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Friday, 19 April 2013

James Beal and Jake Ryan The Suns "Two Bob" Reporters

18/4/13 A exclusive report from James Beal and Jake Ryan
If these two journo prat's like lurking around in toilets they can take both of those pictured above with them as they will come in very handy as they can both be used for the same thing.

Their exclusive story is....they accuse Millwall supporters of using coke, which is a massive accusation in it's self, but also add as their headline states, Footie yobs snort coke at Millwall stadium
How the hell do they know it was yobs who supposedly snorted this so-called coke, it could have been a lawyer or any type of person which includes reporters and journalists. This is a deliberate stereo type derogatory description of us that follow Millwall.
I would like to take a swab or two and wipe it the around the premises of News International, I would be curious to see the results.

Some might say "these swabs were contaminated by the people who's pockets they were in or where they were stored back at Wapping" I would say that they might be right.