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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Ian Holloway with not much to show and now just 7 games to go


29/3/14 league game 39 Millwall 2 Blackburn 2
25/3/14 League Game 38 Millwall 2 Birmingham 3

That's fifteen games under Ian Holloway and his results are not that good. We have only picked up eleven points from these fifteen games and in the last five games of the fifteen we earn just two sad looking points.  We really are poor but at least we are scoring.

29/3/14League Game 39 Millwall 2 Blackburn 2   we can't defend against ten men

I think the players attitudes have improved over this period and they show desire to win but alas they do not show the skills, savvy or nous to win. We have had many injuries and Danny Shittu is one of those injured long term and his presence is missed as there is no commander taking control in our penalty box. Having no presence we concede many a soft goal while at the same time finding it difficult to score.

25/3/14 League Game 38 Millwall 2 Birmingham 3 "Ollies" must win game

With the away end looking on we give it a go, but yet another home defeat

Monday, 17 March 2014

Leeds v Millwall 22/3/14 next game coming up


Charlton won last night 1-0, 90th minute
Saturday is now crucial

We lost this game 2-1 and we are now well in the mire. We have got to improve our finishing smartly as we are running out of games.We conceded two soft goals so we also need to tighten up at the back. Sounds simple really, score more goals and concede none, that's the way to do it. Can we do it? Ian Holloway is constantly changing the team and the formation to try to score more and concede less but it's not working. Perhaps we can't see the wood through the trees as some of the formations and the constant changing of formation throughout each game is confusing the players, it's certainly confusing me. Let's go simple, defend like your supposed to and nick a win.

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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Millwall 0 Charlton 0 15/3/2014 Championship

That's a W.L.D. in the last three games. After the Derby win I was really hoping that we would pull it off at Blackpool. It wasn't to be and although we done more than enough to win the game in the first half Blackpool somehow managed to sneak a 1-0 win.

We had a chance today to beat lowly Charlton at our place and with our new 6' 8'' Austrian International striker Stefan Maierhofer "the Hof" in the team. I was hopeful that we could cure the problem of not been able to score that much. Wrong, same old, same old.

Fred Challenges as the Hof looks on

We were not that good in this game apart from young Fred Onyedinma who moved from the youth team and started this game and was my man of the match. He showed the seasoned pro's how to play and that was the only good thing to come out of this game, apart from the point. The Austrian is tall and although he is about the same height of Peter Crouch he seems to have more control of his body parts. He should score some goals at this level and hopefully half a dozen for us.

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Saturday, 8 March 2014

8/3/14 Derby County 0 Millwall 1 and our noisy 500 go home happy

A dogged display by the Wall and Derby go home frustrated and not like us **Happy** 

Are we at long last coming together so we can play and give a display of football we thought we should have had months ago. I have said and we have said many times that on paper we have a side that should should be at least challenging for the play-off and doing it in style. We have had nothing for over a year and I have never known such gloom or maybe more accurate it was such a long time ago that I can't remember it. I will enjoy these three points and there's another three to be earn't Tuesday away to Blackpool. It's do-able.

As I said with the Brighton post below, is this the Brink?

Ian Holloway before this game says we have 13 cup finals to go. That's one out of the way and we have won that one.

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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Millwall 0 Brighton 1 Game 33 1/3/14 yet another two bob referee

That's still one point off of the last relegation spot no thanks to a referee who must have had a bet on Brighton to win because that can be the only reason he gave them a penalty that never was. Mind you saying that, he might just spend his weekends down there.

I'm sure that Holloway knows that we are on the brink

We are on the brink. The brink of relegation or the brink of turning this season around. We dominated this game but if only we could score. There is 39 points up for grabs, we could do with them all