 ten games gone

4/10/2011 Ten Game round up or how I see it so far.

DWDLDLDLLL = 7 POINTS = NOT VERY GOOD but we and John G Berylson show our support for KJ

There has been a improvement since we lost to Derby County but this improvement has still resulted in two more defeats. On another day we could have nicked points from Watford and Burnley.
With a poll on the popular supporters forum site 'HOF' backing Kenny Jackett by a whopping 96%, I think proves that supporters have a lot of time for this man and we want him to stay.

I think it's time to dig out my old Lucky Blue Socks

I believe that things will turn around. The Millwall crowd will have a big part to play 'home and away'.
I think it's time to hunker down, show our support for KJ, roar on the Lions and let's be up there by Christmas. Making predictions in football can result in a bite on your arse and egg on your face, but I see us in about 10th or 11th spot by Christmas. A bit of a dream perhaps, but I think we have the manager, players and supporters to do it.

Millwall wandering home, maybe wondering where the next three points is coming from.

I suppose the long and short of it all is that our next ten games need to be a whole lot better in terms of results if we are going to get anywhere near my prediction. I will have to wait and see.

I have just trawled through last seasons 2010-2011 season page on this Blog and found this...
From the 5th league game to the 17th league game DDLLDDWLWLLDL we pulled out of that slump, who's to say we cannot do it again.
Start of the next ten Championship games, after the international break

15/10/11 Game 11 Away to Boro and it is a 1-1 D

18/10/11 Game 12 Home to Brighton and it's a 1-1 D

22/10/11 Game 13 Away to Leicester and it is a 3-0 Millwall W

29/11/11 Game 14 Home to Ipswich and it's a 4-1 Millwall W

01/11/11 Game 15 Home to Coventry and it's a 3-0 Millwall W

I am tempted to say, "I knew the team had it in them". That's five of the second batch of ten games undefeated and eleven points in the bank.We move to 15th in the table.
Don't forget there is a full page about this season on this Blogspot.

05/11/11 Game 16 Away to Blackpool and it's a 1-0 Millwall L

Still eleven points from this second batch of ten games as Millwall suffer their first defeat in six.

20/11/11 Game 17 Home to Bristol City and it's a 1-0 Millwall L

26/11/11 Game 18 Away to Crystal Palace and it's a 0-0 D

29/11/11 Game 19 Home to Doncaster Rovers and it's a 3-2 Millwall W

03/12/11 Game 20 Away to Leeds United and it's a 2-0 Millwall L

That's 15 points from the second batch of ten games so pleased that we have improved, but we are still near the bottom of the table. DDWWWLLDWL 15 POINTS=IMPROVEMENT

Third batch of ten games
I may as well keep this going : I am hoping for a bigger tally of points than 15, we shall see:

10/12/11 Game 21 Home to Cardiff and it's a 0-0 D

17/12/11 Game 22 Away to Hull and it's a 2-0 L

26/12/11 Game 23 Home to Portsmouth and it's a 1-0 W

That's only one defeat in three, but only 4 points, so that's good but not so good.

31/12/11 Game 24 Home to Palace and it's a 1-0 L ' watching this game was painful.

3/1/2012 Game 25 Away to Bristol City and it's a 1-0 L getting beat near the end of extra time was also painful, especially after all the chances we had.

Just four points after five games of this 3rd batch of ten games, perhaps the transfer window will bring a surprise. After just one goal in five games we need a striker or two.

FA Cup 3rd round Away to Dagenham and Redbridge and it's a sell out.....
7/1/12 Dagenham 0 Millwall 0 A bit of a slog but it's back to our place.

14/1/12 Game 26 Home to Birmingham City and it's a 6-0 L Bloody Referee's

17/1/12 FA Cup 3rd round replay Millwall 5 Dagenham 0 W and it's Southampton in the next round.

21/1/12 Game 27 away to Barnsley and it's a 3-1 W Henderson scores his 3rd hat trick of the season

28/1/12 FA Cup 4th round home to Southampton and it's 1-1, back to their place

31/1/12 Game 28 Home to Watford and it's a 2-0 L for the Lions. We were clueless

04/2/12 Game 29 Away to West Ham and it's a 2-1 L Claret's win with given goal

07/2/12 FA Cup 4th round replay Southampton 2 Millwall 3 superb display by the Lions. Bolton next.

11/2/12 Game 30 Home to Derby and it's a 0-0 D 

That takes us to only eight points for the 3rd batch of ten games, which is a disappointing as we have shown no improvement with this part of the season. DLWLLLWLLD=8 POINTS
The start of the next batch of ten games, let's see if we beat eight points.
14/2/12 Game 31 Brighton 2 Millwall 2 a good display and Millwall earn a D

18/2/12 FA Cup 5th round Millwall 0 Bolton 2 D att.11,320 (1054)
I was looking forward to a rip-roaring display by the Lions but although we seemed to have most of the game our attacking play was somewhat lacking.

21/2/12 Game 32 Millwall 1 Middlesboro 3 att. 9,286 We were poor especially the first half, I don't want to spend time talking about this game apart from it's a L

25/2/12 Game 33 Burnley 1 Millwall 3 and it's a well earn't W 'for such a display it should be worth a extra point

03/03/12 Game 34 Millwall 1 Reading 2 losing at home yet again means another bloody L

06/03/12 Game 35 Peterborough 0 Millwall 3 another three goals away from home secure a W
10/03/12 Game 36 Notts Forest 3 Millwall 1 this time we concede 3 and get a L

17/03/12 Game 37 Millwall 2 Southampton 3 two late penalties sink the Lions L

20/03/12 Game 38 Doncaster 0 Millwall 3, goals from Keogh, Kane and Henderson and a W

24/03/12 Game 39 Millwall 0 Leeds 1 should have guessed it, another home L

31/03/12 Game 40 Cardiff 0 Millwall 0 last game of the forth batch of ten and it's a 0-0 D

4TH BATCH OF 10 games looks like this DLWLWLLWLD

Eleven points earn't from these ten games and it reads so far.........

First batch of ten games 7 points

Second batch of ten games 15 points

Third batch of ten games 8 points

Forth batch of ten games 11 points

A grand total of 41 points and we sit just outside the relegation zone.
Six games to go, it would be nice to wish to finish these last six games with a better points return
than what's gone before.

The last six games

07/4/12 Game 41 Millwall 2 Hull 0, this one's for Kitch as we earn a home W

10/4/12 Game 42 Portsmouth 0 Millwall, 1 according to Robbo this one is for us W

14/4/12 Game 43 Millwall 2 Leicester 1, three wins on the trot and it's another W

A dream come true, Millwall winning three on the bounce,a Saturday night to get sloshed and a massive grin!!

That's us mathematically safe with 50 points-I would like to see us push-on and finish the season strong. Not sure the players could do it as they have worked bloody hard to avoid relegation and are probably thinking about holidays. I don't blame them.

Pushing on.....

17/4/12 Game 44 Coventry o Millwall 1 the fourth win on the spin and it's a W

21/4/12 Game 45 Ipswich 0 Millwall 0, five wins another clean sheet and another W and 56 points

28/4/12 Game 46 Millwall 2 Blackpool2  W A decent game of football to finish off the season.

The thoughts of relegation was long gone as the Lions finish seventeen points above the drop and one point above Palace. Not to sure what all the fuss was about as KJ and the team have shown their metal.

57 POINTS and a well earnt holiday