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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Burnley 1 Millwall 3 Championship game 33

Three well taken goals win this match and we continue to play well away. A brilliant performance by the Lions makes my weekend bliss, even the wife looks double yummy.

From the start Millwall press and soon Hamer Bouzza hits the crossbar and shortly after Andy Keogh fires us into the lead. With us still pressing Josh Wright scores from a 30 yard volley that has me and every body else drooling all weekend, what a cracker, goal of the season and all that. Harry Kane seals it with a super finish of his own. It's back to them good old "happy days"

Team: Forde, Dunne, Lowry, Robinson, Craig, Henry, Abdou, Wright(Barron) Keogh, Bouazza(Feeney) Kane(Henderson)
subs not used Allsop, N'Guessan

Burnley manager Eddie Howe criticises his team, poor performance, we were ragged,out of character, blah! blah! blah!

Friday, 17 February 2012

Millwall v Bolton Wanderers FA Cup 5th round 18/2/2012

From a kid I have always enjoyed the FA Cup competition so it's a good job I follow a team that from time to time does all right in it. This may be surprising for some that I think this, surely I must be a supporter of some trophy encrusted team from the Premiership and not support a "little" side from South London.
I suppose my thoughts about this is, you don't have to win it to be successful in it and from time to time the Lions produce a gem of a game or a good run that makes us puff out our chests and feel so proud to be following Millwall FC.

Bring on Bolton

18/2/12 The game

Millwall 0 Bolton nine year old grandson blames KJ for playing with just one up front.
We had loads of possession but more or less nothing in front of goal, so I tend to agree with him. A cheer went up when Steve Mildenhall replaced David Forde in goal and in my opinion "I saw no improvement".
Skipper and centre half Robbo shows the way

Oh well, back to the league.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Kenny Jackett., there's still time to do it

Will Kenny see the season out?, I have no doubt that he will. There's one thing you can say about KJ is that he cannot be found guilty of not trying. He uses the limited resources that he has in many  ways and is not afraid to give it ago with different types of play and different combinations of players. The plan does not always work but he is not so blind stupid that he does not recognise when maybe that wasn't such a good idea. Being in such a pond with big fish (money wise), you have to have guile, be slippery and ruthless and most of all use all your resources to their maximum effect. This I believe is something that he does as a matter of course and from time to time his resources or his plan will let him down so he will have a tweak with the team, change tactics and a excellent result against a top side is achieved. We just need a few more of these 'excellent results" or any old result will do so it takes us clear of the drop. The majority of one of his resources, which is we, the Millwall crowd must think more or less the same as me because I have not heard one verbal criticism of him inside the Den on matchdays. In fact it's the opposite.