1885---131st Anniversary year---2016 'We fear No Foe

Understood by those that matter

Millwall FC in the Championship 2011*2012

Here we go again  N-power Championship
With no new signings and players like Steve Morison and Neil Harris leaving the club, Millwall fans face this season with a question mark hanging over the seasons outcome. We will have to wait and see.
A few names have been banded about regarding Millwall signing a new striker and Ryan Taylor of Rotherham United come close but ended up signing for Bristol City.  Jordon Rhodes of Huddersfield was mentioned but I think mainly by the press.
There's plenty of talk on the Millwall Forums about who will be the new striker replacement, well there was before MISA was closed down because of  terms of conditions violation, hopefully it will back soon. The debate still goes on at the House of Fun.  At this present time of writing  Therry Racon from Charlton is about to sign for the Lions which I cannot comment about as I know nothing about him.
I have watched a YouTube clip involving him and he seems a skilful player.

A short while later
Just found some info, he is 27 years old, Guadeloupe international who plays for Charlton and as played at the Den once before and he was on the loosing side as we hammered Charlton 4-0,  I remember it well but I don't remember him.

 Darius Henderson signed on a two year deal from Sheffield United. With 84 goals scored in his professional career the 29 year old and  6' 1" striker will shortly put on the Millwall shirt and as I have faith in KJ  I am sure that he will score a few goals (hopefully lots) for the Lions. I have read that he will be taking a 9k weekly pay cut to join the Lions.

Defender Jordon Stewert signs from Greece club Skoda Xanthi on a one year deal. I don't know much about this player but I do know that he has Championship experience with Derby , Watford,  Leicester and Sheffield United. I believe that he is a defender that can play midfield and add a different dimension to Millwall's play.

Shelbourne 0 Millwall 3.....This pre season friendly saw the Lions wrap the game up before half time.
With a goal from Marquis and a brace by Mcquoid the Lions could afford to change the team around for the 2nd half.

There's a bit of a buzz going around the group of Wall fans at work that Jason Puncheon could be coming back to the Den. I have not checked this out yet so I will have a look on the web, back soon.
Next day and the Jason rumour is just that..... a rumour.

The other Irish friendly.....Longford Town 0 Millwall 1,  Mkandawire gets the goal.
Millwall: Steve Mildenhall, Alan Dunne, Tony Craig, Darren Ward, Darren Purse, Hamer Bouazza, Jimmy Abdou, Therry Racon, James Henry, Liam Trotter, John Marquis

What seems to be a annual event, our friendly away to Dartford ended with a 5-0 win to the Lions.
With James Henry scoring a hat trick and Henderson and Mcquiod scoring the other two Millwall proved that there is a huge gulf in class between the Championship and the Conference South. We bossed the game overall and limited Dartford to a couple of chances with one of their chances resulting in a super save from Lions keeper Mildenhall.

23-3-11 Gillingham 0 Millwall 1
Yet another pre-season win with young John Marquis scoring the winner late on, well done to him.
About 100 Feyenoord fans turned up for this game and this confuses me. Rumour has it, they are sort of  Millwall Supporters who come over to Gillingham to sing a few songs....Weird

Alan Dunne Testimonial.....Millwall 4 Charlton 3 and yet another pre-season win.

First league game away to Reading on the 6/8/11 and we have sold our away allocation of 2000, there may be a couple of hundred  more tickets available (3/8/11).

The season gets underway proper

6-8-11 Game 1 Reading 2 v Millwall 2 att. 18,531
Kenny Jackett's 200 league game in charge of the Lions. Henderson and Marquis score after the break.
The Lions concede two late on., 86th and 89th minute. Gutted
Millwall: Forde, Dunne, Craig, Robinson, Mkandawire, Ward, Trotter, Bouazza, Henry, Henderson,
Subs. \ Mildenhall, Barron, Hackett, Racon, Abdou

9-8-11 Carling Cup round one Plymouth 0 Millwall 1 att.4,781  N'Guessan (Leicester loanee)14
A few changes for this one.
Millwall: Mildenhall, Smith, Purse, Craig, Barron, Hackett, Racon, Abdou, Stewart, Marquis, N'Guessen
Subs.\ Mkandawire, Bouazza, Allsop, Dunne, Robinson, Henry, Ward

Morecombe in the next round..
13-8-11 Game 2 Millwall 2 Nottingham Forest 0 att 12.010 Henderson 7 Trotter 77

17-8-11 Game 3  Millwall 2 Peterborough 2 att 10,240 Trotter 32, Bouazza 55
A Wednesday night.
Not to sure how to report this game, but I think I can safely say "that was two points lost"
Being 2-0 up at the Den the lions should have finished this game keeping Boro quiet but that did not happen and they let them score two late (ish) goals with some sloppy defending. My worry is that if we can blow it against an un-fancied side we will need to tighten up considerably, or it will happen again.

A red sky at night should have meant Millwall's delight

20/8/11 Game 4 Southampton 1 Millwall 0 att. 23,333
We could have won this game with the way we pressured in the 2nd half but I suppose with our bogey manager Nigel Atkins in charge of the saints it was not to be.

Millwall: Mildenhall, Dunne, Ward, Robinson, Craig, Henry, Mkandawire, Trotter, Bouazza, Marquis, Henderson.
Subs. Abdou, McQuoid, Hackett, Forde, Stewart
23/8/11 Carling Cup round two Millwall 2 Morecambe 0 att 3,443 Bouazza, Mkandawire

Not to much of an away support, mind you, there wasn't much of a home support for this Carling Cup game.

A game of frustration for John Marquis. With the Morecambe defence stopping John Marquis from really having much luck in front of goal the game fizzled out in the second half with the Lions settling for a 2-0 win.
It reminded me of Steve Morison the way that Marquis had no luck with the average Morecambe defence and dropped his shoulders when the referee made a decision that didn't go his way.

27/8/11 Game 5 Millwall 0 Barnsley 0 att 10,033  No goals but a bit of booing

We should have won this game but the finishing was woeful. With Trott's missing from the side due to injury there was nobody really prepared to show that little bit of class which could result in a goal. Josh McQuoid missed from two yards out and "Jimmy Abdou" was foiled by the keeper. KJ is not panicking and neither am I.
 KJ is hoping to sign one of our past favourite loanee's Jay Simpson from Hull City but there is a disagreement regarding the valuation of him.

5 league Game summary, one win, three draws, and one defeat = 6 points, six goals scored and five against.

Millwall: Forde, Dunne, Ward, Robinson, Stewart, Henry, Mkandawire, Abdou, Bouazza, Henderson, Mcquoid. Subs: Used Craig, Marquis, Not usedMildenhall, Smith, O,Brien

Coming up next......INTERNATIONAL BREAK

11/9/2011 Game 6 Birmingham 3 Millwall 0 att. 17,901 (1,064)

With Jay Simpson back in the team and Liam Feeney signed from Bournemouth Millwall had chances but took none of them. 

Millwall: Forde, Dunne, Ward, Robinson, Craig, Feeney, Mkandawire, Trotter, Bouazza, Henderson, Simpson  subs: Henry for Bouazza 62, N'Guessan for Feeney 62, Marquis for Simpson 72
17/9/2011 Game 7 Millwall 0 Westham 0 att. 16,078  That's 7 points from 7 games

The vibe going around before this Championship clash was the atmosphere was going to be awesome. The atmosphere at the Huddersfield play off game was awesome, the atmosphere at this game was good from the Millwall support but somewhat limp from the away support. 

The away end, just one rendition of "bubbles" and "where was you at Upton Park?" was just about it 

Hoping for a win but would take a draw was the buzz I felt around the Den

I got the impression that these fancy Dans from the Boleyn ground just needed to turn up to win but the Lions had other idea's. While Millwall played with just one up front, which consisted of John Marquis, who is waiting to have a double hernia operation running his socks off chasing and winning headers all through the game. With Millwall's defence and midfield limiting the Hammers to just a few chances a 0-0 draw seemed just about right.

A second half double substitution could not break the deadlock.

Millwall: Forde, Dunne, Robinson, Trotter, Bouazza, Marquis, Feeney, Mkandawire, Ward, Abdou, Stewart      Played subs. Simpson, Henry, N'Guessan

West Ham: Green, McCarthy, Nolan, Tomkins, Cole, Taylor, Faye, Noble, O'Brien, Faubert, Lansbury
subs. Boffin, Reid, Baldock, Bently, Carew
20/9/2011 Carling cup round 3 Wolves 5 Millwall 0 att.7.749
All that I can say about this game is "Wolves wanted it, we did not"

Millwall: Mildenhall, Smith, Ward, Craig, Stewart, Henry, Dunne, Abdou, Bouazza, Marquis, N'Guessan
subs. Barron for Bouazza 45, O'Brien for N'Guessan 74, unused Forde, Robinson, Purse, Trotter, Alabi
24/9/2011 Game 8 Derby 3 Millwall 0 att.24.120   we took away 536

This is the first game for at least the last three seasons that I, within my mind's eye knew that we would loose.
I had forgotten what that emotion was like, but at least I wasn't surprised when we done just that.
I can understand that sometimes a team goes on a run of not scoring and I can understand that this would make defenders come that little bit more forward to force the play, but why are conceding so many.
To concede eleven goals  in the last four games is bonkers when you consider that practically the same defence was one of the best in the Championship last season.
Part of KJ;s summary of the game was among others critical of the Lions desire to battle when they go a goal or two down. I suppose the players may need to remember that *We Fear No Foe* so go for the oppositions jugular, and tighten up that defence.  We are now 5th off the bottom.

Millwall: Forde, Dunne, Ward, Robinson, Stewart, Feeney, Abdou, Trotter, Bouazza, N'Guessan, Simpson.
Subs.Henry for Bouazza 46, Marquis for Simpson 66, not used Barron, Craig and Mildenhall
26/9/11 Brian Howard a midfielder from Reading signs for Millwall on a three month loan deal. I know nothing about him apart from he cost Reading 500K from Sheff Utd in 2009 and he is a bit useful on the pitch. He could start tomorrow night away toWatford.
29/9/2011 Game 9 Watford 2 Millwall 1 att. 10.592 ( we took away 819)  I predicted 1-0 to the Wall

I really thought we was going to win this game, but I must have been crazy. The referee didn't help with very little giving to the Lions but everything going to the home side we were once against up against it. With Millwall going ahead through a goal by Feeney in the 68th minute I was hoping we could hang on but it was not to be as Watford equalised  from a corner ten minutes later. A short time later and under five minutes to go Watford went ahead when Lions Skipper Robinson headed a clearance straight toWatford's Forsyth who made no mistake and buried the ball into the Millwall net. Gutted
Millwall sit near the bottom and surely the only way is up.

Millwall: Forde, Dunne, Ward, Robinson, Craig, Abdou, Feeney, Trotter, Howard, Henry, N'Guessan
subs Marquis for Abdou 59,  Bouazza for N'Guessan 78, not used Mildenhall, Purse, Barron
1/10/2011 Game 10 Millwall 0 Burnley 1 att.10460 The loosing run continues, but only just

I think I was expecting something from this game, but I was wrong. I would I liked a decent decision from the Ref but even that was to much to ask for. A second half display from the Lions should have been enough to get something from this game but with a solid keeper display and no luck in front of goal we drop to the position of being just one place off the bottom spot. John Marquis who came on for the second half in place of Jay Simpson nearly stole the show with some good solid play and a few goal chances. A good 45 minutes from him was excellent considering he was carrying a double hernia and shortly will be going under the knife to have it sorted.

Millwall: Forde, Mkandawire, Ward, Robinson, Barron, Howard, Simpson, Trotter, Henry, Feeney, N'Guessan
subs Marquis for Simpson 46,  Bouazza for Henry 72,  not used Mildenhall, Dunne, Abdou

John Marquis goes under the knife to have his double hernia sorted. He is expected back about 26th Nov. 

4/10/2011 10 Game round up or how I see it so far.

DWDLDLDLLL = 7 POINTS = NOT VERY GOOD but John G Berylson shows his support for KJ

There has been a improvement since we lost to Derby County but this improvement has still resulted in two more defeats. On another day we could have nicked points from Watford and Burnley.
With a poll on the popular supporters forum site 'HOF' backing Kenny Jackett by a whopping 96% I think proves that supporters have a lot of time for this man and we want him to stay. 

I think it's time to dig out my old Lucky Blue Socks

I believe that things will turn around. The Millwall crowd will have a big part to play 'home and away'.
I think it's time to hunker down, show our support for KJ, roar on the Lions and let's be up there by Christmas. Making predictions in football can result in a bite on your arse and egg on your face, but I see us in about 10th or 11th spot by Christmas. A bit of a dream perhaps, but I think we have the manager, players and supporters to do it. 

I suppose the long and short of it all is that our next 10 games need to be a whole lot better in terms of results if we are going to get anywhere near my prediction. I will have to wait and see.

I have just trawled through my last seasons 2010-2011 page on this Blog and found this...
From the 5th league game to the 17th league game DDLLDDWLWLLDL we pulled out of that slump, who's to say we cannot do it again.

13/10/11   Striker Patrick Agyemang signs for the Lions on a months loan from QPR, but he states if the chance arose he would like to stay for maybe a while longer.This popular forward was chased by other teams but a chat with Kenny Jackett was enough to bring him to the Den, I read that he is looking forward to being a part of the Millwall setup.
This signing maybe just the job to get Millwall scoring again and hopefully his present in the oppositions penalty box will create chances for himself and others that are around him. Confidence could well return to the team if he does well. Time will tell.
15/10/11 Game 11 Middlesbrough 1 Millwall 1  att. 16.669 we took away 270
The start of the next ten games and I will take that point.
I am happy with the draw but I wonder if KJ is.The first halve from the Lions was somewhat lacking, but a better second half  could have seen the Lions take all three points with a better final ball. The first half  lacked almost everything from Millwall but they managed to hold off high flying Boro to only scoring the one goal and we went down the tunnel 1-0 down but after the break we created much more which resulted in a own goal by Boro's Williams according to the Millwall FC website, (Trotter is credited with the goal in the report of the game in The Football League Paper). KJ tactic's seemed to be in the second half to substitute Patrick Agyemang for Josh Simpson and his speed, ask a bit more from the rest of the team so they threaten the home sides defence a bit more, it paid off.

Millwall: Forde, Mkandawire, Ward, Robinson, Barron, Abdou, Howard, Trotter, Feeney, Agyemang, Henderson.
Subs: Simpson for Agyemang 46,  Smith for Barron 90 
Not used: Mildenhall, Henry, N'Guessan
18/10/11 Game 12 Millwall 1 Brighton 1 att.11,688    Brighton fetch a few

Night Game

Back in block 8 for this one. With out going too deep in thought just a match summary will suffice.
Brighton won the toss and swapped as around, so no playing in front of Cold Blow Lane for the second half.
First 45 minutes.Brighton was allowed for long periods to knock the ball about at the back with hardly any pressure from the Lions to break up their play, but saying that we  had good chances first half to score three goals. Brighton missed a penalty, I didn't see the incident but I have been told it was a well dodgy penalty. 
Patrick Ayangamang made his home debut when he replaced Henderson in the second half but was not affective. Millwall play most of the second half with nothing creative when trying to open up the Brighton defence and spent most of their time kicking it around midfield and loosing it and then chasing back.
Brighton score from close range and my heart sunk but Josh Simpson with ten minutes left on the clock fired  a scorcher toward goal and the Brighton keeper was picking the ball out of the net.
With not more that 10 minutes to go a old Millwall would have turned it on and roared on by the crowd try their hardest to score the winner, this did not happen and the game fizzled out. Looking on the plus side that's two games undefeated.

Free kick

Millwall: Forde,  Mkandawire,  Barron(Dunne 46),  'Trotter, Robinson,  Ward,  Howard,  Abdou, Henderson(Ayangamang 61),  Simpson,   Feeney
Subs not used Mildenhall, Henry, N'Guessan

22/10/11 Game 13 Leicester 0 Millwall 3 att. 21.991 we take 501 away
Goals---- Henderson, 35, 45, 67, 
I am enjoying this Saturday evening very much, With our first win for yonks and away at that, the Merrydown cider has been on the table tonight. Without conceding a goal Millwall's defence looked tight. Looking on the Millwall Website I see that it was our biggest win against Leicester for 70 years, that defiantly deserves a double helping of the golden juice. With Darius Henderson scoring his first hat trick for the Lions he must want to reach for the bottle too but maybe the Match Ball will have to do.We move out of the bottom three.
That's three games undefeated, "I could get used to this".

Championship short version
1st     Southampton  27 points, 
12th    Brighton         19 pts
20th    Miliwall          12 pts
24th    Bristol City       8 pts

Millwall: Forde, Dunne, Smith, Abdou, Robinson, Ward, Howard, Trotter, Henderson, Simpson, Feeney.
Subs. N'Guessan for Simpson 77,  Henry for Feeney 75,  Not used Mildenhall, Mkandawire, Agyemang.
28/10/2011 I fancy it tomorrow and I will put my money where my mouth is and say we should get something from this game, "Something" maybe a drawbpp I will go with a oi2'3C%jFdiv>
I am going to the game tomorrow with a couple of my 3 year old grand kids, it's best to start them early.
I have also at long last managed to get my middle daughter to go down the Den, so that will be six of us tomorrow. 
29/10/11 Game 14  Millwall 4  Ipswich 1 att. 12464  (1.608)
Yep! I was right, we do get something, all three points.

The Lions are looking good

That's four games un-beaten and we were magnificent. With Liam Feeney dancing down the wing and Josh Simpson and Henderson sparkling and all the other players playing with style and conviction a comprehensive demotion of Ipswich town took place.  Bring on Coventry City Tuesday night. 
Millwall: Forde, Dunne, Smith, Abdou, Robinson, Ward, Howard, Trotter, Henderson, Simpson, Feeney.

Subs...... Henry for Howard 89mins,   Mkandawire for Simpson 86mins,   N'Guessan for Feeney 90+2
not used.....  MildenHall, Agyemang
1/11/11 Game 15 Millwall 3 Coventry City 0 att. 9.517  (away 386)

That's five games unbeaten, three wins on the bounce, ten goals scored and one conceded.
Six goals for Darius Henderson in three games. Jay Simpson and Liam Feeney also goal contribute.

Second half dominance

With Coventry looking like their mission was to defend and try to catch Millwall on the break the first half of the game was frustrating for me as a supporter and it looked like it also for the Millwall team.
A 0-0 draw flashed through my mind at half time but the second half roared into life as once again we upped the tempo playing towards the Cold Blow Lane End. With Liam Trotter feeding the front line Darius Henderson was a delight to watch as his trickery inside the Coventry Penalty box was finished off with a excellent shot that opened the scoring. A second goal quickly followed and Liam Feeney finished Coventry off.
Millwall: Forde, Dunne, Smith, Abdou, Robinson, Ward, Howard(Henry 46), Trotter. Henderson, (N;Guessan) Simpson(Mkandawire 76) Feeney, 
Subs not used, Mildenhall, McQuoid

Short Championship Table

1    Southampton     33 pts
6    Hull City            24 pts
10  Cardiff               21 pts
15  Millwall             18 pts
20  Portsmouth       16 pts
24  Doncaster           9 pt
1/11/11  Shaun Batt and John Marquis back to full training. Great News!
5-11-11 Game 16 Blackpool 1 Millwall 0 att.12.455
Was going to this one but a funeral got in the way.
Don't you just hate him, Kevin Phillips that is. The ageing past England striker was only on the pitch for three minutes and, BANG, super strike, super goal (62mins). Millwall huffed and puffed, had a few chances but could not get anything from the game.

Millwall: Forde, Dunne, Smith, Abdou, Robinson, Ward, Howard, trotter, Henderson, Simpson, Feeney.

Subs. Mkandawire for Abdou 74mins, Henry for Howard 64mins, McQuoid for Simpson 74mins,
subs not used Mildenhall, N'Guessan
Josh Wright signs a short contract and joins Millwall
20/11/11 Game 17 Millwall 1 Bristol City 2 att. 10,252 (away 324)
Jay Simpson 57mins 
Maynard 14,63  this idiot was celebrating his first goal in front of the South Stand by giving it large. The abuse he got was heard down the far end of the Old Kent Road.

A bit of a foggy day for this Sky Sunday broadcast and although the Lions started brightly Bristol scored first and went on to win the game. With Bristol scoring on13 minutes Millwall always seemed to be chasing the game and when eventually on loan Simpson pulled the Lions level Bristol yet again scored and we were once again back to chasing a equaliser. It wasn't to be our day as Millwall lacked the bite to see off this average Championship.side. Sometimes you can watch a game for 90 minutes and it's not registered within your mind of what type of game it actually was,  perhaps Bristol are not a average side and perhaps the Lions done well to keep the game so tight, not sure. What I can recall is below average distribution from the Millwall back four. There was a bit of a boo at the final whistle, so I guess that a few of us weren't happy. 
ps  from where I was we should have had a penalty

Jay Simpson Celebrates after his equaliser

Millwall push for a second equaliser but it wasn't to be

Millwall: Forde, Dunne, Robinson, Ward, Smith, Abdou, Trotter, Howard, Feeney, Simpson, Henderson
Subs. Mildenhall for Forde 35mins, Henry for Howard 63mins, N,Guessan for Henderson N'Guessan 73,
not used Marquis, Craig  
Two Villa players come to Millwall on loan. Defender Shane Lowry signs for five weeks and left footed defender Nathan Baker signs for a similar period of time.
26/11/11 Game 18   Crystal Palace 0  Millwall 0 att. 15,150 (us away, not enough due to police restrictions)
The Lions earn a point as they make five changes.
Goal keeper Mildenhall in for the injured David Forde done all right and watched the ball fly pass his goal post as Palace miss a penalty. I would have took this point before the game, so a happy weekend for me.

Millwall: Mildenhall, Smith, Robinson, Lowry, Baker, Feeney, Abdou, Trotter, Barron, Marquis, Simpson
subs. Henry for Marquis 61, Howard for Barron 83. Not used Allsop, Ward, McQuoid
29/11/11 Game 19 Millwall 3 Doncaster Rovers 2 att 9.052 (268 visiting)

Long lost 1970's ex Millwall player Trevor Lee finally surfaced after years of  being impossible to trace.
He get's a very warm welcome as he takes his salute before the game.

Back to winning ways and we climb the table four places.
Robinson suspended and Trotter Captain's and scores two, Henderson scores the other.
Millwall play scruffy but battle on for the win.

Mildenhall makes his full home debut

A dubious penalty from where I was and as you can see I was up close, Mildenhall faces his second spot kick in two games but this time the opposition score.

Millwall: Mildenhall, Smith, Ward, Lowry, Baker, Feeney, Abdou, Trotter, Barron, Marquis, Simpson
subs. Hendersom for Marquis 61, Bouazza for barron 76, Henry for Feeney 79
not used, Allsop, Howard
A short table

Top position Southampton   19 played, 42 points,
6th position Leicester          19 played, 29 points
12th position Derby             20 played, 25 points
17th position Millwall          19 played, 22 points
Bottom position Doncaster  19 played, 13 points
03/12/11 Game 20 Leeds 2 Millwall 0 att 27,161 ( only 200 we took away, the Motor service station ticket nonsense again). 
I shall keep this short. We kept them out for about 60 minutes and then screwed it up.

Millwall: Mildenhall, Smith, Robinson, Lowry, Baker, Feeney, Barron, Trotter, Abdou, Henderson, Simpson
subs: Bouazza on for Barron 68,  Henry on for Feeney 73,  Ward on for Lowry 68,
Not used, Allsop, Marquis
10/12/11 Game 21 Millwall 0 Cardiff City 0 att, 11,314 (travelling 1,321)

 A fine welcome for Cardiff supporters, anybody seen their sheep?

The fist half of this game was dour, the Lions had the first attempt on goal in the 35th minute which hit the woodwork and not much else. I have had a chance to have a opinion on the two Aston Villa loan players Shane Lowry and Nathan Baker and my opinion is "they add nothing extra to the Millwall defence". The whole defence including the keeper Steve Mildenhall kicked the ball anywhere, but to a Millwall player. The second half was much the same as the first but with a bit of added bite due to Darius Henderson coming on for the second half and beefing up the frontline. He was also having a right old tussle with Cardiff's no 25 Ben Turner, but as normal no protection from the referee. With a few minutes to go Henderson could have won the game for the Lions with a downwards header that had the Cardiff keeper beaten but ended up fling off the ground a bit to high and flew past the wrong side of the crossbar.

At the final whistle there was  boo's from some of our supporters which  measured a three on the" We're not happi-ometer scale". I thought the boo's were harsh, we had contained a much fancied team to only one good chance. We did play scruffy but we could have won the game. What I would like to see which I think is  missing from the team on the field of play is an  improvement of the defence so they have the ability to take the ball or tackle the ball and play forward and maybe take a return pass and start a passage of play, row Z just won't do.


Millwall: Mildenhall, Lowrey, Robinson, Baker, Smith, Bouazza, Abdou, Trotter, Feeney, Henry, Simpson.
Subs: Henderson on for Simpson, N'Guessan on for Bouazza, 
subs not used Allsop,
17/12/11 Game 22 Hull 2 Millwall 0 att 17,841

That's the first time we have lost at Hull since 1987 and I wonder what or who I can blame for that, now let's see. I think there may been for Millwall once again some bad luck trying to score in front of goal but not for the opposition Hull who had the good luck in front of goal also Lions loose two defenders through injury and two mid-fielders out through injury before the game.

We could have got something from this game  but we blew it.

Millwall: Mildenhall, Dunne, Robinson, Lowry, Baker, Feeney, Barron, Smith, Howard, Henry, Henderson
subs.( Stewart for Baker 26m) (Ward for Stewart63) (Bouazza for Barron 75) 
not used Allsop, Marquis
26/12/11 Game 23 Millwall 1 Portsmouth 0 att 11,002
That result takes us to 26 points and five points from a regulation place and ten points from the play off places, it's still all to play for.

The first half was a non-event regarding the Lions tearing into Portsmouth, just a slow steady plod from both sides. The Christmas pud must have worn off a touch as the second half got underway and Millwall raised their game a tad which was enough to see off a very ordinary Portsmouth. Second half sub John Marquis had a glorious effort when running in from the right but blazed just wide, Liam Feeney had a effort saved and Dany N'Guessan scored the goal as he thought for the ball near the oppositions goal and poked it across the line.

The second half saw the Lions having a bit more of a go

31/1/2012 Game 24 Millwall 0 Crystal Palace 1 att 16,085 'Millwall's biggest crowd of the season'

What's going on? No heart, no bite and no passion, and that includes us the supporters.
Millwall played the same way they played against Portsmouth, dour.

I was very hopeful before kick off

Dare I say, they played the game like it was the last game of the season and there was nothing to play for.
The first half of this game was dismal from both sides, but the game livened up second half from the Lions with the introduction of sub James Henry who provided a bit more zip down the right hand side but he was passing and delivering balls to the same old tired looking midfield and front players who had done zilch in the first half and carried on doing zilch in the second half. With Palace scoring  I would have thought this would have been the impetus fo the lions to raise their game which would include the noise from us, but that did not happen. Apart from once again a good solid display from the defence and a very solid display from recalled defender Tony Craig there is in my opinion not to much to praise considering Millwall were playing a ordinary Palace side.
Summary........A derby game with no passion from the team and no passion from us the supporters.

Plenty in for this game
Tottenham player Harry Kane signs on loan

3/1/12 Game 25 Bristol City 1 Millwall 0 att 12,410
goal scorer....Maynard 90mins
Done by the sucker punch
I was already "celebrating" a well earn't point at Ashton Gate when a late, late goal meant that we finished last year with a defeat and started this year with a defeat. With Millwall just above the drop zone luck is not going their way.

Millwall: Mildenhall, Dunne, Robinson, Lowry, Craig, Wright, Feeney, Trotter, Smith, Bouazza, Kane
subs. Abdou for Wright 67, Henderson for Kane 84, Marquis for Smith 90,
not used. Forde, Henry
Darren Purse who was on loan at Plymouth signs for them on permanent deal. 
7/1/12 FA Cup 3rd round Dagenham and Redbridge 0  Millwall 0 att. 3,392 (1,296)
Sean Batt returns after 14 months out injured, it's great to see him back. Yet another game the Lions fail to score and with out doubt this I find worrying. It could have been one of them dodgy FA Cup games where a lower league team nicks a win and a early exit for the "Wall". We should do all right back at out place when we play them in the replay, but we need to score goals.

Millwall: Mildenhall, Dunne, Barron, Smith, Robinson, Ward, Henry, Trotter, Kane, Marquis, Feeney
subs. Batt for Kane 82mins, McQuoid for Marquis 73mins.
not used...Forde, Craig, Wright, Abdou.
Josh Wright is discussing a deal to the end of the season
14/1/2012 Game 26 Millwall 0 Birmingham 6 att.10.537 (958)
You are supposed to play this game with eleven men and although the Lions battled right to the end, nine men were just not enough. We roared on the Lions right to the end which seems a weird thing to say after a 6-0 beating, we sung KJ's name and clapped the team off the pitch and it seems that the old Millwall way might be back.
No one likes us
Birminghams favourite officials. The man in the middle Mr Moss dishes out two very debatable red cards. With just nine men Millwall never give up but tire as the game goes into the last fifteen minutes and eventually concede six. Well done Mr Moss and his flag waving chums.

Millwall: Forde,  Dunne(sent off 56 mins)  Smith,  Abdou,  Robinson,  Lowry(sent off 21 mins)
                          Bouazza,  Trotter,  Kane(marquis 85),  N'Guessan(McQuoid 71)  Feeney(Henry85)
Subs not used. Mildenhall,  Craig
17/1/12 FA CUP 3rd round replay Millwall 5 Dagenham and Redbridge 0 att.3,751 away 542
On a freezing cold night Millwall fire on all cylinders.
I was really looking forward to this game, but this was only after the recent league game against Birmingham.
It was while watching the Birmingham game and the response from the team and us it's supporters that I felt a new sense of "in it together" after the showing of what must be the worlds worse referee.

I had a sneaky feeling that Dagenham might just end up on the wrong end of a goal fest, and that surely happened. Henderson and Kane scored some excellent crafted goals and the quality from them and the rest of the team was to much for this league 2 side and it was a shame that there was not a few more of us inside the Den.

Back from 18 months of injury  Sean Batt gets brought down well in side the box, but another crazy refereeing decision gives a free kick out side the area.

Millwall: Forde, Smith, Barron, Andou, Robinson, Ward, Bouazza, Trotter(Wright 76mins), Kane(McQuoid 66mins), Henderson(Batt 72mins), Feeney,
subs not used, Mildenhall, Craig, Henry, N'Guessan

Scorers, Kane 41, 65,  Henderson 7, 58, 62 mins pen

21/1/12 Game 27 Barnsley 1 Millwall 3  att 9,185   we took 301

I am enjoying this weekend and so must be Darius Henderson as he scores yet another hat trick. I told a fellow Millwall Supporter at work that we would win this game, she raised her eyebrows. Now let's keep this momentum up and show the rest of the division what Millwall is about.

Millwall sit in 20th spot with 29 points, 13 points of the play-off's

Millwall: Forde, Smith, Craig, Ward, Barron, Bouazza,(Henry 66), Abdou, Trotter, Feeney, Henderson, Kane
Subs not used, Mildenhall, Marquis, N'Guessan, Wright

Barnsley goal, Mcnulty 86 mins
Millwall goals, Henderson 36, 39, 75 mins Henderson moves in to 2nd spot in the Championships goal scoring table.

Josh McQuoid signs for Burnley on a 3 month loan deal. I do not agree with loaning players to clubs that are in the same division as us, after all they are the opposition.
27/1/12 Gritty defender Shane Lowry signs for Millwall with a permanent deal. I am well pleased with this signing as he is a first class defender who fits into Millwall's style of play nicely.
 28/1/12 FA Cup 4th round Millwall 1 Southampton 1 att. 8,278 (1503)

Darius Henderson scores again as we get a deserved equaliser and we live to fight again. The rest of the team must learn to have composure in front of goal, as we had many chances to win this game comfortably.

Nothing came from this free kick outside the box

Yet another free kick outside the box 

I enjoyed this game, but with the amount of chances Millwall created around Southampton's goal we should have won this FA cup tussle hands down.

Millwall: Forde, Smith, Craig, Ward, Barron, Feeney, Abdou, Trotter, Henry(Hackett 66), Kane(N'Guessan), Henderson
subs not used, Allsop, Marquis, Wright

Goal scorers, Lambert 31, Henderson 86.
A excellent ref....Mr R East who let the game develop into a decent FA Cup tie and didn't keep blowing his bloody whistle.
Just heard....Bolton at home in the 5th round if we are victorious in the replay at Saint Mary's.
31/1/12 Game 28 Millwall 0 Watford 2 att. 9,294    (watford bring 640)

Yet another below par ref, Mr K Stroud, he fell for Watford's falling to the floor tricks all through the game.

It took me awhile to be bothered to record anything about this game. I paid good money to freeze close to death to watch a bunch of Millwall players who plodded about against a very average Watford team.
I draw no punches when I say " it was embarrassing", even Daruis "Hulk" Henderson missed a penalty.  I hope this was just a one off . Playing West ham  Saturday should see them raise their game, they will need to.
It was such a crappy night that even my pictures come out blurred, probably because I was shaking with the cold, I have about two pictures that I can actually use.

Ipswich win 5-1 at Westham ( The nights consolation prize) and we drop to just above the relegation spot.

First half non-action, We fluff about inside Watford's box

Millwall:  Forde,  Smith, Ward, Craig,  Mason(Hackett 56mins),  Barron,  Abdou, Trotter, Kane(Marquis 56mins), Henderson, Feeney
Subs not used, Allsop, Lowry, Wright
Wolves striker Andy Keogh signs a permanent and joins the Lions 
4/2/2012 Game 29 Westham 2 Millwall 1 att. 27,774  restrictions meant we took about 1400

David Forde flattened in his own goal area and West Ham score the winner. Not sure what the referee (Mick Jones the beach ball ref) was doing but I cannot see how he missed the blatant foul on our keeper and helped West Ham to walk away with all three points. I suppose I should be very disappointed that we lost this one, well, in fact  I am especially as it's "West Ham"  but they spend millions and are at the top, we spend much less and we are near the bottom.  Still on 29 points.

Millwall: Forde, Smith, Ward, Lowry, Barron(Kane 56mins) Dunne, Trotter, Abdou, Feeney(Mason 80mins), Henderson, Keogh

Goals, WHU Cole 45, Reid 69
            MFC  Trotter 66
7/2/12 FA Cup 4th round replay  Southampton 2 Millwall 3  att. 8,493 we took about 350
Listened to this game on the radio .Swanky Saints thought that this was in the bag.

Back to the FA Cup and the Lions battle down at St.Mary's. Millwall dominate most of the first half and score through Liam Trotter.  Southampton score near the end of the first half and finish strongly.
Plenty of chances for both teams in the second half with good saves from both keepers. Lambert comes on for Southampton and scores,,shit.  
"Bloody marvellous" Danny N'Guessan equalises shortly afterwards from a header.  Extra time looms but didn't happen,,...Liam Feeney scores with minutes to go,yes!! the game is ours. 
Millwall: Forde, Dunne, Barron, Wright, Ward, Craig, Mason, Trotter, Kane, N'Guessan(Feeney 83mins)
subs unused Allsop, Hackett, Marquis, Smith, McLaren
Goal scorers for Millwall, Trotter 16mins, N'Guessan 79 mins, Feeney 90 mins

Bolton at home in the 5th round.
Friday night before the Derby game and the rosy glow feeling of winning at Southampton on Tuesday still hasn't worn off.  If the team still remember what is needed to win a tough game, then I am sure that they will deliver the goods tomorrow. 
11/2/12 Game 30 Millwall 0 v  Derby County 0 att.10,069 (754)

I never expected a nil,nil draw but that's what we got. With eleven shots at goal and only one on target we came a fair way short of winning this game. Derby wasn't much better but did miss a sitter. When James Henry was substituted in the 2nd half Millwall seem to lose part of their cutting edge and nothing else really happened apart from defenders trying to score from outside the box from a bouncing ball. You can imagine were these "shots" ended up.

I cannot fault the Lions for effort as they had a good percentage of the play but where it mattered they were tame in front of goal. I suppose a point is a point.and it takes us to 30 points for the season so far, just five points off the last relegation spot.

Derby's goalkeeper is a very good actor as he wasted time and disrupted Millwall's play in the four minutes of extra time by feigning injury.

Millwall: Forde, Dunne, Robinson, Lowry, Barron, Henry(Keogh 66mims), Trotter, Wright(Smith 77mins), Mason, Kane(Feeney 46mins), Hnderson

Subs not used, allsop,
14/2/12 Game 31 Brighton 2 Millwall 2 att. 19,503 we take 2357 to the seaside
Keogh gets his first.
This could have been another Valentine day Massacre if we capitalised on the chances we had.
Before the game a draw would. have been a excellent result, but it feels more like a defeat as lucky Brighton score late. We deserved to win this game and if for example Andy Keogh and Liam Trotter had finished better we certainly would have done even if Lions keeper David Forde had one of them games were he also could have done better. A long range shot by Brighton substitute Lualua beat David  Forde with two minutes of normal time to go and Brighton walk off with a point. 

Bottom six
Peterborough   played 30, pts 34
Millwall           played 31  pts 31
Bristol C.        played 31  pts 31
Coventry        played 31  pts 25
Notts Forest   played 30  pts 25
Doncaster       played 30  pts 24

A six point gap between us and a regulation spot, should have been eight.
Millwall: Forde, Dunne, Barron, Smith, Robinson, Lowry, Mason,(Wright 62), Trotter, Keogh, Henderson,(Kane 73mins), Fenney
scorers, Keogh 32mins, Feeney 64mins
18/2/12 FA Cup 5th round Millwall 0 Bolton 2 att 11,320 (1054)

6th Dockers Day

I thought we bossed this game but showed nothing clinical up front. I look forward to next year and   another bash at winning this supreme chalice of English football.
Robbo comes powering in

Millwall: Mildenhall, Dunne, Lowry, Robinson, Barron, Feeney(Bouazza), Trotter, Smith(Wright), Keogh, Henderson, Kane(Henry)
unused subs, Forde, Craig, Mason, N'Guessan
21/02/12 Game 32 Millwall 1 Middlesboro 3 att.9,286 reduced ticket prices for this one

Dear oh dear!!
A Darius Henderson header fetched us back in the game just before half time and we went down the tunnel 2-1 down. We scored against the run of play as Millwall laboured around the pitch looking absolutely dreadful.
The second half was like a breath of fresh air as Jimmy Abdou now on the pitch added fire to the midfield as Millwall mounted wave after wave against Boro's goal, but to no avail.
Darius Henderson come very close to scoring again, but it wasn't to be as Boro sneaked one near the end of the game and Millwall missed the chance of at least securing a draw.

  Second half and it's another attack by the Lions, but there's no reward.

Millwall: Forde, Smith, Robinson, Lowry, Barron( Dunne 46), Wright(Abdou 46), Trotter, Kane, Keogh, Henderson, Feeney(Henry)
subs not used, Allsop, N'Guessan

25/02012 Game 33 Burnley 1 Millwall 3 att. 13,000 we turned up with 245

We needed them three points and three good goals by Andy Keogh, Josh Wright and Harry Kane done the job. A good all round display by us had Burnley on the back foot and the superb taken volley which resulted in a wonder goal by Josh Wright had us and everybody else talking about it all weekend.
Hamer Bouazza scored also but according to the officials it did not cross the line. Bouazza moans to the French press that he doesn't get enough games.

Millwall on 34 points, last relegation spot is Coventry with 28 points

Millwall: Forde, Dunne, Robinson, Lowry, Craig, Henry, Wright(Barron 74), Abdou, Bouazza(Feeney82), Keogh, Kane(Henderson 88)
subs not used, Allsop, N'Guessan
Sean Batt goes on loan to Crawley
03/03/2012 Game 34 Millwall 1 Reading 2 att 11,271 (1,489)

Our Opponents Reading another footballing side who spend most of the time rolling around on the floor pretending their injured. Yet again the referee fell for their play acting. 

A first half free kick for the Lions, but no goal from it.

Not sure  how much more I can take of this nonsense, this losing at home rubbish. We started the game brightly and scored the first goal, we were looking good and could have gone on and scored a second, but it wasn't to be and Reading equalised from a ball that come back from our keeper just before the half time break. We was not as effective in the second half and Reading scored a crazy second goal which was enough to win the game. I say a crazy second goal because it was, Reading punt the ball into our half of the pitch and there forward player was yards off side, so he left it, and so did we, Reading reacted quicker and the ball was in our net. Some may think this goal should have been ruled out for offside, I think that way also.

 2nd half, but we can't get the ball in the net

Millwall: Forde, Dunne, Robinson, Lowry, Craig, Henry(Mason), Wright, Abdou, Bouazza(Feeney), Keogh, Kane( N'Guessan )
subs not used, Allsop,Ward
06/03/2012 Game 35 Peterborough 0 Millwall 3 att 6,392 (652 are the lucky ones)
Goal scorers....Bouazza, Keogh, Kane

Winning away is helping to keep the Lions well above the relegation spot pack. With a fair bit of daylight between us and that pack our position looks better.  David Forde keeps a clean sheet as "Boro" are limited to almost nothing in front of the Millwall goal. This is the kind of stuff that is a joy to write about after the recent home defeat against high-flying Reading. To also score yet again another three goals away from home is 'top drawer.

Millwall: Forde, Dunne, Robinson, Ward, Barron, Wright, Henry, Smith, Bouazza(Craig 86), Kane, Keogh
subs not used, Allsop, Feeney, N'Guessan, Mason

Millwall's last six away WLWDWW.....combined goals F 15 A 8

Bottom ten league positions from left to right
Ipswich 44pts,  Watford 44pts,  Barnsley 43pts,  Peterboro 38pts,  Millwall 37pts,  Bristol C 34pts,
Notts F 32pts,  Coventry29pts,  Doncaster 29pts,  Portsmouth 26pts
10/03/2012 Game 36 Nottingham Forest 3 Millwall 1 att. 19,413 I think we took about 1,200

And here's me getting all excited about our away form and then we go-away and get beat by three good goals by a Forest side that hasn't had much success at home this season.The Lions could have had this game sown up in the first twenty minutes if we had taken our chances in front of the home sides goal.
With James Henry hitting the woodwork and various other off target efforts Millwall end up going down the tunnel at half time 2-0 down. Darius Henderson pulled one back in the second half but Millwall could not add to their goal tally and Forest seal it in the 80th minute with their third and the Lions go home with zilch points. Perhaps this will be the start of some good home form, I hope so, it's Southampton Saturday.

Millwall:  Forde, Dunne, Robinson, Ward, Barron( Smith)78, Henry, Trotter(Wright 46), Abdou, Bouazza, Kane(Henderson 60),
subs not used, Allsop, Feeney
Millwall sign Northern Ireland goal keeper Maik Taylor.
Tam Mkandawire recieves the PFA player in the community award.
Sean Batt on loan at Crawley Town, I should have mentioned this a couple of weeks ago.
17/03/12 Game 37 Millwall 2 Southampton 3 att 12, 144
I am not sure of any other team that will have two penalties awarded against them in the last five minutes of a game. It seems blantly obvious that there was plenty of eagerness in awarded these two penalties to the opposition. .
I must sound so bitter and bias that Millwall lost again but for f**k sake, we were winning this game and the three points were ours.

Millwall: Taylor, Dunne, Robinson, Ward, Smith, Bouazza(Feeney), Henry, Abdou, Wright, Henderson(Kane),  Keogh,
subs not used, Forde, Craig, Barron
A own goal and a super strike by Paul Robinson gave Millwall a 2-1 lead after Southampton's Lambert scored his first of three.
20/03/12 Game 38 Doncaster Rovers 0 Millwall 3 att 7,572 (301 travelling Lions enjoy the win)

After the soul destroying defeat by Southampton on Saturday Millwall yet again score three goals away from home. A triple strike by Andy Keogh(9mins), Harry Kane(13mins) and Darius Henderson(58mins) seals a comprehensive victory.
It's all a bit up and down this season when it come to results but if the ups are as good as this I'll take a few downs. The magic forty points have been reached and maybe it's not a big ask to reach a points total of fifty. Eight games to go and 24 points available. Just three wins and a draw, we may start with Leeds Saturday.

Millwall: Taylor, Smith, Robinson, Ward, Craig, Henry(Feeney 67), Wright(Montgomery 88), Abdou, Henderson, Keogh, Kane
subs not used, Forde, Dunne, Bouazza

Bottom seven positions from left to right 18th Barnsley 43pts,  19th Millwall 40 pts,  20th Notts Forest 38pts  21st Bristol City 35pts,  22nd Coventry 32pts,  23rd Doncaster 31pts,  24th Portsmouth 30 pts
24/3/12 Game 39 Millwall 0 Leeds 1 att. 14,309 ( Leeds bring 2k plus)

Home win!  Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

Sometimes I think that I shouldn't be disappointed because after all our away form is decent, but I am not sure that I could handle another home defeat where the referee has a direct bearing on the final result. He missed a blatant Leeds handball inside their penalty area, he missed a blatant penalty when James Henry was brought down and he let Leeds waste the four minutes of extra time by spending it all making one substitution. I agree we should have scored from a penalty when their keeper saved from Darius Henderson or when Paul Robinson hit the bar, but we didn't.
That's nine defeats at home this season and nine weekends where my beer doesn't taste so good.

Keeper saves from Hendo

Millwall: Taylor,  Smith(Montgomery 83), Robinson, Ward, Craig, Henry(Bouazza 83), Wright, Abdou, Kane, Keogh, Henderson
subs not used, Forde, Feeney, Lowry
Lions legend and a player I idolised when I was younger Barry Kitchener leaves this world a lesser place.
RIP Kitch and deepest condolences to his family.
31/3/12 Game 40 Cardiff 0 Millwall 0 att.21,257 (440 )

We keep a clean sheet and earn a decent draw, I would have took this point before the game. The other sides around us and below us seem to be getting points at the moment and this point helps to keep us clear of the relegation pack That's 41 points for the Wall..

Millwall:Taylor, Craig, Lowry, Robinson, Smith, Henry, Wright(Ward), Abdou, Feeney, Keogh, Kane(Henderson)

subs not used, Forde, Dunne, Bouazza
7/4/12 Game 41 Millwall 2 Hull City 0 att.12,372

A win at home is most welcome and a large bottle of cider tonight is going to taste the business.I will toast the win and have a large one to toast the life of our now past hero big "Kitch"
The legend that was Barry Kitchener had a great send off with his family, past players, present players and of course us. I found the memorial for Kitch a very emotional time and it was great that two of our younger players Harry Kane and Andy Keogh scored the goals. Our defence was solid and Paul Robinson put his head were he could have lost it. Kitch would have approved.

A minutes applause followed a memorial service for Kitch presided over by Millwall's Chaplain Father Owen Beament

 Andy Keogh prepares to sink his penalty and give the Wall a 2-0 lead.

Millwall: Taylor, Smith, Robinson, Lowry, Craig, Henry, Wright, Abdou, Bouazza(Feeney 53), Keogh(Batt 89), Kane

subs not used,Forde, Marquis, Dunne

10/4/2012 Game 42 Portsmouth 0 Millwall 1 att 15,837 (we take about 1000 and make ourselves heard)
Skipper Robbo praises the away support
Another way win brings us to 47 points and things are looking rosy. 

A bit of a boast from me but..........I had the faith

Harry Kane does good and the Lions battle and earn more space between us and the relegation pack.
The third game on the spin Millwall contain the opposition from scoring and all these clean sheets have help to give the Lions one of the best goal differences in the lower section of the league table.

Millwall: Taylor, Smith, Robinson, Lowry, Craig, Henry, Wright, Abdou, Barron, Keogh, Kane
subs, Forde, Dunne, Feeney, Mason, Batt

14/4/12 Game 43 Millwall 2 Leicester City 1 att:11,525 (the Foxes bring about 1500 souls)

We concede the clean sheet run but still win the game and secure our place in the Championship for next season at least. Andy Keogh and Harry Kane score the Millwall goals yet again and money bags Leicester City scurry up the M1 with their tails between their legs. Three wins on the trot is pure magic and these last few games have shown me and others something that we probably already new is that the Lions can out play and beat most Championship sides when their tactics and their mind-set is right.

Three more games to go and even though we are safe I would like to see us carry on in our winning ways and walk away with the three points at Coventry Tuesday night.

Goal scorers: Kane23, Keogh 55 pen
for them: Drinkwater 82

Millwall: Taylor, Smith, Robinson, Lowry, Craig, Henry(Trotter 83), Wright, Abdou, Barron, Keogh(Batt 89), Kane

subs not used, Forde, Dunne, Feeney


17/4/12 Game 44 Coventry 0 Millwall 1 att: 13,974

Shane Lowry scores his first and his celebration on scoring the goal is worthy of top spot in Millwall's hall of fame of nutty things to do, this man is proper  "Wall"

With Maik Taylor making saves that Brain King or Gordon Banks would have been proud of, and the rest of the team playing well above what you would expect from a side that really had no need to break into sweat as their season had already been secured. Up the Wall

Another win and Millwall are looking good in their points total of 53 as we close in on Palace.

Millwall: Taylor, Smith, Ward(Dunne 69), Lowry, Craig, Abdou, Henry, Wright(Trotter 46), Barron, Kane, Keogh
subs not used, Feeney, Batt, Forde
21/4/12 Game 45 Ipswich 0 Millwall 3 att: 18,947 we take 1,298 and  we sing forever.

Goals from Andy Keogh (2) and Liam Trotter.

The amazing end to the season continues as the Lions win their 5th game on the run and beat Ipswich 3-0 at their place. One of the strongest finishes of a season I have seen from the Lions takes us to 56 points and above Palace on goal difference . I look forward to next season and what it will bring.

position,16th     games played, 45     goal difference, -2    points 56

Millwall: Taylor, Smith, Robinson, Lowry, Craig, Henry(Fenney 88), Wright, Abdou, Trotter, Keogh (Batt), Kane
subs not used, Dunne, Barron
28/4/12 Game 46 Millwall 2 Blackpool 2 att, 13,122 (1089 away)

The Championship on a bloody horrible wet dull day, but not dull at the Den.

Player of the year award presentations and Harry Kane receives young player of the year.
Jimmy Abdou takes the award for player of the year with Robbo coming second and Hendo third.

Jimmy was my choice too. 

The last game of the season and Millwall look sharp

The Lions press, nothing to play for apart from "let's finish on the up and above Alice

With the Lions coming out of the blocks with all guns blazing Blackpool concede early due to another excellent goal by Andy Keogh on 12 minutes, it could have been worse for them as the Lions played some slick football and looked sharp at front. Blackpool score  on 27 minutes with their first decent effort and go on to take the lead on 71 minutes. I enjoyed this game and Blackpool who didn't look much in the early spells came stronger as the game went on. Harry Kane sent me and the rest of us into frenzy by scoring one of his specials in the 83rd minute. I was hoping for a win but the draw will do.

The Den went wild, Harry is under there somewhere

57 POINTS well safe

Millwall:  Taylor,  Smith,  Robinson,  Lowry, Craig,  Trotter,  Abdou,  Henry,  Wright(Batt 81),  Kane,  Keogh,

subs not used, Forde, Dunne, Feeney, Barron

That's the season over. I suppose, I better try to find something else to do over the summer.

News I have been waiting for.

1/5/12  Josh Wright signs on for another three years. Quality signing.


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